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  1. Some people here got some trouble...


    We see one hit (with tracer) but there is obviously more because the rate of fire of Vya-23 is 550 shells per minute.

    We see two tracers in this burst meaning there is a lot more without tracers...


    It is true however that we see only one hit but the game engine is not perfectly done to representent all hits.

    It doesn't change the fact that Vya-23 is a very powerful gun closer of 30mm shells than 20mm


    Where was it made ? If online, is there flight statistics ?

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  2. I can't manage to get stationnary ships with big AAA rate of fire whatever the level setting (low-medium-high)

    They fire so slowly, you can fly over them many times without danger...


    I tried to add Command Attack area trigger to them but it doesnt change anything it seems :/

    Is there a way ?


    I'd like to make dangerous little flak ships in harbors, rivers, such things etc




    Yes and no. 
    In GB, USA, Germany, France etc. parameters of certified prototypes were matching exactly the parameters of serial aircrafts. In USSR no, because of many reasons. Prototypes were specially prepared, made lighter, extremally well polished, manufactured manually by the most experienced, small team of ОКБ beauro engineers. Their role was to impress state commission during the test presentation and to get the contract.
    Serial aircrafts were heavier, had worse quality surface, worst quality of different elements of engine, equipement and serial aircrafts used by units fly slower, climb slower, turn slower (or turn well to the one side and not so well to the the other..) etc. etc. Man can write a book about that.
    So according to your question: yes and no.
    1)Yes, the second prototype La-5FN, so called "дублер" / Dubler or Dublon, exceptionally well made, polished and lighter than serial aircraft were able to achieve 610km/h speed during the test. The maximum speed at the second boundary of altitude (5800 m) reached 610 km/h. It wasn't as fast as in the game but it was faster than other VVs airplanes anyway.
    2)No, serial aircrafts used in истребительный авиационный полк / fighter regiments, especially before the late 1944, were absolutely not able to do this. They had parameters like "Notclear" shown, taken from many different aircrafts. It was between 590-610km/h at 6000 meters and it would be realistic in the game for La-5FN series 2.
    Another prototype (39210109) entered state tests, which took place from September 30 to October 18, 1943 (variant series 2 from the game is from June 1943). The speed increased to 630 km/h, the  turnaround time was reduced by 1-2 seconds, and the climb for the combat turn increased to 120 m. The best sealing and ventilation allowed to lower the temperature in the cabin. Although the fighter did not go into the series, many of the technical solutions incorporated in it moved to the future La-7.
    - What is more in early models like series 2 форсированный режим/forsazh mode were allowed only for limited amount of time, La-7 and 1944 La-5FN had 10 minutes allowed, 
    - cockpit didn't have proper ventilation and pilots were experiencing problems because of extensive heating, it was mitigated by disengaging the boost or opening the canopy,
    - from the same reason canons over the engine were jamming after longer periods of boosted/forsazh engaged, 
    - at a speed of 450 km/h and an altitude of 200 m, yaw oscillations were observed (period 3 s), and the pilot can not suppress them in a shorter time, 
    - at a speed of less than 210 km/h, the aircraft falls into a spin just as with energetic maneuvers, 
    - the minimum time for the turn at an altitude of 2400 m, speed 320 km/h, roll 67°, overload 2.6 G was 30 seconds,
    - at an altitude of 1000 m and boosted/forsazh mode, the turn was made not less than 25 s,
    - at a speed of 600 km/h the forces on the ailerons became excessive,
    - the barrel was executed in 4 seconds. 
    etc.etc. ;)
    According to the state commission:
    In view of the merits of its engine, the La-5FN (from 1944) is better suited for combat at low altitudes. Its maximum speed near the ground is only slightly less than that of the FW-190A-8 and Me-109 on boosted mode. Boosted characteristics are comparable. La-5FN is inferior to Me-109 with MW-50 (injection system into the cylinders of the water-methanol mixture - N.Ya.) in speed and rate of climb at all heights. The Russian fighter surpasses the FW-190A-8's climbing speed up to a height of 3000m.
    So it was very good (and very nice looking) aircraft, just not as good as modeled in computer games. That's the reason units equipped with La-5FN and experienced pilots were efficient, but far from 
    dominating the skies IRL.
    Soviet aircrafts - generally - are extremally interesting but what man can see at the first glance is just the tip of an iceberg ;)
    For interested in Soviet aircrafts - most of the sources are in Russian language, it is a barrier for many people. I.e. about La-5




    +1000. Nice of you to take time remembering us about truth for serial production russian aircrafts...

    LW pilots face prototypes performance planes and NOT serial production planes and should always remember it



    Another example : In october 1944, all Yak-3 and La-7 were grounded for about a month, time to investigate some structural failures. No need to say nothing like this happened to 109/190

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  4. The key is to avoid aggressive throttle movements (unless we get the throttle regulator introduced in Dec 44, then you can be carefree with the throttle), low speed turn fights and just in general never let speed drop below ~450 km/h, above that speed however you will outaccelerate any prop fighter and even be able to turn with them for a limited amount of time. Also the low muzzle velocity of the Mk108's really aren't that big of a deal when you're closing in at 200+ km/h and you only need a single hit.


    I didn't hear about this throttle regulator, can you developp about ? any link ?

  5. Thanks for comments


    Nice shooting Tomio...but it makes me sad to see so many Comrades get blasted. Can you do a Yak/La version? ;)

    Well this is not impossible because i fly sometime with VVS fighters...

    and lately, i started to use shells without tracers :biggrin:

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