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  1. The time limits were there in real life also because they wanted to preserve the engines. Not only prevent failures in flight. Maintenance would be burning through engines in no time, having to replace them after few hours if everyone started pushing the engines too far too often with no regard to physical wear, just looking at the temperature. Or risk the engine failing in the next mission, for example. For some types the pilot had to note after the flight for the crew that he had gone over a certain boost limit, so they could inspect the engine, transmission etc.. Think about th
  2. Turn off steam cloud for the game. That should stop getting your control settings being overwritten / deleted. Turns out the German sights were aligned with the right eye... if you don‘t have TrackIR to move your head (from what I wrote I assume you don‘t, you can use Shift+F1 to lean to the gunsight and get it aligned. Or use the right button (or was it middle button / scroll wheel press?) of your mouse to move your head sideways and change your view point. I think this still works.
  3. Yeah, I think ground targets are still limited by the render bubble. Like when flying over London or other big cities and you see the circe of buildings popping up in the distance. If you zoom in you see the ground targets, you zoom out, they are gone.
  4. If there is one game I wouldn‘t think about how bad spotting is, it‘s CloD. I run 1080p to see better (15 km) but in 1440p wasn‘t that much worse. I still think CloD still has the best spotting among BoS, DCS and CloD. DCS is the worst and BoS did a great job with their fix last year.
  5. P-51A confirmed for Tobruk??? 😜 Didn‘t know that one. Thanks for posting. Nice trailer. Like many of the time with great (for then) 3d animations for openings etc. but the games weren‘t even close to them at the time. I wondered when games would actually be like that. On the topic: yeah, I actually wish TF would promote it more. Always eager to know what‘s coming and how everything is coming along. Makes me keep interest. But if that isn‘t possible, then that‘s what it is and we can‘t change that. Enjoy the game for what it is now and get surprised with whatever co
  6. Hi LP1888, It‘s under user/My Documents/1C SoftClub/il-2 Cliffs of Dover. Not in the SteamApps folder, where you‘ve been searching so far. Weird. This sim isn‘t the most demanding out there but you should he seeing usage. But I guess as long as you get everything to render with good fps, it‘s good?
  7. Crap, sorry it didn‘t help you any further. Good luck solving it! I hope you get it sorted soon.
  8. Hi Storknest, long shot, but maybe try these independently (first and then maybe together if needed) while you wait for feedback from Buzzsaw: - set the game to Windows 7 compatibility mode (Launcher.exe in the Steamapps etc. folder for Cliffs of Dover, right click ir, properties then compatibility settings) - disable Steam Cloud for the game (in Steam, right click the game in the Library and select properties, then uncheck SteamCloud - should be on the first tab already) - save all your .ini files under the user/my documents/cliffs of dover fold
  9. Hey, I see there are many wanting an Italian plane. I say an Erla built Bf 109G-10. It was used by the Italians 😁
  10. Not really I‘d say. There still are a lot of buildings and the cities still look full of buildings. When I changed it I was pleased with it still. Maybe the draw distance isn‘t as great but iirc that is building distance, not building detail. Have distance already at max -CloD has a „bubble“ that renders things and that is more noticeable once you put it to a lower setting. BTW, regarding the guns, try to reinstall the sound drivers on your PC if it isn‘t too much trouble. It COULD be that the sounds of them firing getting loaded are the cause of that. Sorry if I am not being
  11. I put building detail from Very High to High and got a significant increase in fps over London. Before that it was sort of slow tbh. Not slide show slow but so much slower that you noticed. On an 2080S. Maybe that helps.
  12. @jcole just in case you missed it. If you tried it and it didn’t help, nevermind the repost.
  13. That sucks, jcole. I‘m sorry our suggestions haven‘t worked so far. You‘ve reinstalled, you’ve deleted the folders, checked integrity, changed compatibility settings... I couldn‘t find any info in the above posts if you are running any overlays. Do you have either Steam overlay or Geforce Experience game overlay running? Both can cause crashes on some systems (like it did on mine). Edit: one thing worth a try. Do you have Steam Cloud on for CloD by any chance? It saves your .ini files and restores them. If you do have it on by any chance, set it to off and repe
  14. Ohh I remember playing the demo. Didn‘t run too well and I remember I couldn‘t fly the P-39 without stalling aha Coming from Janes WW2F. I got the ATI 9700 Radeon (non-pro) after the game was released. Had a Voodoo 3 3500 then a Voodoo 5 before that. Ran the game well enough but I was shocked how much better the 9700 was. It‘s been long enough 😁
  15. Reinstall won‘t solve it I‘m afraid, since you’ve done that. Two things you can try. Most likely 1 will do it. 1 - set your game to Windows 7 compatibility mode and see if that solves it (did for me). Right click the Launcher.exe under Steamapps etc. and click properties. Then compatibility tab and the option is there. Also make sure Steam Overlay (and Geforce Experience overlay) is off. They usually cause crashes like yours for me. 2 - another thing to try is to delete your 1C Softclub Folder under My Documents. Make sure to back up the inis before you do th
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