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  1. I’d be interested in what changes need to be done to get the higher resolution textures. From the in-game menu options it sort of always looks like the first picture. I’ll play with the settings in conf.ini. Donik, yeah, I suppose so.
  2. Try deleting the cache folder (under Documents/1C SoftClub/il-2 cliffs of dover). If that doesn’t work, save the .ini files in that folder somewhere else (back them up) and delete the whole il-2 cliffs of dover folder (or try the next point first). Steam will rebuild it once you restart the game. Then put your .ini files back in there (keep your back up saved somewhere else for the future) so you still have your windows, control settings, convergences, loadouts etc. If that doesn’t work, try setting the game’s Launcher64.exe to compatibility mode Win7 to see if it solves it. Of course you can try this before trying to delete the whole folder mentioned above.
  3. Sad to hear you are having problems with this too. You are not the only one and so far I haven’t found a solution myself nor heard any from anyone. On Steam there is a topic about it with a link to a topic on ATAG I made calling attention to this. In Steam there is also older topic about the same issue (also linked in the thread). https://steamcommunity.com/app/754530/discussions/0/2961642185113716288/ Maybe if enough people get the devs’ attention they can look into it? I’m afraid it is a problem with the game... But just in case your game is fine (like mine), check if you have “internet” selected in the drop down (top center of the screen in the server browser window) and that your filters are clear (open “filters”, click clear then save). Then generate a new list (not refresh).
  4. Maybe try deleting the whole 1C folder, not just cache? Just make sure you save your .ini files with your joystick settings etc.. Basically save all the .ini files somewhere else and put them back only after trying to run the game again. Steam will remake the whole folder automatically.
  5. Glad it worked out with the crashes. So, first mission of the Cliffs of Dover campaign, you are sitting in a Hurricane with an incoming raid. Your plane has chocks in, that’s why it won’t move. Go to option, controls, aircraft dropdown. Then scroll all the way to the bottom, then scroll up a bit to about 9/10. You will see “Signal Ground Crew to Insert or Remove Chocks”. Bind something to that (alt+c for example). Go back to your cockpit and hit the key you’ve configured. Your plane will now move. By the way, I see you have your messages on screen. As soon as you spawn in you should see the message Chocks in flash for a couple of seconds. When you hit the key mentioned above, it will read chocks out.
  6. Three of us registered. Looking forward to it. @ITAF_Airone1989 read your post on discord. Sad to hear but glad ITAF is keeping up with the events and even teaming up with TF for the weekends. I must say your event brought a much needed refreshment to our flying CloD in the Staffel.
  7. Here you go re Steam Overlay: https://www.businessinsider.com/how-to-disable-steam-overlay?r=DE&IR=T Make sure that Steam is open and that you're logged in. 1. In the top-right corner of the screen, click "Steam." Once the drop-down menu appears, select "Settings" 2. Once the Settings page opens, click on the "In-Game" tab in the left sidebar. 3. Uncheck the box that reads "Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game." 4. Click "OK" to confirm the changes. Crashes can be related to a lot of things. On my system I solved it with (besides disabling any overlay, including Geforce Experience) setting compatibility mode of the Launcher64.exe (game executable) to Windows 7. Here’s how to do that: go to your Steamapps folder (iirc usually under C:/Program Files/Steam/Common/Steamapps) and locate the Cliffs of Dover folder. Open it and you will see the Launcher64.exe. Right click it, choose properties. Under the Compatibility tab, choose Run in Compatibility mode and select Windows7. With easy engine management I’d say your rpms should be set automatically when you mode the throttle. The reason you can’t move would be the other two Sokol mentioned.
  8. I personally don’t see much difference between the two. Maybe because I configured BoS to be more like CloD for me (speed, inertia and smoothness sliders to the fastest possible)? The space in the cockpit doesn’t seem to me as too different either. I use all 6 axis in TIR and move my head to align with the gunsight and get closer to it. I rarely use full zoom (30 degree FOV). My movements in TIR are extremely augmented (30x iirc) so that a slight movement of my head in any direction will move a lot in game. Except around the initial position so I can breathe and move my head slightly and don’t need s neck and back stiffener in order to play.
  9. It wasn’t calm at all for us. We stopped multiple bandits from getting high enough to threaten the bombers. This all the way until the bombers turned east over London. At that point we starting escorting them and repelled multiple attackers before leaving the English coast, when the RAF stopped coming. We were engaged basically from reaching the English coast ahead of the bombers until they went back across the channel. Passing on information between our pairs and coordinating the defenses.
  10. So what? I didn’t say it was. My answer in the first paragraph applies to your question as well, since the reason why it doesn’t work, like I explained, is the same independently if you (or someone else) are trying to have a Tobruk asset in the channel map or the Tobruk map. Or if you are flying this or that plane. Like FT already proved, as soon as you add a Tobruk asset into the mission, It’s Tobruk owners only.
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