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  1. The real problem is plane disappearing not the distance rendering. I have lots of times where I see contact suddenly disappears then re-appear in a few seconds, I have actually recorded some instances where planes disappears for at least 2 to 4 seconds. I'm not quite sure if this is game related or multiplayer related, but the problem is quite crucial because a few seconds of disappearance, especially when the one you are spotting is blended into the terrain has a high chance of losing track of your contact, and many times in multiplayer I loose my attack momentum just because of it. But then
  2. The post processing was the least amount of time I invested in, just roughly two days or less. The ones that took lots of time was re-recording tons of replays from flight records and organizing all the videos. Searching for the perfect soundtrack took a while too.
  3. Coming from the actual maker of IL2 GB trailers himself! Really appreciate it coming from you. You guys were the ones inspired me doing these, along with N8, and DBS Airdoc. Yeah I'm a bit wonky when it comes to flight recording controls, It's not as flexible as I thought it would be, and i find doing dolly shots quite difficult to achieve. I hope IL2 devs would look back the flight recording control options to make it more flexible with the cam movement speeds, and more external locked angles.
  4. Camera Shakes are not limited to action scenes only... But there are times when movies applies camera shake wrongly, or too much. A good movie example that I can think of which overdid the camera shake effect is "Taken" and its sequel. The camera shake there was so overdone I almost puked from dizziness. But that doesn't mean I completely against the camera shake effect, it just needs to be applied properly. I also don't know how we started talking about camera shakes when no one even mentioned it here.
  5. Well that's subjective. It's not as simple as throwing as much effects (or vice versa) in a particular scene and call it a day, but there's also (kind of) a formula on which specific effect you must use depending on which scene, setting, and the soundtracks that you apply. For the record, "Camera shakes" supplements the shots you take to make scenes look more dramatic. The reason why the effect is "overused" or should I say, popular among video editors and directors is because it is simple, and a very effective way to give emphasis to your scenes. The effect gives a big role in c
  6. One of the most painful things in editing. While the editing tool crashes after you've done so much post effects which you haven't saved yet, comes first in the line. 😭
  7. The F2 view outside cameras really does make sense. The guy who made the video has some really creative workaround to make angles look natural for a game that has limited amount of camera angles. I just hope the devs would take time to continue updating the flight records program like adding more options for the camera angles. It's not the I'm disappointed with the current one or anything, I also loved recording from flight records and what it can provide to make cinematic scenes, and I'm happy with it. Other games cant even provide these kind of in game replays. What I'm also rea
  8. Much respect for the guy who made this machinima. I'd also like to know how to achieve those specific types of camera angles in this video. From what I'm seeing he did a bunch of controlled speed dolly angles, controlled speed panning, and he also added Depth of Field, which is really difficult to achieve in after effects or premiere. In general, how did he manage to achieve those angles? It's feels like he has full control over the camera in game which I find it very difficult when using in game camera angles. I want to have controlled speed dollies but I'm stuck with the ingame'
  9. Thanks for enjoying the video, and for your honest opinion. I also thought the soundtrack went too high pitched when it came to climax scenes. Actually the soundtrack was already toned down by me for at least -5 decibels. It was (the artist) 2WEI's original recording that overdid it with the climax parts. Problem with finding specific soundtracks for cinematic videos such as this is a bit time consuming. And its difficult to find tracks that fits well for your video. After (nearly) a whole day searching for soundtracks, the one I chose for the video fitted the most with the sense
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