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  1. Yeah it sounds like you have your forward/backward keybinding inverted. If you try to go in reverse, does your tank go forward?
  2. @SvAF/F16_Dark_P, thanks but what we have is actually a digital model of a Tank that actually had a manual 8-speed transmission in the real world. The model of the real world tank that we have includes the clutch pedal and gear shift that go in and out, up and down as a shift occurs just like in the real tank. At present, the SIM will shift the gears up and down for you as you roam back and forth in the different positions if you want, and I think that is a really good thing. But you can also use the SIM to simulate manual shifts as well, and I think that is a real good thing too. If anyone is in need of using a clutch, they should realize that they are using the clutch when they press either the "z", or "x" keys in the same way that they are using the Gunner's periscope by using the LtShift + T keys. It is all just simulation. When you hit the "z" key, it is as if you are depressing the clutch pedal and moving the shift leaver. In the video I linked above, I make every single shift when and where I want. Of course I decide when to shift based on what is happening as I drive, but this is exactly the way you would drive a manual transmission car, truck, or tank. You will shift gears to either speed up, or slow down. I don't get what all the big deal is about. Its like someone read somewhere that the SIM shifts gears for you automatically, which makes senses if you are somewhere other then the drivers seat, and that means we have an automatic gearbox. We don't actually have gearbox, an engine, a turret, or a seat other then the one you use to sit in front of the computer your using to play the SIM. It is all just simulated. And I can simulate manually shifting the Tiger tank just as well as I can actually shift the stick in my car. The fact that the SIM will automatically shift gears if I forget to for whatever reason is not proof that when you pop the hood, you going to find an automatic transmission. Normally I would have thought that the guy who was requesting the ability to manually shift gears would have been appreciative of the fact that he actually can, but its like he's disappointed that he has one less thing to complain about. I challenge you to watch the video and tell me that I am not controlling when and where I made the shifts that I did. Of course my decision is in response to what is happening while I drive, as in I may be climbing a hill, or going down the other side of one, but I am doing all the shifting.
  3. Hi Hermod, I am happy to try and help. So think of it as two separate command menus. One has more commands, and the other lets you point and shoot with the mouse. The first menu is what you call up when you hit the "Tilde" key. I refer to this as the primary menu. But once you hit the "Tilde" key, you will notice that the mouse cursor turns into a round circle icon. If you have it pointing to the sky, it will be white, but when you point it over terrain, it turns red to indicate that you can press the LMB to select a place on the map and call up a secondary command menu. It still uses function keys, but you will notice that the titles of each function key changes after you click the LMB. I think F5 = Move to point if I remember correctly. I am not in-game at the moment. Anyway the titles are self-explanatory. Just another point in passing. If you place the round circle icon over an enemy vehicle, it changes to a cross-hairs for attack commands. Also once you select a command from the primary menu, you no longer have access to the secondary menu using the LMB, which is no problem because you are now about to choose one of the commands from the primary menu. Hope this helps! Almost forgot, you can check out the video I linked above for example:
  4. Well then drive it like you own it ffs. What other advice can I give you. You know that it will shift automatically if you just sit there and stare at the screen. So be proactive and take control. Its a simulator! If you are in the Tiger and you make all your shifts between 2800 and 1400, the game will no longer shift for you, because you will be doing it manually. You can watch the video, or just try it yourself. I think one of the things that you can't seem to grasp is the concept of when, or why you shift in the first place. One of the things you should consider when building a table to help learn when to shift is that you need to compare the RPM and speed of the gear you are shifting from with the RPM and speed of the gear you are shifting to. If you are off-road in 8th gear and starting to climb up a small hill, you will want to time your shift so that you don't lose speed when you shift down to 7th. Your speed in 8th gear should be about 20-21kph when shifting between 1400 and 1300 RPM, which should be the approximate speed at that point when you downshift to 7th. The reason you shift into a lower gear is to use your engines power band to build your speed back up. So if you want to be able to manually shift your favorite tank, I think all you really need is a better understanding of what you are trying to do coupled with a little practice. Well I don't know what to tell you Goose. You can watch the video, or have the patience to use the SIM like you are driving a manual transmission. All I started out saying is that the request to be able to manually shift gears is already included with what you get. BTW, in the video above, you can see all the gauges including the temp gauge, and the engine is at running temp. I don't know what the big deal is. It seems like someone made a suggestion, and then didn't like to be corrected, or to find out that you can in fact shift gears manually.
  5. Its actually not a real tank in case you haven't noticed. It is a computer simulation of a tank that has a manual transmission with a stick shift and pedals exactly as depicted in the Tank Crew model. The point being answered was not whether we are all actually driving around in real tanks shooting real shells at each other ffs. Someone was requesting the ability to manually shift gears in a simulator. That same person seemed confused about why his tank was stuck in a low gear while going cross country. Your the truck driver here, take it from there.
  6. We are not at war my friend, I am just pointing out that there is no need to suffer thinking you have to wait to be able to manually shift gears, you can do it the next time you open Tank Crew if you like. But it is clear to me that there is something being lost in translation here because the bold text above does not make any sense as a response to my previous comment. I am not suggesting that the tank will stay in 1st, I am giving the possible scenario where the simulator would be modeled with only a manual ability to shift gears as you are requesting. The model we have is an accurate depiction of an actual Tiger tank. It has a manual 8 speed transmission. The fact that the Dev's made it so that it automatically shifts up and down while you drive from the Commanders position is a good thing I think. But as I have shown, you can use what is modeled to also manually shift to drive around if like you said, you manage it right.
  7. The fact that you seem to be confused about the reason your tank wouldn't shift into a higher gear while you were going off-road proves that I am wrong in which way? This is not about trying to be right. You were requesting the ability to manually shift gears. I am just pointing out to you that this capability is already included in the model that we have. You just have to decide to do it. Your interpretation that I am simply watching the computer shift the gears is incorrect, as that is what you are doing. You are leaving the max gear set at 8 and watching it shift up and down. What I am suggesting you try is use the "z" and "x" keys to control when the shift occurs. As I have said earlier, it might be your understanding of how a manual transmission works, but the only suggestion I can offer at this point is that you pick the tank of your choice, go into the specifications for that particular tank and learn the max road speeds for each gear. Then use the "z" and "x" keys to practice driving so that you can learn how the max speed is affected when off-road (hint-its going to drop a bit). Then from there, you will be able to build a table for yourself that will tell you at what RPM you should shift at to maximize your speed while off-raod. What I find works well in the Tiger in terms of maximizing speed as I traverse uneven terrain is 2800 to shift up, and between 1300 and 1400 to shift down. I can do that all day long without the game shifting for me even once. So if your desire is to manually shift gears in the tank, you can do that, but like all other things in a simulator, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. Watch the video and tell me who is shifting the gears.
  8. So to start, no I am not indicating a limit, I am controlling the RPM and deciding when to shift to a higher gear. In the linked video of this post, I drive the tank more closely to what it would be driven in real life in terms of engine RPM. In the first video, I was holding it past red-line just to demonstrate that I am controlling when the shift occurs. So in this video I use my engine power and transmission the way I would drive in real life. Every shift in the video was made by me and when I wanted it to occur. Everything needed to simulate driving with manual shifts is modeled in the SIM. Like in real life, you would watch your RPM and speed to determine when to shift. You even have the max road speeds for each gear and the top off-road speed given in the Specs for each tank. So you have everything you need to operate each tank with manual shifts. The gang in this conversation don't seem to realize that a lot of people occupy all 4 positions by themselves, and it would be stupid to be in the Gunner's position, while the tank stayed in first gear. So if you are going to use the SIM the way you have described above, then yeah it will shift up and down for you as it probably can't decide whether you are unable to pay attention to what is actually happening in front of you, or you are in the Commanders cupola. But if you really want to simulate driving with manual shifts, then you wouldn't use the SIM the way you are. Try the Tiger while using the "z" and "x" key, and set the max gear to 1 before you start driving. Then use an RPM of 2800 to shift up, and and RPM of 1400 to shift down. The game will no longer have to shift up and down for you, because you will be manually shifting the tank by yourself. The fact that you want to shift into an inappropriate gear for your speed and RPM is not a problem with the model, the problem is with how you are using it. Like you said above, are you saying it's stupid to manage the engine? If your desire is to be able to closely simulate driving in a real tank, then my only suggestion to you would be to work on your technique, because the reasons the SIM is responding the way that it has is because of the way you are using it. Everything you need is included in the model, its up to you if you want to use it, just like its up to you which position you occupy while you drive around. But that is pretty much what you have at the moment. If you want the SIM to shift for you, just set the max gear to 8 and drive on. If you want to manually shift the gears yourself, then you going to have to spend some energy paying attention to what's happening and do it. Watch the video, yes I am shifting the gears up and down.
  9. No you are right, they didn't simulate retardation in the model. You cant stay in 7th gear going up a hill!
  10. But I am selecting 7th gear, and the transmission goes into 7th gear, and I see the appropriate change in speed. It might be your understanding of how a manual transmission works, but what you seem to be saying is that you want to be able to operate the tank in such a way that it can't and wouldn't normally operate. So you want the Commander to be able to ride around on the bow machine gun. Okay got it. Rots a ruck wit dat one.... Just saying.
  11. Alas, that's an important point! manual transmission noun an automotive transmission consisting of a system of interlocking gear wheels and a lever that enables the driver to shift gears manually. Just thought I would throw this out there as a good starting point. Now if you go back to the video, what you see is I am doing what the dictionary describes as being the definition of a manual transmission. I am shifting the gears up and down. So what is it exactly that you want modeled that isn't there? Saying you want to start out in 5th gear to stall the tank is making an argument for the sake of arguing. It has no value as part of a discussion regarding the accuracy of the SIM, because if you actually did that in real life, the Commander would probably have you dragged from your drivers hatch and shot on the spot. Now if the Dev's want to model it so that you can select 7th gear to start out going up a hill so that the engine stalls, well yeah that would be a closer representation of real life if you would actually be that stupid to do something like that. In other words, would the SIM be more realistic if the Commander could sit outside the tank on the bow machine gun while in battle? I mean, maybe Alexander wants to do that because any real live Commander could have actually done that if he really wanted to. Is that something the Dev team should look into? Seriously?
  12. You are in direct control. Every gear shift made in the video was made by me. I was not watching the game do anything. I was the one driving the tank and deciding what gear I wanted to use. The current model closely represents what a real world tank from that era looked like and the way it operated. If your intention is to ask the Dev team to review how they modeled the driving system, then I am not standing in your way. I was just trying to address some of your misconceptions so that you could get more enjoyment out of the tank SIM your own. IMO, to be a good representation, the model has to not just simulate the motion of shifting gears, but it must also make the connecting points between weight, engine power/torque, speed, and ground resistance. Get in a Tiger tank, and using the "x" and "z" keys, drive it up one side of a hill and then down the other while watching the engine RPM gauge inside the tank. Pay special attention at what RPM you are able to make shifts going up the hill, and how that compares with the RPM needed to shift going down the hill. Anyway, I hope you are able to enjoy the tank SIM, and any issues you have with it get resolved.
  13. I think you make a good point. We have damage models for the tanks and the crews. We have RRR vehicles. We have modeled radio position in the tanks. But we have no way to make them all work together in a dynamic way. As a simulator, most here wouldn't be fond of a War Thunder, WoT type setup. I think one of the biggest problems with replacing an injured crew member was the cramped quarters inside a tank. It would be no small challenge to get at and replace an injured crew, not to say that it couldn't or wasn't done though. But as a simulator, we should be able to use the radio to call for backup/help/repair. Because what is the point of having damage models and RRR vehicles if all we are doing is hitting the Finish mission button?
  14. No, what I tried to do was demonstrate for you that in order for you to more closely simulate driving the actual tank, you have to use the "z" and "x" keys while keeping an eye on the engine power like you would in real life. If you were in 7th gear and had to break very hard, I can assure you as the driver, you would have to adjust the gear of your transmission. What we have modeled in Tank Crew as far as driving goes, is a very good computer simulated representation of the actual tanks.
  15. Just to begin, there were no diesel pods in Tiger tanks. Second, list the 60 ton tracked vehicles you have driven? Third, the gear box modeled in Tank Crew can be used like the actual manual transmission in the original Tiger tank, the major difference being you are hitting the "z" and "x" keys to simulate the motion of depressing a clutch and moving a stick shift. Your bold text at the top of the quote is exactly what is modeled. You can select the gears yourself by hitting the "x" and "z" keys, and watch the clutch as it goes in and out while the stick shift moves up and down. It is easy to misinterpret something when you don't understand the thing being misinterpreted. And I was wondering if that wasn't the case, as someone pointed out that they thought the tank they were driving off road was stuck in a low gear. Clearly the disconnect here is that persons understanding. But the purpose of this discussion was to clarify issues that people have with the SIM so that they can get more enjoyment out of it. Not argue about what you do as a day job. If you want to drive around while you are in the Commander, or Gunner's position, then it would be pretty stupid to model the tank so that it cant get out of 1st gear. It is pretty much a necessity to have it so that the gears change while your doing something else. But if you have someone else with you in the Gunner's position so that you can focus more on the actual job of driving a 60 ton tank around, then what you have modeled in Tank Crew will allow you to do just that with pretty close representation of the actual WWII tank. I think there is an actual working Tiger in a museum somewhere, go check it out and prove me wrong if your up to it. But again the purpose of my contribution here Goose is to be helpful by clarifying an issue that I can give input on. With all the complaints flying around, I think we have a responsibility to at least keep it real. What is the point of complaining about something in the model when it is already modeled well. The drive train modeled in Tank Crews Tiger tank is a very good representation of the real world tank. Compare the drive modeled in Tank Crew with the way you use the Commander's periscope in the Sherman for example. One is modeled almost exactly how you would use it in real life, while the other is not. Complaining about the drive system in Tank Crew is unwarranted. Asking the Dev team to review the way the model works for the Sherman's periscope is reasonable IMO, because while it is a very good visual representation, it isn't a good representation of how you would actually use it in real life.
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