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  1. If anyone here knows, or remembers the TV series MacGyver, you might think of him like I do as a modern day Rommel of sorts. The man was basically given a couple sticks of gum, a shoe string, and the expectation he would accomplish what was next to impossible. The funny part is, he almost did it. Like you, I find this particular theater from WWII to be very interesting, and would love to see a Tank Crew module based on it.
  2. I don't no why Tank Crew doesn't show up in your signature. If you bought it, you should get recognition for it. I hope that this gets corrected because IMO it detracts from the Tank Crew user base by making it look smaller and less supported then it really is. My favorite maps are Stalingrad and Bodenplatte, with Moscow and Kuban a close second and third.
  3. I couldn't agree more, the player base is often its own worst enemy. Because Tank Crew is still fairly new, it will take more time to eek out a dedicated player base, and one that can appreciate all of Tank Crew's features like being able to multi-crew. Certainly, the Dev's have to do their part by getting a half decent AI infantry into the mix. But I am very encouraged to find out that we can now man each tank with 4 players. Based on your user profile, you have only just joined. I have been here almost a year now, and I have to say that I am really impressed with the
  4. Some of the tanks in game have working hatches for the radio/bow MG position, plus some have additional periscopes/visors that are either angled, or mounted perpendicular to the direction of the vehicle so that you get somewhat of a forward flank view. I often play with expert settings in Tank Crew because it really adds to the immersion of the SIM. One of the most exciting aspects of Tank Crew game play for me is that I am able to recreate what it must have been like in the armored compartment of a WWII AFV, at least from the standpoint of limited visibility. It is fo
  5. So they must have really updated this feature then. I am really glad to hear this as it was one of the points I remember discussing when I first got Tank Crew. Like I said, I play mostly SP, and have only tried multi-crew once in Tank Crew while fiddling around with a D-server setup, and at that time I could only join the gunner's position of another players tank. It's too bad that the tank owner can't assign another player to the drivers position so that he/she could take command, but I guess it pretty much has to be this way because of how the life of the tank is tied to the driv
  6. I tried multi-crew once in Tank Crew while setting up a D-server when I first bought it. At that time, the only position available was the gunner (2-man). But the understanding I got from another thread here was that Tank Crew now supports 3-man crews. Is this correct? I didn't know about the gunner's station lock so thanks for sharing that, but it implies that Tank Crew still only supports 2-man crews. And you are absolutely right, unless you can talk with the people in your tank, you would be defeating the purpose of using a multi-crew. If you have an active group, and your
  7. Yeah sorry I missed the part where you were talking about an aircraft game. But I agree, I would love to see a North African campaign released as TC2.
  8. Is it ever! Just watch something like PostScriptum game play to get an idea of just how much more interesting a multi-crew can make it. It's also a huge step forward in terms of simulating actual tank warfare where the emphasis is on a team effort. So if someone is able to join your tank without an invite, do you at least have the option of which position he occupies, and can you punt him/her if they start to act up? When I first got Tank Crew, I believe it only supported 2-man crews. Now I think it has been updated to support 3-man crew. They could make it so that only your frien
  9. I don't think the Cliffs of Dover should exclude a North African Tank Crew module, they are two completely different games. But I agree, I quite like the BOS and BOB maps.
  10. That makes sense. How many people do you usually see on your dogfight server, and is it open to anyone?
  11. I didn't know that, thanks for sharing that info. Does that mean people can join your tank without owning any of the GBS modules, or do they still need to have at least one IL2 GBS installed? But I agree, this info should be passed around, especially for the MP servers, or groups that host MP sessions. .
  12. I agree, and it seems that at least from the start of things, the dev's did as well. Consider how underdeveloped the radio operators position is in Tank Crew. It is almost like it was never really finished. I get a sense of the same thing when I look at the command menu structure. F6 (forward observer) was never implemented. Does this signal that there are more communication functions still on the way, or an abandoned feature? One of the incentives for the dev's to do this I imagine would be for the player base to utilize multi-crewing more. I get the impression that the MP servers
  13. This is a really excellent idea, and one that I think is desperately needed in Tank Crew. Like the AAA trucks, light scout tanks would really help to round out game play on the MP servers. But just as in other game platforms, the problem usually comes from a lack of coordination between team mates.
  14. While that is a good question, even if Tank Crew has done well enough to warrant a second version, I think we are still a long way off in terms of time from hearing any announcement regarding TC2. Concerning the maps, I have experienced invisible objects on the Prokhorovka map as well. I think finding a real solution to the problem will almost certainly have to include updating the engine in the core game.
  15. We're hoping for the same thing, but you have to admit now that collector vehicles are a thing, wouldn't you find it strange if they stopped once the AAA trucks are finished and released? I suppose additional collector vehicles wouldn't necessarily mean they have to be tanks, but what else should we expect? Supply trucks? Regarding the map itself, it says right in the Tank Crew product description that it can be used as stand alone, or with other GBS titles. "Combine all titles to create on big WWII air and ground combat simulation." Good point, but I am not s
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