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  1. Not really I‘d say. There still are a lot of buildings and the cities still look full of buildings. When I changed it I was pleased with it still. Maybe the draw distance isn‘t as great but iirc that is building distance, not building detail. Have distance already at max -CloD has a „bubble“ that renders things and that is more noticeable once you put it to a lower setting. BTW, regarding the guns, try to reinstall the sound drivers on your PC if it isn‘t too much trouble. It COULD be that the sounds of them firing getting loaded are the cause of that. Sorry if I am not being
  2. I put building detail from Very High to High and got a significant increase in fps over London. Before that it was sort of slow tbh. Not slide show slow but so much slower that you noticed. On an 2080S. Maybe that helps.
  3. @jcole just in case you missed it. If you tried it and it didn’t help, nevermind the repost.
  4. That sucks, jcole. I‘m sorry our suggestions haven‘t worked so far. You‘ve reinstalled, you’ve deleted the folders, checked integrity, changed compatibility settings... I couldn‘t find any info in the above posts if you are running any overlays. Do you have either Steam overlay or Geforce Experience game overlay running? Both can cause crashes on some systems (like it did on mine). Edit: one thing worth a try. Do you have Steam Cloud on for CloD by any chance? It saves your .ini files and restores them. If you do have it on by any chance, set it to off and repe
  5. Ohh I remember playing the demo. Didn‘t run too well and I remember I couldn‘t fly the P-39 without stalling aha Coming from Janes WW2F. I got the ATI 9700 Radeon (non-pro) after the game was released. Had a Voodoo 3 3500 then a Voodoo 5 before that. Ran the game well enough but I was shocked how much better the 9700 was. It‘s been long enough 😁
  6. Reinstall won‘t solve it I‘m afraid, since you’ve done that. Two things you can try. Most likely 1 will do it. 1 - set your game to Windows 7 compatibility mode and see if that solves it (did for me). Right click the Launcher.exe under Steamapps etc. and click properties. Then compatibility tab and the option is there. Also make sure Steam Overlay (and Geforce Experience overlay) is off. They usually cause crashes like yours for me. 2 - another thing to try is to delete your 1C Softclub Folder under My Documents. Make sure to back up the inis before you do th
  7. Hey Jcole, I‘d think since you bought the game on Steam the license doesn‘t need to be added. Just make sure the DLC is selected in the game properties (in Steam, before launching the game), like I posted above. And Blitz should be already good since it has been in your library already, right? IIRC you won’t see an extra download for DWT. The game (CloD Blitz) just gets updated with the new content. Like if it were a patch. Then when you start it you will see the DWT banner under the Blitz one.
  8. Not going into feasibility or if it‘s worth it or not, but just an example: 1 - default HUD with the messages we have today. Chat, damage, systems etc. Have an option / binding to hide the interface. Just like we have in BoS. 2 - Put an option for „advanced hud handling“ or whatever the name. When enabled, it allows you to change the info windows like we do today. When off, it reverts to the default hud from 1. Turn it back on and it remembers your settings. Add a button in the options menu to reset the custom windows. Simpler for the users. Doesn‘t spoil the functi
  9. Too bad it didn’t work. At this point I‘ll just repeat what other have already said then: uninstall and delete everything from CloD and just redownload and let it install theough Steam when you get the patience again. I think that’s the easiest way now. Good luck!
  10. Great, let us know. And just in case, once you tested it the way I posted and you are still getting the crashes when loading the mission (when hitting fly so to say and the game loads the cockpit) try setting your game to Windows 7 compatibility mode. Do this after everything else just so you don‘t change two things at once and only if needed. It solved the problems I was having when loading missions (i.e. hitting fly) and loading multiplayer servers. Here‘s is an example of how to do that: https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/15523-change-compatibility-mode-setting
  11. Hey jcole, yeah, that is correct. It doesn't matter what you use to run, since everything points to your .exe in your Steamapps folder. But just to be sure use the Shortcut or directly through Steam, not the .exe (no need for that). Before 5, make sure you game works properly. BTW, the inis hold your personal configuration like key bindings, settings, info windows, gun belting and convergence etc. The worst that can happen by deleting the folder will be you lose your personal configs and need to rebind etc. everything again.
  12. I am not familiar with that program nor have I ever tried to move the whole installation. But what you described seems like other cases I’ve seen reported here. Mostly due to some corrupted file. For CloD, is the game in your Steam List? Seems so since it’s starting. What about your My Documents/1C SoftClub/Il-2 Cliffs of Dover folder? I would save the .ini files in that one and delete the whole folder and restart the game. Steam will repair it (and your config will be reset). If that works, put your .ini files back there and you should be good to go. If when you replace the .inis
  13. In your case I wouldn’t bother tbh. Just for players who don‘t know what they need to bind or can‘t get on with the UI for their initial bindings.
  14. Try this: SAVE your .ini files as a backup (just copy the files elsewhere) that are located in 1C Softclub / Il-2 Cloffs of Dover folder, delete the complete folder and then start the game normally. After you’ve run the game and checked if the stutters are gone, put the .ini files back regardless if it worked or not. Otherwise you will lose all your custom configuration (game will be reset as new).
  15. If you open the map (M key) while flying and right click on it there are tools (Ruler, Protractor and markers iirc) you can use to calculate the heading and distance. Like you would on a paper map. But in most cases you can just approximate by looking at the rough orientation and do visual navigation do adjust. A precise calculation using the tools (and also the speed / travel time etc. calculator - Dreieckrechner - provided with the game as a PDF found in the manuals folder) is usually only needed over water or the desert or in bad weather (don‘t think CloD has the latter)
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