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  1. You guys are incredible - I'm going to talk to him today about the different aircraft options you guys suggested! This is great Jefe - he'd like to do head tracking at some points so I'll send this over for him to have a look at. The DIY trackers are interesting! This is fantastic - I know one of the biggest problems I had at first was binding the controls. I tried to bind everything at once, which was a very bad idea. I think he's really going to appreciate this advice and wish I had seen this before I got my head tracking set up - it would
  2. That sounds like a great aircraft for him to try on the German side. He hasn't indicated a preference, but I told him previously it might be a good idea to learn an allied and axis aircraft depending on the number of players on a team when joining a server. We were thinking of going online, at least I enjoy it, and I explained to him there are servers where ground attack does matter and affects the lines (like the environment on Finnish virtualpilots, for example). I messed around with Pat Wilson's campaign generator a bit, so I suppose there's that option as well if the multipla
  3. Greetings! I convinced a good friend of mine who was on the fence to dive in to the Great Battles series. He's got a very limited budget, I told him about the sale going on, and he's going to start off with Stalingrad as base and move along from there. I offered to help him get up to speed and convinced him full realism right off the bat is the way to go - he's on board. Both he (and I) have limited time, so I submit to you, the community: what do you feel is the easiest aircraft specifically in the Stalingrad Standard Edition for him to learn on? I've asked
  4. Ha! Speaking of exceeding take-off weights, I feel like I probably did this a few days ago by accident online. Loaded up the U-2 with a heavy load and forgot to reduce the fuel. Boy, was she ever sluggish. I flew to some German troops just as some IL-2s were finishing their ground attack runs. I was: a) surprised I got to the target in the first place in daylight, b) successfully killed a number of targets without being shot down by AA fire. Didn't make it home unfortunately, I think the IL-2s drew the attention of a player in a 109 that ended up shooting me down with relative ease as a target
  5. I had no idea the P-40's engine was highly debated here on the forums. I have managed to get used to it, the RPM/Manifold management is kind of second nature. Now that I understand that dogfighting in it is a terrible idea, and I stick to ground pounding, I've been having a lot of fun on and offline. The nice thing about starting in this aircraft though, is as I try new ones, engine management doesn't seem to be a problem for me. I guess I'm just used to the workload now.
  6. I dedicate this post to the P-40 - an aircraft that frustrates the hell out of me. It's engine management hell, turns like crap, and it takes its sweet time in a climb. My story all started because I refused to ease into this. I needed the most realistic experience possible. I did a few training flights in the U-2VS, then dove right into online (had a fun experience in what was probably 2 or 3 hours total time on the Finnish Virtualpilots server). In fact, I flew with Thaddeus_Darwin and his P-40 on that server. I love your passion for the plane Thaddy - it inspired me to stick wit
  7. I took that approach tonight with a flight. I did some ground pounding against random AA targets and a convoy. I didn't use Emergency power and I was right on the borderline of continuous and combat power as you and others have advised. RPM and MAP within parameters and kept an eye on the cowl/temps as I flew at different altitudes. Worked great - ~40 minute flight and no engine damage. Big steps - all thanks to what is a truly fantastic and helpful community of people. Couldn't do it without you guys!
  8. LOL, I'm sure I'll break the engine spectacularly in a furball. Its hard to resist the urge to punch it at 100% throttle. They must have had a wartime materials problem and built the engine out of tinfoil
  9. Thanks so much cardboard. Yeah, I was thinking fighters to start. I've soldiered on with the P-40 (I can fly her now without blowing up the engine), and started with the Yak-1 you recommended and watched Sheriff's video last night. I think I've settled on staying away from aircraft with automated engine management for now, I want to get those skills down. -Groove
  10. Yeah, it's tough to fly! I'm going to try the Yak-1, probably as my first Eastern front aircraft. I'll check out Sheriff's videos - he seems like a knowledgeable guy! I really appreciate these great tips. It leads me to another question: I was wondering about some of the more common aircraft. I'd like to take my flying online in the near future. I'm assuming there are limitations on maps/theatres with aircraft availability (I've done no research). If you had to list one aircraft for the Commonwealth, Germans, Americans, and Russians that is almost always readily available, what w
  11. Interesting - I was wondering where I may transition next. Last night after my latest flight with the U2 I tried the P40 again briefly. I'm not sure it's a good beginner aircraft, but I gave it a quick test against a 109-E and managed to break the aircraft myself without being hit - bad enough for an emergency landing in the woods. I was inspired to try some combat after my U-2 got shot up by AAA unexpectedly while I was flying around solo - something I wasn't counting on during my ~45 min training/sight seeing flight! Made it home (lost the wing tip on landing): Grabb
  12. Thanks Lothar! The community has been super welcoming and incredibly helpful! That would be fantastic Thaddeus. I just sent you a message about this. I noticed there's even a Canadian livery for the P-40, it's on the to-do list of aircraft I'm interested in flying! Thanks Camm! On behalf of the colonies I appreciate this offer.
  13. Your tutorials are absolutely fantastic - I actually commented on your U-2 video last night on youtube under "J L". Thanks for the link to your discord - definitely checking that our when I have some time. I absolutely must know - can the person in the back actually fly the aircraft as well? listened to a Stormbirds podcast where he discussed the game, it was really interesting to hear about the studio and how they operate. The level of authenticity and research done really means a lot to me. I made sure to purchase the game directly from here, rather than steam, to sen
  14. Greetings, I just wanted to throw a comment out here about the U-2VS. I'm getting back into the flight sim world and this plane is proving to be a real godsend to me as I re-learn everything from scratch. Very cool to have a training aircraft in this game! I'm using it as such, and I'm grateful to the development team for including it - thank you! -Groove
  15. Greetings! I thought I'd post here - I don't know anyone in the community and am starting off pretty green. It's been about 20 years since I've done any serious flight simming - I'd love to meet some new people in the community. I'm located in the Atlantic Standard Time Zone, east coast of Canada. I've got a 3 month old at home, so time is limited and would likely only be able to undertake flights on weekends (weekday availability is highly questionable). I've decided to re-learn everything in the U-2VS, very cool to have a training aircraft (with an interesting history
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