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  1. yes ive done that i get initialising and committing then goes back to pausing itself it doesnt verify now at all thats crashing out too
  2. sorry but cant find the update folder ,all updates are now crashed cant play anything at all cheers thanks
  3. Can anyone help me I keep on getting t Hundreds of screen shots and skins and maps sincying to my Google pictures I'm having trouble keeping up with deleting them there's so many of them Thanks
  4. Anyone else having problems with the new update,? it eventually downloaded but now its stuck on initialising and loading! should I delete the lot and reinstall? been trying for 4 days now! any help appreciated thanks
  5. how many conrollers can il2 utilize? already using stick throttle,pedals and switch box could it recognise say another switch box thinking using all my spare gear from the first switch box
  6. that looks nice and thanks for the suggestion
  7. Any idea of a way to print lettering on a plastic button box /. graphics or decals of some sort to label switches functions? as what ive done doesnt look too good😬 thanks for any help you can give
  8. yes and all working and with clod and il2 1946
  9. BBI-32 Button Box Interface - With Connectors A USB joystick interface board with simple push in wire connectors to connect buttons, rotary encoders and switches to a PC or Mac. Build your own ....Click here for more information. http://www.leobodnar.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=94&products_id=205
  10. hi been building a button box for il2 .works in 46 and clod but not being recognised in bos anyone know what the problem may be as bos is my main game thanks
  11. thanks i`m not home until tuesday im at the caravan on tha laptop
  12. can anyone help when i first installed all was fine bos worked fine CLOD was crashing out of game completely,have tried a few different drivers/software after re calibrating over an over,still nothing not even much movement on the dots in calibration screen any help would be appreciated ,have tried numerous tips to fix of the net already thanks, i have read the guide on this forum but nothing of any use for my problems unfortunately
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