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  1. Happy Birthday Jason, thanks for your wonderful work on this sim. Thought I'd shoot my shot with this: Any thoughts on Airborne Radar or a Night Fighter DLC?
  2. L-3 gunsight found on later models (such as the one in game) and the N-3 was found on earlier models.
  3. It pretty much was mostly PO-2 / U-2VS and the R-5 (another VVS biplane), with a handful of other VVS medium bombers acting as night nuisance raiders as well. For the Luftwaffe, there were two night fighter Geschwaders on the Eastern Front, NJG 100 and NJG 200, and looking at the kills, most of them were PO-2 / U-2's, some A-20's and other twin engine bombers, with a small number of single engine fighters( shot down at dusk times). Pilot Gustav Francsi was the leading Eastern Front night fighter ace, with 49 victories. Out of his first 10 kills, 9 were U-2VS / PO-2's. He operated w
  4. As someone who loves night fighters (username gives a clue), I am someone who flies the Bf110 as a fighter ... in multiplayer ... alone. The rear gunner and his "1st target, engaging" callout have saved my ass so many times I would like to put a rear gunner in every single plane in the sim. If the Mossie's navigator is given the same ability to call out fighters, he will be worth his weight in gold, IMO.
  5. @l_commando, yup, my bad. The source I was reading said that the L was delivered right around D-Day, but they were meaning the Photo-Recon converted P-38Ls, which were starting to be built. As well some of the other interesting versions, such as "Pathfinders"
  6. My bad, I was talking about fighter vs fighter combat. Sorry for not specifying. I just used bomload as one of the metrics for differences. Along those lines, the P-38 is faster, climbs better, is more manueverable, along with having similar bombload and range (although less without drop tanks)
  7. We will have an American Twin avaliable, the P-38J. The P-38J was used over Normandy, so it will round it out. As someone else here corrected me, the earlier J-15 and J-10 versions were used, but the J-25 was pretty similar
  8. *New* - Added an Me262 night fighter mission. Got inspiration from Nactjagdgeschwader 11.
  9. We need more people to see this; as a 2D lover of night flying/fighting, the bright white map blinds me every time I open it. A dark mode is a much needed addition.
  10. Yes @Raptor341. Sorry to leave that out, but I have many misisons planned for the Ju88C-6 and Mosquito. With the new "channel map" we can have Night Fighter Mosquitos not only intercepting Ju88 and He111 bombers, but also Jabo Fw190 and Me410's. Another interesting aspect would be a night intercept of a V-1 flying bomb. The flame trail from the engine would mean you could see it without radar. For the Ju 88C-6 I have two ideas, a similar one to this mission of the Bf110, and an early "intruder" during the Blitz, where they blended into RAF bomber streams and then attack
  11. Bf110 G2 Night Fighting Mission - Defence of Cologne Take off from St.Trond airfield and climb to bomber stream level, and engage RAF night bombers over the Ruhr, defending your cities during the dark night. Follow in the footsteps of WWII night fighter pilots, where the enemy isn't the only thing that can kill, the darkness can too. Take off and fly to 5000m, where you will either engage a large stream of B-25s or a small force of Pathfinder Mosquitos (A-20b). Use the map as radar; the enemy bombers will appear within the radar circles. Use it to get in close and go to visual for the kil
  12. Another greatly detailed response, thank you Sketch. The long timer was my novice self trying to bypass "Spawning in" of the bombers from a proximity trigger that the player would activate from a certain point. I would just wait to activate the waypoint so the player could get up in the air and to altitude fast enough.
  13. Sorry about that, here is the mission file: Bf110g2-NightFighter.zip
  14. I am trying to get a subtitle and audio file to play when the player gets to within the specified distance from an enemy aircraft. I have two different types of bomber formations running off of a Random switch, so only 1 of the 2 formations will be active. The bombers are placed far enough apart that I want the audio/subtitle to play within a certain distance to each individual bomber. I have the proximity trigger at the specified distance and coalition, which is activated from the two ends of the Random Switch. The Proximity trigger is then object linked to each individual bomber, and target
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