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  1. Hey Hauggy, here are mine. I don't use reshade. Game looks good.
  2. Kittyhawk I onwards had the 6 .50 cal AFAIK. After a very quick search (sorry, it‘s in German) http://www.bredow-web.de/RAF_Museum/Curtiss_P-40_Kittyhawk_III/curtiss_p-40_kittyhawk_iii.html Edit: Sorry, kind of forgot to comment on the thread’s topic. I had read parts 1 and 2 when they were released, following up with #3 and was eagerly awaiting the final part. Read it this morning. Thanks for that, great overview. It is exactly the way I see it. Once you look (or see) past the initial „old game“ impression it is very good and a still very capable engine. Unfortunately many stop at that first impression and don‘t get to know what the game is really capable of.
  3. Thanks Flare, that‘s what ai thought. Regarding the control surfaces staying in position, that is new to me. At least from what I can remember, every single time I lost control surface actuation (not the surface itself) they stayed in a neutral stance. Ailerons, elevator or rudder. Of course it may also be a coincidence that they were neutral when hit or I just didn‘t notice the effect too much. But I don‘t think I’ve had a completely uncontrollable plane like you describe from just losing control of one or two of the three surfaces. Could it be that it is different in different planes? Sure, with all three gone there is not much you can do, but if you still have rudder you can control the bank somewhat (when there is no significant lift degradation and you still maintained a relative neutral bank attitude before losing control). In the 109 the trim moves the entire horizontal stabilizer, which makes keeping the nose from dipping too much or the plane going into a loop easier even when you lost elevator control. No rudder is usually not a problem but just rudder loss is also the rarest situation. Yes, once the control rods / cables are disconnect the surfaces should just flap according to the aerodynamic forces. And it would be great to have separate control surface actuator damage. Maybe these things can be implemented in the future, if possible.
  4. Hi everyone, I‘ve noticed in my last flights that many times when I get hit by a burst from a Spitfire V one of the things to get damaged are the aileron controls. I rarely take crippling shots and the plane is usually still good enough to make it to base and land / ditch. But it stroke me that almost every time I get hit one of the things that get knocked out are both aileron controls. Not one or the other because their respective rods were torn, but both with a single message. From what I understand the 109 aileron actuating rods were linked together directly under the control column, extending to the respective wings and connected to the ailerons. Both ailerons would get knocked out only if the shots damage the linkage under the control column or both rods at the same time. In the former most probably also damaging elevators control in the process. But it has always been both aileron controls that get damaged at the same time. Is there a specific reason for this? Like a modelling or damage model limitation or is it just a huge coincidence? Just curious. Thanks.
  5. Got it, thanks @Livai. Makes sense. I hadn‘t thought from that point of view. Because I guess I think that a lot of work goes into making the modules and the different planes (which I know too are different, even if all are Spitfires or 109s). But as you say, some sub-variants are also easier to make from the existing models. I‘ve always seen them as a way to make more money too with something that some players see as added value to their own games. And help develop the game further. Yeah, Steam Reviews (and reddit) are usually a good place to read raw , unfiltered feedback from normal players, not just the hardcore fans / more knowledgable players.
  6. @Blitzen maybe the MRTV videos on YouTube? Sebastian made a number of videos comparing the Reverb G2 to different Headsets and also analyzing its quality through the lens.
  7. That is interesting, because I‘ve never had this impression. I actually thought they were a nice addition and also a good thing, since it allowed players with one module and one collector plane to fly in different servers in MP. To be fair I have almost all of them and rarely fly them... Sticking to the 109s included in the base modules + 109G-6. Is there anything specific you could point me to that led you to this conclusion?
  8. Hi Enceladus, they can be found in these two posts from the 1C official forums. You need to login to see them. Dev Update January 27th 2012 (Rata in the CloD model viewer) http://forum.1cpublishing.eu/showthread.php?t=29368 Post from November 2011 (Il-2 in engine viewer, where most WiP models were shown) http://forum.1cpublishing.eu/showthread.php?t=28769 I remember also ones from within the engine, with autumn leaves and the Il-2 on the ground. Maybe ditched. Couldn‘t find those. I found the Ju 88 ones with autumn leaves though. Here is one picture... TBh it was kind of sad to revisit all this... found some of my own posts from 2011 and 2012 there. And old threads over ATAG‘s about all that happened in 2012 with CloD.
  9. What I did was run the il2.exe directly from the bin\game folder in Steamapps etc.. It bypasses Steam but asks you to login with your Il-2 account. Once I did that, it worked (for the modules bought here). And now when I open the game through Steam it asks me to login again / link accounts (like the first time you run the game). After that it kicks me out.
  10. Same here, got only Normandy through here (didn’t know better before) and it is the only module that shows up when running il2.exe and logging in. Since there is just the P-47D-22 available, there is not much I can do. I think Steam isn‘t recognizing the content bought through it and just kicks you out. As if you didn‘t own the game. Apparently it only checks it once you‘ve logged in. That is why it loads up to that point, where you get the option to link accounts of login with Steam. Either options fail.
  11. If you log out (unlink the accounts) and launch through Steam it loads until the link account page comes up. As soon as you login again it kicks you out. The same happens if you only login as Steam (2nd option, in grey). il-2.exe is working but like others have posted, you only get what you bought through the site. Steam is the problem, definetly. After repairing the files it showed 25 corrupted files and after repariring it still shows 1 file corrupted that it can't fix. Would be nice to have it sorted out... been so the whole day already. Can't even play offline.
  12. Ctrl+F1, yes. There is a realism option, cockpit always on (iirc, or something similar) that you need to uncheck for it to work. Your video shows wonder woman view, yes. You can use it like Warthunder too, with a reticule showing where the bullets will hit. Shoft+F1 is lean to gunsight normally.
  13. Thanks for the correction. I was under the impression that CloD had a way shorter development cycle and had started after RoF. Edit: mixed up the order. For anyone wondering what we are going on about 😄 http://www.simhq.com/_air6/air_220a.html And 7 years later: http://www.simhq.com/air-combat/il-2-sturmovik-part1.html
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