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  1. "Red Star Against the Swastika" isn't about a fighter ace but it is an autobiography about an Il-2 pilot which in my opinion is very unique. Not many Il-2 pilots survived the war. The book is well written but a fair amount of the writing is lost in translation and for what it's worth, it is apolitical.
  2. Take a gander at the FM discussion subforum. I'm not sitting here saying the entirety of the forum is negative. But to act like everything is rainbows and gumdrops is delusional at best. Unfounded claims? I mean, there's one about the La-5FN in the FM discussion right now among numerous others. With people being shown evidence to the contrary and still whining. When I think of Jason having to deal with that sort of nonsense, I completely understand his position of not wanting to engage with it regularly.
  3. I don't blame him whatsoever for not wanting to do it. The amount of negative, partial complaining I see on this forum and in game is astounding. I wish people were as motivated to do legitimate bug reports as they are to piss and moan about everything they find wrong. I see unfounded claims consistently get upvoted and even reiterated despite these claims showing zero evidence. This isn't a once in a while thing either....it's more than often. And people expect the devs to engage with that on a regular basis? I completely understand his position and find it to be absolutely reasonable.
  4. I'd be down to do some voice acting. From the Northeast US but no accent besides the occasional Pennsylvania Dutch word/phrase
  5. And per usual, every German tank is a big cat despite Pz IVs making up the vast majority of armor. Also, you don't have to penetrate a tank's armor to destroy it/make it useless. And the ".50's under the belly" video... he's not talking about the tank. He's talking about the lighlty armored fuel trailer that the German tanks hauled behind them. Ricochet rounds under the armor of the trailer to blow up the fuel. If you watch the video, it's pretty obvious that's what he's discussing. What a hilarious thread though.
  6. BoS is currently the best option for most MP servers, yes. That said, regardless of what you buy, all maps are playable in MP even if you only buy one set. For example: if your friend buys BoS they could play on the Moscow, Kuban, and Stalingrad maps in multiplayer. To clarify, that's as long as the server includes aircraft you own. e.g. a 109 F-4 on the Moscow map. Battle of Kuban is releasing Q1 2018 so.....soon. Just FYI. Moscow aircraft like the BF 110 and MiG-3 are something I personally couldn't imagine playing without though. But that's just me.
  7. Here's a clip of a 109 taking a ludicrous amount of hits from 20mm ShVAKs and flying off with nothing but a leak. Exactly how durable do you people want the 109 to be? https://gfycat.com/WindingYearlyAcaciarat
  8. Test them then and see if it overperforms/underperforms instead of just claiming they do because you think so.
  9. "How can I drag this thread off topic into a whine post? Hmmmm....I know!"
  10. You're definitely not missing much. But I will say we've linked up with random people through chat which can be pretty refreshing compared to the amount of toxicity in chat.
  11. There will be much less running from fights at low altitudes for 109 drivers. And are there still people who think the 109 is a high speed aircraft? Flettner tabs were put on late war 109s for that exact reason. Just because an aircraft is faster than its counterparts, doesn't make it a high speed aircraft.
  12. Looking forward to wiping the floor in the FN. And as well, I'm looking forward to the abundance of whine/ufo threads. It's going to be a comedy show.
  13. Definitely the most fun aircraft to fly and fighting against an E-3 is by far the most enjoyable matchup in the sim in my opinion.
  14. This is roughly the 5th post of complaining regarding Luftwaffe aircraft whether it's something not in game, the wrong variant, how bad the FM will be.... And people wonder where that "term" comes from and acting as if it's something with no foundation. Anyone listen to Jason's Q&A? Good Lord the amount of whining about German birds was disturbing.
  15. The RAF version was mostly "C" and "D" variants if I recall correctly. The "L" variant is what will be in game. If you're savvy on your ABCs I'm sure you can figure out the L variant came much later and will be able to go much faster. Also, you're clearly referring to a P-39 C/D's level speed in flight...not top speed. http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/P-39/P-39.html
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