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  1. What a mess if speed is in km/h in ME but in knots in this txt.file 20 knots / 37 km/h is a bit slow for a destroyer whatever...
  2. Does Priority speed = Top speed ? I guess it is km/h but this is strange because i can make a destroyer go much faster than 20 km/h Cargo max speed is around 15 km/h, not 5
  3. Ships seems to have a speed limit despite you can put any value in Mission Editor... What is the max speed for each type of ship ? Does someone know, i can't find any information about that Thanks,
  4. Only 6 ? If you can make 5 with a Henschel, it should be 10 with a 109... btw, we don't say kills but victories^^
  5. These 2 links doesn't work anymore if someone can repost it
  6. Do you have 4k screen or 144hz screen ? I wonder how u get this quality ?
  7. +1000. Nice of you to take time remembering us about truth for serial production russian aircrafts... LW pilots face prototypes performance planes and NOT serial production planes and should always remember it Another example : In october 1944, all Yak-3 and La-7 were grounded for about a month, time to investigate some structural failures. No need to say nothing like this happened to 109/190
  8. I didn't hear about this throttle regulator, can you developp about ? any link ?
  9. Thanks for comments Well this is not impossible because i fly sometime with VVS fighters... and lately, i started to use shells without tracers
  10. Well if i have enough altitude, my elevator stab is much closer of -100% than -50% to gain speed
  11. My convergence is 150m because i always try to close up before firing and overall shells ballistic is really going down over 200m
  12. Monthly gunnery accuracy means nothing because you may take bombers with AI gunners etc You can see my best gunnery accuracy on the following link : https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/20269-your-best-missions-online/
  13. Thanks for comments. I don't think i did pretend to be "better" blak... howewer i never saw someone else doing inverted kills or removing tails like i use to do
  14. Well the secret is accuracy. You see one or two cannon hits in most videos but there can be more because cannons rate of fire is about 10 shells per second. I use to make 20% with gunnery accuracy and this is very high for air-air. What is yours ?
  15. This is my very first video with BoS, i had some trouble to record in good quality for very long time... There is about 30 spectacular victories in any positions including double kill, taran, reverted ones etc Enjoy !
  16. Yeah, that's true but we are not going to get any other P-38 version for a while most probably so the L version is better than nothing as P-38 whatever the version is a key plane for any Pacific land-based campaign. Also, it is always possible to slow it down with some extra racks. McGuire do it himself i swear xD
  17. Macchi 202 is much closer of Ki-61 than La-5 from the Zero... With A-20, P-39 coming soon and P-38L later this year, it is really possible to make New Guinea scenario on the southeast part of Kuban map
  18. Sounds good^^ Une question en passant gilb... Il n'y avait pas d'autoroutes dans le premier Il-2 mais avais-tu identifié dans tes recherches des autobahns utilisés par les allemands pour faire décoller leurs appareils. D'après cette map, il y a une autobahn qui relie Cologne à Essen et qui devrait donc être sur la map Bodenplatte... Ca serait chouette de pouvoir décoller sur des troncons d'autoroute et de pouvoir cacher son 262 dans les bois^^
  19. For everyone who wants to use the Macchi and combat for a LONG time without worrying with the engine, the best is to learn to fight with 70% + BOOST. It shows Combat mode in technochat but it's still continuous as this setting runs for 75mn. If you put 71% + BOOST, it drops to around 35 mn... Using 1.3 ata or more doesn't bring too many extra speed and kills the engine very quickly
  20. Monster over the Pacific yeah but certainly not in Europe... It was the easiest allied plane to shoot down for LW pilots. Not faster than 109/190, not more maneuvrable of course and big target hard to miss. I love this plane but in my opinion, P-38 wouldn't have be very successfull if allies didn't have a huge quantity superiority in the air
  21. Just remove the canopy of Mc202, keep only heavy MG and you get more or less a Mc200
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