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  1. I'm not 100% sure, but my understanding is that everyone already has all the content in the game installed, and you unlock it as you purchase each module. But you can join and play on any map being hosted in multi-player.
  2. I am hopeful that we will see all of the maps cleaned up a bit. If you know the exact spot and can reproduce what you saw, maybe you could report it as a bug. I couldn't agree more. This would not only benefit Tank Crew, but would boost the sales of all modules.
  3. I am guessing that the way-point trigger's radius is expandable to accommodate a variation in the space needed for navigating larger formations, but I wonder if the mission editor could be improved by having it automatically set the radius to 200 when it is object linked to a plane and 20 when it is object linked to a tank. I am really enjoying working with and learning the mission editor and all its features.
  4. Just wanted to say thanks again for your help. I had to also increase the radius of the flight path, and have the counter trigger way point 1 again whenever the plane re-spawns.
  5. Thanks for pointing to this. I was looking for a ground unit resource, and thanks to Thad, I got it.
  6. Just found out about this. It is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
  7. Thanks again for your input Jim. I will reset the way point size to 200 and try again. The intention was to have the plane just fly the route without attacking to see just the affect of AA, so I used high priority. The spawn trigger is to replace the plane when it gets shot down until the user ends the mission him/herself.
  8. This is a multi-player mission file that does not follow the intended behavior. After spawning, the plane is supposed to fly in a counter-clockwise pattern following four way points. The plane fly's in the wrong direction and can be as far as 2.2 km from the linked way points. I have rechecked all elements in the mission editor, and cannot find the reason why. I have also tried setting up the timers in different ways. The version I am attaching here uses a second timer so that way point 1 is object linked to the plane after it spawns. Artillery MG gun range.zip
  9. For anyone interested in mission building and the range of in game artillery pieces, I made a quick list for reference. But because the artillery ranges would sometimes change from one trial to the next, I am including the mission file used in case anyone wants to check for themselves. Line-of-sight to the target affects the behavior of artillery. If the target drops out of sight behind a hill, the artillery stops and restarts when the target comes into view again. I recorded the shortest distance each gun fired with a direct line of sight. Note: The plane in the mission does not follow the simple way point pattern and I cannot find the reason why. Origin Gun Range German Flk96na 1900m German Flk 7.7cm 1900m German Lefh18 1800m German Pak40 1900m German Flk38 1900m German Pak38 1900m German Flk36 1500m German Pak35 1300m German Flkvierling 38 1000m Russian 72K 1500m Russian 61K 1500m Russian 53K 1900m Russian 52K 1900m Russian M30 1800m Russian ML20 1600m USA M5 Gun 1900m USA M42 1900m USA M1 Gun 1700m French French75 1800m British QF13-p 1900m British QF4.5in 1200m German MG34 AA 400m German MG34 200m German MG08 AA 400m German MG08 300m Russian Dshk MG AA 400m Russian Dshk MG 400m Russian Maksim4 AA 400m USA M2MG AA 400m USA M2MG 400m French Htchmle 1914 AA 400m French Htchmle 1914 300m Artillery MG gun range.zip
  10. I would have considered it more if @Voidhunger had taken the images from a legitimately published book, but since the source is google it could be almost anything. It's not hard to make a photo B/W and then layer another image over it. Like the toy photo above, we don't know the scale of the sight, object, or the distance to the lens that took the shot. It is impossible to make any qualitative assessment of whether the gun sight markings look bigger, or smaller.
  11. Agreed, that was one of the points I made above in relation to the OP's quote below. In game, we can see that both the object being viewed and the gun sight markings enlarge as magnification is increased. I think Lofte showed that very well in the images he posted. "A friend commented that the panther sight triangles looked too small, it got me thinking that they may look bigger if the optics had a zoom function. A 2x lense or some such. I know you can scroll in, but I attribute that to the crewman focussing on distant things harder. Squinting if you will, rather than the sight optics being changed." It is good to hear that you have found the Soviet sight to be accurate, as it adds to my belief that the other sights in game are as well.
  12. Excellent idea. Do you have a timeline for when it will be available? Looking forward to it, good luck!
  13. What book are you taking these images from? I think the top two clearly showing the gun sight markings are what the OP was looking for. Thanks for sharing.
  14. @Voidhunger, I didn't see any actual images of tanks being targeted through a gun sight with the link you provided, but like the OP here, I am surprised that there isn't an abundant source of images given how much innovation was going into design improvements at that time. I guess this might lead to the question though as to what the OP's friend was basing his opinion on. But on the other hand, if we know what the various tanks from WWII looked like, do we really need a picture of one being viewed through a gun sight to prove it? That is why I maintain that the question raised is really an issue of scale. If we believe that the markings of the various gun sights have been accurately recreated, and I think that can be solidly confirmed, then all that is left to determine is whether the scale of the markings in each gun sight is accurate. That question can be answered by looking at a tank in game through the gunners position at a set distance.
  15. Problem solved. Had to set firewall to allow IL2 process.
  16. Just to pass on information. I went into Windows 10 and allowed IL-2 in the firewall. If you are hosting a mission coop/dogfight and other players are not able to join your server, check your firewall setting for IL-2. This fixed the issue for me. Thanks @-DED-Rapidus
  17. I am having this same issue. D-Server starts and registers with no issues. I can join as a player using my personal account and play the missions. When other players try to join, their client software crashes. Is there a solution to this yet? Just to pass on information. I went into Windows 10 and allowed IL-2 in the firewall. If you are hosting a mission coop/dogfight and other players are not able to join your server, check your firewall setting for IL-2. This fixed the issue for me. Thanks @-DED-Rapidus
  18. After starting D-Server and successfully registering, I can join my server as a player using my personal account and play the missions, but when other players try to join, their game crashes. I have the max clients set to 6 (5Players, 1 server). Any suggestions on how to solve this?
  19. I think you are right about the Greyhound, and I think @DeNoZavr was just trying to be accommodating to the inquiry made. But to me what your friend was really asking is whether the gun sight is an accurate representation of the real world tank. In part, that question was already answered in the original post. The triangles along with any objects viewed in the gun sight are magnified 2.5x as you zoom in. We can see that in the images left by @Lofte. But the most important feature here is scale. The gun sight has to be scaled appropriately to the world being viewed through it. If that is done correctly, then what we see in-game should be pretty much what M. Wittmann saw as he zoomed in on a KV-1. In other words, if you know the scale of the gun sight, and you know the dimensions of the object being targeted, you can calculate you distance from the target. Again, I think questions like this are both very relevant and important to the development of the sim. Here are a couple low quality images made by someone depicting what you are looking for. You can see them a little better if you view the webpage yourself. I googled for images related to WWII Tiger tank gun sight.
  20. I wasn't trying to be insulting, or offend anyone. A better way to see how accurate the in game sights are and how close it resembles the real thing might be to check it against a known object and distance in game the way the sights were used for real. Place a tank on a map and view it from a set distance to see if the targeting triangles scale properly. I think what we see in game is pretty close to the real thing. I am also pretty sure that what is modeled in game when you use Ltshift + scroll is the 2.5x magnification that the real WWII German tanks used.
  21. @DeNoZavr those are interesting shots, where did you find them? The vehicle in the Tiger sight looks like a toy. Do you think its real?
  22. I think it is safe to say from all the images/video here that the damage model in Tank Crew does take into consideration quite a few things, but like the second video I posted above, or the images you posted at the start of this thread, there are still issues that need to be corrected. There is no way the in-game T-34 should be able to penetrate the upper front plate from 500m, and I can't see why your Panther in the images above exploded. There is a good chance you would have lost your commander, but it is hard to say for sure where on the Cupola the shell would hit. From the image, it looks like there should have been at least some bounce as it hit the top of the mantlet and exhaust fan cover. Its hard to say if it would be enough to clear the Cupola, or just sheer the top off, but explode the tank? Do what ever you can to keep your tanks side out of the enemy's periscope. Placing your tank at a slight angle to the line of fire can help in a lot of situations. Lately, I am also trying to teach myself to focus on the order of enemy fire in relation to my own reload time. The intention is to be able to use this information to help decide if I should move into cover, or wait to take the next shot. From the information sources I have seen, the mantlet was 110mm, and the turret sides where 45mm.
  23. I made a simple mission where a tank drives towards an artillery piece. They start shooting around 1800m some of the time. I only tested 3 different field guns.
  24. Sorry, I thought you meant you could see penetration values, as in the game provided information regarding where the shot hit and at what angle.
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