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  1. We need news about kursk & bodenplatte map in next DD's
  2. http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/fr/pilot/26439/Mohamed_Atta/ There is a guy flying with name "Mohamed Atta" right now on the server... This name is the name of a terrorist of September 11th, he was leading the commando which hijacked the planes. Apology of terrorism. Please ban him https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mohammed_Atta
  3. Negative. You can use combat mode what u can't use is emergency mode With the U17, i can fly constantly with combat mode and boost mode because one recovers while i use the other one
  4. Not long time ago, my best mission so far with Yak-1B... 10 different planes hit and 8 shot down with an amazing 25% of accuracy thanks to nose mounted guns
  5. It would be interesting to know which ground units are planned for Bodenplatte in a next DD... Is there any ships planned for this front in particular ?
  6. I would have do a full black leather uniform for Bodenplatte but this one is nice too (I just never saw brown fur collar with blue jacket)
  7. Obviously we don't have the same idea of what is an air victory, i wouldn't claim something if i'm dead. Who cares ? Obviously not you but don't think everyone shares your opinion.
  8. U were not slow as you use it as a fighter and both are always responsible when they choose to headon the point is You failed to reach your objective (but did you have one ??) I defended my objective despite bailing out Whatever if you expect to survive a headon with a Focke-Wulf you are deeply wrong
  9. Doing anything is not what i call handle. It's doing... anything
  10. We made head on You were climbing and i was diving with little ability to avoid collision instead of you You were killed, not me xD And you call it a victory ? Great victory indeed ahaha Technically i got the victory if there is because i'm not dead and not captured
  11. I met few times those A20 dogfighters, it's quite funny. They have a chance only if they meet beginners. Moreover this is quite unrealeastic This plane cannot perform such maneuver with bombs and full fuel load The only bomber who could achieve a loop was the Ki-67 Hiryu (and almost empty i believe) as far as i know
  12. I suggest if you can find it in second hand the microsoft sidewinder force feedback 2 Perfect for a beginner and unbreakable !
  13. Whatever the way, i can't make big 130 mm guns B-13-2S working as of now... There is 4 on this destroyer and they should fire up to 25 km but only smaller guns works up to 6-7 km
  14. Hi all, Does Destroyers can target coastal cities by some tricks ? I converted all buildings of Novorossiysk to linked entity but they don't open fire on them... Thanks
  15. This is for subs... Does the PT boats needs to be directed toward a target to fire a torpedo or do they fire as long as they are close enough ?
  16. Do we need only to set -15 to altitude to submerge a sub ? What do we need to sunk a submerged sub as some people managed ? I completely miss it was possible and even if it's not possible to sink, this is something nice for animation...
  17. easy with 109F4... Try to make the same with G6 against La-5FN^^
  18. Good analysis by bremspropeller. Rudorffer most probably didn't really get 224 victories but unless he agreed with wingmate or other pilots to create fraudulent claims which i don't believe, he did most probably hit at least those 224 planes which is something quite amazing itself... Can you put a link... Can't find it...
  19. Any planned date (more or less) for Bodenplatte map release ?
  20. Thanks for vitebsk44 map introducing G-14 and A-8 howewer there is not enough A8 put at least more jabos F8, there was plenty of them
  21. This server needs a new map. It's getting somewhat boring to always fight on the same place... Maybe use little Novokosolniki map for fast loading and fps ?
  22. Great video. My VR tracks are splitted in 2 parts and gunsight not centered so i'd like to know how did you make this video with this quality ?
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