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  1. About the rain effect on canopy... Can there be something similar when snowing ?
  2. +1. Same I need 400 rounds to break my record of 12 victories with La-5 xD
  3. Thank you. Indeed, i remove joystick and was able to launche the game After make this once, i was able to launch the game with joystick plugged again but it's... amazing :/
  4. I'm surprised to don't see any white/winter skin... We need one at least i think if there was some Also does109G6 and La-6Fn will be released at the same time as 3.001 version ?
  5. I don't understand something, TF team didn't check this before releasing the 4.5 ?? I didn't fly for many years with CoD and was ready to give a new try... GREAT START :/
  6. U need to book very early for Messerchmitt museum however There is one visit per month for 25 peoples only
  7. tu lis le russe sniv ? ben écoutes, pas tant que ca, je pensais attendre encore plus longtemps pour pouvoir revoler sur un 262 alors je suis quand même content^^
  8. Hi, well done but you should do it for the Macchi 202. This plane is much more appropriate to simulate a Ki-61...
  9. The SBD could take this bomb but from aircraft carrier, the loadout was limited to 1000lb... At the beginning of the war, only the B5N was able to take a 800kg bomb from carrier (they used some at Pearl Harbor against battleships) Only next summer ?? i expected fall of this year :/
  10. Have you something better to suggest considering we won't get more than Midway + Wake (not even sure) in 2018 ? There can be more missions with some recon missions and there was a lot !!!
  11. Does someone has some speed charts for La-5FN ? It should be much more maneuvrable than current La-5 but not faster... Current La-5 reach La-5FN speed on the ground according me data i have In Il2 1946, La-5FN makes 580 at ground level exactly like current La-5 in winter conditions
  12. A plane which i love despite flying mostly axis side It will be the best fighter of game since La-5 is already with 2.012 version
  13. I know very well history, I meant nothing reach the carrier battles in terms of local intensity... Of course Midway is too short for a campaign To make a reasonable long enough campaign, devs should make the campaign throughout few 1942 carriers engagement with Midway being the climax, for example : Wake - February 1942 with USS Enterprise (midway map if they include Wake on it) Coral Sea - May 1942 (water map) Midway - June 1942 (midway map) Solomons Sea - August 1942 (water map) Santa Cruz - October 42 (water map) Southern pacific map can be slightly "more green" than North Pacific sea colour.
  14. When it comes to the Pacific, there is the Carrier battles... and then only the others battles... Aircraft Carriers battles rocks ! Nothing beat that Other battles is interesting too of course but the ground warfare goes after the naval one in the Pacific for sure
  15. I bought 3 in second hand in order to never change and they work perfectly !!!
  16. Did you think about how Japanese Army planes will take off ? There wasn't some because it isn't there combat area and there was nowhere to take off Did you think about how far is Rabaul and Bougainville from Guadalcanal to make this battle an extension ?
  17. Can some Devs confirm we will get 30mm Mk108 in the nose ? This aircraft doesn't bring too much new things if we don't get Mk108 and Erla canopy (only MG131)
  18. Set a new record flying on VVS side ! Thanks to Henschel company and 2.012 La-5's It would be even 12 if Kurt Schelling's 190 wouldn't disco http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/log/2256750/?tour=26
  19. Merci pour cette superbe mission phoenix ! Mission n°3 en 190A5 - Défense du chaudron d'Anapa
  20. 190 à Taman (non je n'évacurai pas le Kuban !!!) Je suis pas en France takeshi
  21. Bravo pour l'initiative Grace à Phoenix, on peut dire que c'est la rentrée ! Bref, je prendrai bien un de ces nouveaux cent nonante !
  22. There is not enough players to meet enough targets... You get bored before xD I had 6 too few days ago ! http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/fr/sortie/2215085/?tour=25
  23. Nice shooting but do u come back from those missions?? What is your maximum number of victories in one sortie with a Zerstorer on WoL ?
  24. Ok my mistake (based on real pictures lol) however they installed Bk7.5 on the last version because of Mk101/103 being uneffecient against new tanks no ?
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