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  1. I reinstalled everything and the mod is working now! @DetCord12B First of all, let me say thank you for this! As I got increasingly frustrated with multiplayer this is really what I need right now. So far I'm having great fun but there is one thing I'd like to bring to uo: I was really excited when I saw the screenshot with all the skins you created (and boy, do I love your work!). I was really hoping that custom skins would be implemented more extensively in the mod. What really ruins the immersion for me in this game that all AI have the same blank skin template whi
  2. @DetCord12B Unfortunately no. Apparently no one else is having issues with this... Any ideas what I could try to do?
  3. Bro, that 'War in the West' Folder needs to be in that 'MODS' folder.
  4. I managed to install the mod now but it crashes as soon as I hit 'start mission'. Could this be because of wrongdoing on my part or is this a problem other people have?
  5. Hi, Thank so much for this mod! Could you please provide basic instructions (or links to guides) on how to get this working? I really have no clue about modding. One more question: will the G14 skins you created be avaliable in to download and use in multiplayer?
  6. Hi, I had this problem before. Dowloaded the 4.12 version from steam again. Downloaded the VP pack and the patch again and still - missions don't work. All the planes get changed. How can I fix this?
  7. Hi, What are the best positions of the prop pitch in a climb/ for take off/landing and at level flight? I've found some YT-tutorials but they all refer to the F4 and they also give different answers to how I should put it.
  8. I'll get my Delanclip in a week or so and from then on I want to try my luck in MP but I was told flying alone is going to be a disaster. Are there casual Discord servers where people just fly together or how else could I find some people without commiting to forming a squadron? Thanks.
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