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  1. It also includes 2 multiplayer modes of game play where you can get the virtual experience of commanding a WWII tank in battle with friends that have join as part of your crew. Once you have the game installed on your system, you will find all the keyboard commands needed for game play by selecting from the main menu Settings/key-mapping. Good luck and welcome,
  2. If you are able to communicate in English, you are likely to get a much better response to your questions. I think what you are saying is that you purchased a game on steam, and that you are only able to see two campaigns. Did you purchase "Tank Crew", or "Battle of Stalingrad"?
  3. Lets hope we get to see period correct vehicles for those crews in future updates. 12th SS Panzerjäger Battalion
  4. Oh sorry, I didn't realize you guy's have already got a Ferdinand crew ready. Cool.
  5. I didn't know the PzKpfw IV Ausf.G was considered a tank destroyer. Isn't that what they are driving?
  6. Hopefully Tank Crew has done well enough, and we will see the addition of these vehicles soon. But if the developers want to give it the best chance of success, updates like this are pretty much the best way.
  7. More of a question then a correction. Are the caps black? To add more depth, if you could give the commander a more aged look with facial hair or something, that would be neat. The uniforms are stunning. Thanks again.
  8. I feel bad for even asking, but any chance you might consider doing a Tiger I/Pz III duo skin from the 502 Heavy Panzer Battalion? The work from the mod community here is amazing. No need to mention all the names with the thanks, you know who you are. Thanks.
  9. Does anyone know the key binding to illuminate the gun sight for low light? I know its been added because I have seen people show it off on youtube, but can't find a reference on how to turn it on anywhere.
  10. The Prokhorovka map included with Tank Crew is said to be 10,000 sq. km, but the increased texture/detail has been added to only a small portion of it. I am assuming it is the main battle area represented by the grey square you see in the quick mission builder. A lot of that area consists of wide open spaces with little cover. So in addition to your point of being mission limited with just the one map, I would also be interested in creating/downloading missions that take place in and around areas with more buildings/structures that could be used as cover/ambush sites. If the BOS, BOM, or BOK maps have playable areas that would add this element of interest for me, I might consider getting one during the current summer sale.
  11. its good to hear that they continue to add/improve the module. Lets hope that also includes things like the user interface. It would be more intuitive to have all vehicles in your garage, and by clicking/selecting one the user could see things like vehicle characteristics/stats and any missions they have loaded for it. Speaking of maps, if you had to recommend one of either BOS, BOM, or BOK strictly considering tank mission building/game play, which would it be and why?
  12. Thanks. I clicked around the quick mission builder a bit and worked it out. All the tanks are there with seasons/weather/time... Lots of fun. What threw me for a loop was the Missions. To my surprise, the Tank Crew module only includes missions that access 4 of the available tanks. I guess we are supposed to create/edit/download missions to use the other vehicles. I am assuming that I would only be able to download and use mission that are made for the one map I currently have? Currently, I am just trying to learn all the key bindings. I have read some of your previous posts on this topic, and might ask for your advice on remapping some of the bindings later on. Thanks again.
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