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  1. After I updated "JG 51 over Velikie Luki" to 4.601 I get a white screen in the end of loading the first mission. Any help?
  2. With the STEditor I want to install in a scripted campaign from Aerostats a german aetype. But when I start the game I see only smoke on the ground where the ballon should be seen in the air. What do I have to install either in the STEditor that this works?
  3. Hallo SidtheGit, thanks for helping.
  4. The key for the tank commander to look through his binocular is: LCtrl +5. What is the key that he drops his binocular. After the last update that does not work anymore.
  5. First I want to say thank you to "Flowbee_603". She did explain the way very good. Only the reference to "the quick mission builder"made me problems, because I did not know that she ment the"STEditor"located in the game"IL-2 Sturmovic/bin/editor". First take my advice to make a backup of your skin folder:IL-2 Sturmovic/data/graphics/Skins. Then create new files:_kv1s,_m4a2,_pziii-m,_pziv-g,_pzv-d,_pzvi-h1,_sdkfz184,_su122,_su152,_t34-76uvz-43. Then create a package for your "JSGME"(Generic Mod Enabler-v2-6-0-157). I called it "Tank skin pack". In this package data/graphics/ski
  6. Hi Tomi_099, that´s where I put your files: data/graphics/skins/_sdkfz184/F_Z1&1#1.dds and F_Z1&1.dds But in the game I don´t see the Last Elephant. I asume that I have to do more than just to put your files in "skins". Is there any tutorial that shows how to implant skins successful in the game?
  7. Hi Oliver 88, thank`s for explaining. I did not know that Mr.Jason-Williams PSD files are for skin makers. As I am far away from that I realy posting in the wrong threat. I take your advice and ask in the right threat.
  8. Hi Olliver 88, thanks for the info.Shure I have enabled "Mods activate" and "4 K textures". The textures mods from the community mostly made in "DDS Format". But when I put the "DDS file" in "data/graphics/skins" or "data/graphics/vehicles/Textures" I can not see any skin changes in the game. I need a general info. about the right path to install these skin files. I also downloaded the "psd. files" from Mr. Jason_Williams. Please show me the install path for Mr.Jason_Williams (psd Dokuments) public skins. For example: For panzer "VI H1" there are two psd files. 1.Alpha_PzVI
  9. Hi Mr.Jason_Williams, Please show me the installing path for your(psd Dokuments) public skins. I bought the game from IL-2 Sturmovic shop not from Steam. Pz.V-d and PzVI-H1 I downloaded from the community"Achtung Panzer!"" I did put the files in "graphics/Skins/pzv-d and pzvi-h1" and "Vehicles/pzv-d and pzvi-h1/textures. But only the skin changes of "pzv-d"are shown in the game. All the other skin changes from the community of "pz III-m, pz.IV-g" and so on are not shown in the game.
  10. Hi crewchief, What do you mean with "by clicking the custom option"? I put the plane in data/graphics/skins and data/graphics/Planes/FW190A3/Textures/custom_photo. But no changes to see.
  11. Hi Mitthrawnuruodo, You wrote: You can check the actual field of view (default key is "Backspace"; look at the number below the frame rate). Please show me the path where I can make this changes.
  12. Since I tried to play "Cliffs of Dover" on the German side with all its inadequacies I can emagine how hard the work of the developers of IL-2 Sturmovic was to present us a nearly bug- free game. Keep on this good work and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  13. Hallo Juri_JS, I finished my first mission. I shot down 4 bombers and hit 1 fighter. The landing was succesfull. But the mission was failed. What is the goal of your first mission?
  14. the crosshair of the Bf 109 E-4 is too much left. I can`t edjust it with Ctrl + Num.4 and 6. Only Ctrl + Num.2 and 8 works to edjust the distance.
  15. The gunlock has to be fixed with one of the next updates, better with the next.
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