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  1. Some people here got some trouble... We see one hit (with tracer) but there is obviously more because the rate of fire of Vya-23 is 550 shells per minute. We see two tracers in this burst meaning there is a lot more without tracers... It is true however that we see only one hit but the game engine is not perfectly done to representent all hits. It doesn't change the fact that Vya-23 is a very powerful gun closer of 30mm shells than 20mm Where was it made ? If online, is there flight statistics ?
  2. Nice but you were waiting 1943 maps to fly or what ? I saw only 190 and 109G...
  3. where do you find them ? thanks lefuneste but your maps is only the big ones...
  4. Nice of u unfortunately veliky luky isn't on Novokosolniki map therefore your map pic is somewhat too "east"
  5. The only one i have now is thoses ones Novokosolniki without AF locations and old lapino screenshot ? Yes but it is for briefing purposes...
  6. Hi, i'm looking for high res pics of Lapino and Novokosolniki map with airfields on it... Does someone have this ? There is only big maps when i find something...
  7. Moreover, can we know which model of those plane we will get : P-38 J-? P-47 D- ? etc
  8. Cool DD Now, what we need to know is when is Devs plan to release Bodenplatte map ? In 2018 ? in 2019 ?
  9. I can't manage to get stationnary ships with big AAA rate of fire whatever the level setting (low-medium-high) They fire so slowly, you can fly over them many times without danger... I tried to add Command Attack area trigger to them but it doesnt change anything it seems :/ Is there a way ? I'd like to make dangerous little flak ships in harbors, rivers, such things etc Thanks
  10. Finally a tank which russians won't be able to destroy like trucks with their 23mm
  11. What a mess if speed is in km/h in ME but in knots in this txt.file 20 knots / 37 km/h is a bit slow for a destroyer whatever...
  12. Does Priority speed = Top speed ? I guess it is km/h but this is strange because i can make a destroyer go much faster than 20 km/h Cargo max speed is around 15 km/h, not 5
  13. Ships seems to have a speed limit despite you can put any value in Mission Editor... What is the max speed for each type of ship ? Does someone know, i can't find any information about that Thanks,
  14. Only 6 ? If you can make 5 with a Henschel, it should be 10 with a 109... btw, we don't say kills but victories^^
  15. These 2 links doesn't work anymore if someone can repost it
  16. Do you have 4k screen or 144hz screen ? I wonder how u get this quality ?
  17. +1000. Nice of you to take time remembering us about truth for serial production russian aircrafts... LW pilots face prototypes performance planes and NOT serial production planes and should always remember it Another example : In october 1944, all Yak-3 and La-7 were grounded for about a month, time to investigate some structural failures. No need to say nothing like this happened to 109/190
  18. I didn't hear about this throttle regulator, can you developp about ? any link ?
  19. Thanks for comments Well this is not impossible because i fly sometime with VVS fighters... and lately, i started to use shells without tracers
  20. Well if i have enough altitude, my elevator stab is much closer of -100% than -50% to gain speed
  21. My convergence is 150m because i always try to close up before firing and overall shells ballistic is really going down over 200m
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