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  1. A plane which i love despite flying mostly axis side It will be the best fighter of game since La-5 is already with 2.012 version
  2. I know very well history, I meant nothing reach the carrier battles in terms of local intensity... Of course Midway is too short for a campaign To make a reasonable long enough campaign, devs should make the campaign throughout few 1942 carriers engagement with Midway being the climax, for example : Wake - February 1942 with USS Enterprise (midway map if they include Wake on it) Coral Sea - May 1942 (water map) Midway - June 1942 (midway map) Solomons Sea - August 1942 (water map) Santa Cruz - October 42 (water map) Southern pacific map can be slightly "more green" than North Pacific sea colour.
  3. When it comes to the Pacific, there is the Carrier battles... and then only the others battles... Aircraft Carriers battles rocks ! Nothing beat that Other battles is interesting too of course but the ground warfare goes after the naval one in the Pacific for sure
  4. I bought 3 in second hand in order to never change and they work perfectly !!!
  5. Did you think about how Japanese Army planes will take off ? There wasn't some because it isn't there combat area and there was nowhere to take off Did you think about how far is Rabaul and Bougainville from Guadalcanal to make this battle an extension ?
  6. Can some Devs confirm we will get 30mm Mk108 in the nose ? This aircraft doesn't bring too much new things if we don't get Mk108 and Erla canopy (only MG131)
  7. Set a new record flying on VVS side ! Thanks to Henschel company and 2.012 La-5's It would be even 12 if Kurt Schelling's 190 wouldn't disco http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/log/2256750/?tour=26
  8. Merci pour cette superbe mission phoenix ! Mission n°3 en 190A5 - Défense du chaudron d'Anapa
  9. 190 à Taman (non je n'évacurai pas le Kuban !!!) Je suis pas en France takeshi
  10. Bravo pour l'initiative Grace à Phoenix, on peut dire que c'est la rentrée ! Bref, je prendrai bien un de ces nouveaux cent nonante !
  11. There is not enough players to meet enough targets... You get bored before xD I had 6 too few days ago ! http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/fr/sortie/2215085/?tour=25
  12. Nice shooting but do u come back from those missions?? What is your maximum number of victories in one sortie with a Zerstorer on WoL ?
  13. Ok my mistake (based on real pictures lol) however they installed Bk7.5 on the last version because of Mk101/103 being uneffecient against new tanks no ?
  14. Explain me why the Bk3.7 was available in Il2 1946 then... It's not only litterature, there is a lot of pictures showing that loadout The Bk3.7 led ultimately to the Bk7.5 as it turned unefficient against new soviet tanks so you can't say they didn't use Bk3.7 imho By needed, how many shells do you mean There is theory and reality...
  15. I think you speak about the Bk3.7 on the 110G2 and not on the Henschel... I never heard Bk3.7 made the Hs129 being dangerous but i heard it speaking about the Zerstorer. All the litterature online says Mk101 and 303 were fine for light tanks but were unable to destroy medium and heavy tanks...
  16. Hi Han, I'm bit surprised to don't see BK 3.7 for Hs-129 as it was a very common loadout. Without this weapon, the Henschel will be useless against T-34 and heavy tanks such as KV-1. It is sad to modelise such an iconic plane without giving him ability to destroy all the tanks...
  17. Crazy gunnery accuracy ! 100% in Air to Ground with Stuka (8 tanks destroyed with 12 pair of 37mm AP shells.) 5 victories only but 53% in Air to Air !!!
  18. Most of them are not double kills. Watched two third and only the first one was a double kill It must be done in the same pass/attack...
  19. +1 Et si toutes les hotlines sont les mêmes, autant être chez le FAI le moins cher : Free D'autant plus que la vitesse a toujours été chez eux plus rapide que chez les autres (surtout par rapport à orange qui a trjs bridé lol) et qu'en général, c'est Free propose en premier toutes les innovations et les autres suivent après Pips, tu t'es fait couilloner
  20. I noticed in the chat bar that there is really a lot of pilots asking for best settings with german bomber engines... I also see a lot of guys taking off and burning their engine(s) within 90 seconds... Reading manuals is not enough here as it provide only "safe" settings which doesn't allow to be the fastest possible which is essential to defend yourself in those weak planes. I am primarily a fighter pilot but sometimes i can fly bombers but never without my fighter spirit of being the fastest possible at any time... I use those settings for taking off and then to climb or not depending plane and situation. Most of the time, i use Ju-88 but it also works with Ju-87 and Heinkel 111 !!! One setting for 3 planes, easy to remember^^ -------------------- Here they are : Gas Throttle 92 RPM 88 = 1.32 ata -------------------- You can maintain those settings for : - 30mn on Ju-88 !!! (Excedeed time after 25mn but works any 5mn however) - 20mn on Ju-87 and He-111 (Excedeed time around 16-17 mn) As you can notice, the Ju-88 allows to use this setting quite a lot of time With those settings, this plane is really the Wunderbomber With 4x250 kg and 28 SC50, it is as fast as the 110E2 (combat mode with 2x500 kg) at low altitude. Hard to believe but true. Therefore with internal loadout only (28 SC50), it's almost as fast as a Pe-2 !!! If those settings displays Take-off mode, use keyboard keys for better accuracy to display Climb mode. Several attempts may be needed but it works. Enjoy !
  21. (Not at home) How many rounds in the 2x20mm gunpods in the 190 A5 ? How long 1.65 ata works with U17 modification ?
  22. After complete successfull installation, i got a message under windows when lauching saying that my program is 32 bits while my windows version is 64 bits... Impossible to launch even the launcher. Any idea what to do ?
  23. Of course but they are not part of Midway battle. Junyo/Hiyo were in the Aleutians too far away. Zuiho was with the invasion fleet not so far behind the carrier task force
  24. I added the Zuiho carrier with the 4 main carriers for the 2 following reasons : 1- It allows to make Invasion force for almost nothing as there should be Destroyer and Oiler/Cargo whatever. Very useful for the campaign. 2- It is a very different carrier compared to the main ones (flat top carrier and shorter) providing a lot of fun itself. ZUIHO in 1944 with the COOLEST carrier skin EVER !!! (Different however at Midway)
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