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  1. I had the Avalon Hill Luftwaffe game, but I was a bit young and never really played it with friends. Seemed a bit more mature at my age at the time. I loved the cover art and the general board artwork. Alas my friends wanted to play Battleship instead.
  2. Yeah, checking in...sometimes I'm on Finnish Server...great server..does remind me of Forgotten Skies. Started with Microprose Flight Sim..through all the Lucas ones, Dynamix stuff, but finally found the nicely modeled 109 in the demo IL2 and was hooked. Squaddy with the Greater Green folks, then the TUSA boys. Not flying as much these days, but I'm still impressed with the work on this sim when I take it up.
  3. Intel chips with that end with a K are unlocked and should be OC'd. Make sure your cooling can handle it. I recommend reading through this. Very informative and good tips. https://forums.tomshardware.com/faq/cpu-overclocking-guide-and-tutorial-for-beginners.3347428/
  4. In October I bought from Amazon a Gigabyte RX 5700 XT that was used, and that was on a hunch that the 6XXX and Nvidia cards would be hard to get with the holidays approaching. Plus hedging my bets that prices would possibly drop on the 2070 Super and those cards. Not sure if it happens all the time, but I had a return window up to the end of this month, which would also help if availability and prices dropped on the newer cards. Little did I know how hard and expensive it is to get any GPU at this point in time. Nevertheless, the card has been working flawlessly. Ge
  5. Spits vs. 109s server...great times! Lots of late Friday nights on that one. Trying to curtail that a bit on the Finnish server, but damn it's fun and so is this iteration of the game.
  6. I think so....I know he flew with us in TUSA...maybe even TGD...Greater Green back in the day.
  7. A complete reinstall of the game did the trick, and it cleared up a bunch of other issues I was having with keybindings and movement of aircraft. Previous to that, I completely reinstall TrackIR etc. but in the TrackIR app everything worked as it should. Most likely my game files must have been corrupted or something to that extent. Had to remap some keys...but that was OK. @BlitzPig_EL TUSA/Pepper says "hello"...was on the phone with him walking him through some issues he's having. He was asking about Bury to see if he's doing OK. Anyway,
  8. Thank you for the suggestions! Reflections, sunlight, reflections of glasses, lamps, anything that affects the IR camera, I've addressed in the past and due to my room location, I can't fly during the day due to the sunlight being too strong...actually the way the room is placed, I can fly in the mornings up until 10AM, then after 6PM or so...daylight savings time a little later. One thing that I did differently yesterday, and this room also doubles as a small recording studio, I set up a chrome microphone stand right behind where I sit, and did not put it away before
  9. I'm using Requiem's profile, slightly modified, and was able to track almost 1:1, in other words my head would move and would stop at a certain point as soon as my head stopped. For example, starting at 0 degrees, looking forward, then moving moving my head to a 90 degree point, the tracking would be exact. What is happening now, I start to move my head to the 90 degree point, but the tracking lags slightly, then overshoots, then comes back, but is moving around slightly...imagine one of those bobble head type dolls..with the springy movement of the head. This is
  10. Just curious, should one keep Hyperthreading on for this game or not?
  11. I upgraded in October. I7-10700K, Gigabyte Z490 Elite MB, 16G of Patriot 4400Mhz RAM. I used my existing 750W PS, and had a few SSDs, with the most recent being a Samsung 860EVO. At first as I was assembling what I wanted to build, the 3080/70,etc. cards were going to be introduced, also the 6800 AMD cards were in the horizon. But my price point was a little bit lower. I looked at the 2060 Super, but I saw that the RX 5700 XT was a cheaper and probably better option. That was on my radar. When I started seeing the 30XX cards were starting to be a supply problem, and
  12. Strange, I had this happen a few days ago as well on the Finnish server. Was thinking the same about the gunner, except mine probably got bored as I went for some rear area targets inducing a long flight without drinks service.
  13. Overclock? Since the cpu chip is a K chip, it isn’t locked to overclocking. I simply got into bios and adjusted the cpu ratio. Ran Prime95 and temperature monitoring software until I had a balance that was safe. This old computer used a Zalman air cooling fan as well. The stock fan was never any good. I did not overclock RAM on that system. With my new build I’ve overclocked the CPU and RAM as well. I used the following as a guide and to shake my memory on how to OC. On new Mobos now there are more choices and OCing is much more complex, but at the same time
  14. I got back into the sim in June and used my 9 year old computer. It was similar to yours: i5-2500K, P67 Gigabyte board, 16 Mb DDR3 RAM (don't even remember the speed) and Radeon HD6950 card. This ran BoS really OK, offline. I never really tried online as I was just getting acquainted with the game and the aircraft and mostly played around with QMB and career mode. I remember being somewhat satisfied with 30 - 60 fps with balanced settings, but some items in the setup screen on low or none...I wish I took a screenshot. Anyway, it wasn't until I got the Kuban module that I found t
  15. I've just started playing on this server and just getting my feet wet with it. For my short time on it ( less than 10 hrs.) I'm usually ground pounding, or an occasional dogfight. On my first occasion on the server I could see the stats indicating lack of planes for resupply of bases, and thought, OK, I'm still learning the map, the planes (have had this version of IL2 for about 5 months or so and haven't used all the planes yet) and their characteristics, and I found that an air start was really helpful. Offline I've ground started HE111s and JU88s and really wasn't thrilled with the engi
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