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  1. I guess something about the linking did not work, then. Thanks, all, for the replies! <S>
  2. Thank you, dburne. The game does indeed launch under OpenComposite. My issue seems to be related to the license. I guess I'll just have to accept that buying through Steam was suboptimal.
  3. Thanks, but I'm pretty sure that I did, during the initial login to IL-2 back when I was still using my old TrackIR. I can still login to IL-2 via SteamVR with my new Rift, no problem. The issue arises when I bypass SteamVR and try to use OpenComposite, instead. Without the SteamVR login, IL-2 thinks I'm not linked. Thank you for your reply, though!
  4. I think I may have an issue related to the difference between the license for IL-2 BOS when bought via Steam vs when bought directly from 1C Game Studios. I bought IL-2 BOS (and IL-2 COD and some DLC) via Steam. If I start SteamVR first, I can run either version of IL-2 (with my DLC) with no show-stopper issues on my new Oculus Rift S. But I read - and have been told - that performance is better in several particulars if it is run via OpenComposite. However, if I try to run IL-2 BOS via OpenComposite instead of SteamVR, the opening screen of IL-2 BOS is different: it prompts me for a login, and once I'm in, does not show any of my DLC. Back when I first ran my Steam-bought copy of IL-2 BOS, the initial login process took me through a "liking" step for the Steam ID and the 1C Game Studios ID. But running IL-2 BOS via OpenComposite, it doesn't seem to see that. Is there a way to fix this?
  5. Thanks for the replies! I'll check out Open Composite.
  6. Well, first off the hangar looks gorgeous in VR! But I cannot for the life of me find the right way to click on the initial game menu of "Quick Mission... Scripted Campaign..." options. Help! Also, under SteamVR, I have found my way to the settings for detected controllers, but SteamVR seems to think my MFG rudder pedals and VKB joystick are little thumb-twiddly console game controllers. *sigh* All contributions gratefully accepted! <S>
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