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  1. I don't think so. Most of pilots cannot master this plane and will turn far too much in order to get a victory turning them into easy meat.
  2. The 262 has a weakness with tail. You can lose it without combat damage or G's I broke many of them and i never hear anything when it happens... I realize it only when looking behind. Here is an example how it can happen. Speed was fast but normal for the 262. Pilot and plane wasn't under high G's as everyone can see with pictures The track can be downloaded here. It happens at the very beginning after 20 seconds https://1fichier.com/?7ivlswkdhulp5szyo8sn 1- I get close of the P-51 but i cannot aim it properly 2- I overpass it on the right 3- Watching behind at him, we can see, i lost the tail 4- Half second before losing tail 5- The Tail has gone
  3. Indeed. You faced me in a 109K when you crashed this evening
  4. The 262 allows to dominate skies like never before therefore your title is quite wrong xD Good video howewer !
  5. Ivan Nikolaievitch Kodhezub shot down one. He is the only russian pilot who catched one flying La-7. There wasn't too many but they made few missions.
  6. I love finnish warfront bug you guys does'nt understand such an addon will be a commercial disaster. Pacific will sell far more copies. There will be a Brewster when they 'll do Midway. We will get at least one "finnish" plane like this
  7. Anyway the A8 is too slow if you use combat mode in combat versus modern allies fighter especially La-5FN So the secret is to use boost in combat and continous mode to recover it when not fighting
  8. It depends on altitude and manifold pressure but you get 10 mn for sure on supercharger 2 between 2700 and 5500 m...
  9. It always existed from the Kuban map release.
  10. Very nice retro effect. After bombing train, you still have 3 bombs...
  11. A lot of us play online to meet other players and not to destroy AI ground stuff Well done. I think you can do even better next time. You were spotted before being in the forest and players started to crash on you because very few has the ability to destroy tanks in a correct way If you had reach the forest first, hiding in it with little moves inside, it would have take much longer for all of them to realize the threat and start target you
  12. yep but Pe-2 is very fast and uber strong. German fighters has very weak engines also i think that Pe-2 has more than it's chance even with reduced bombload...
  13. This is just because of loadout i guess. Pe-2 takes less than 50% of Ju-88 loadout. You need 500 kg bomb for doing so and Pe-2 can take only 2... Considering this, 6 is a very good result On another hand, it climbs much faster and can defend itself much better
  14. Spawn base are never objectives in briefing in WoL however it is possible to win the map by destroying enough enemy planes therefore this tactic is valid Your links shows Ju-88 pilot count0. Do you know someone doing so with Pe-2 ? Scharfi probably holds a record but it wasn't a level bombing
  15. No one for the 6 x MG151/20 loadout ? or the 2xMk103 + 2xMk108 loadout ?
  16. i expect Bodenplatte map and late western front planes to boost MP attendance more than anything else... For that however, the Bodenplatte map must be perfectly optimized unlike the new Prokorovkha map which is just not pleasant to fly over (too low fps especially in VR even after lowering graphics)
  17. Yep like engine and pilot... but in case of Pe-2, engines and cockpit seems heavily armored which i understand for an Il-2 but not for a Pe-2
  18. Obvious to few but not to the majority therefore i'm sharing this tip on how to down a Pe-2... This plane as everyone knows is a hell to shoot down. Strong and very fast combined with hum... AI gunners I consider myself that everytime, a russian side player takes a Pe-2, you can delete one german fighter because it takes more than one fighter on average to down the Peshka. The weak point of those two planes is THE TAIL. You just need to destroy 2 of the orange parts in the image below to shoot down it. FEW HITS is needed of course and if you succeed, you will know it immediately because you will notice the missing parts and the Pe-2 will start a 45° degree dive straight to the ground. If you don't manage to down the Pe-2 in one pass, keep trying as this part get weaker every time and doesn't sustain a lot of damage unlike wings. As everyone knows, this plane can sustain huge damage if you hit a bit everywhere therefore it is essential to focus on something especially with few guys in comms I tried to hit on one engine, then cockpit but the best results were achieved when focusing on tail. Unless you kill the pilot which is harder (much smaller zone to aim), this is the best way because if you light fire, it still can fly one minute and drop his bombs if over targets Note that you won't hit the tail part from straight behind as needed because you need some angle to clearly see the stabilizer surface when firing. The more angle you have, the better it is For this reason, you may not be able sometime to hit this part if the Pe-2 is flying too low as you can't go under him Also, the best moment to attack a Pe-2 already bombing is right after his drop when it turns for a second pass and show itself his tail to you. On this moment, the AI gunner isn't efficient as usual but for very few seconds. While slower and somewhat easier to down, it works as well with the Il-2 and is essential to use if you have only one cannon (like the 15mm on 109 F2) For training, i suggest to practice with Il-2 model 1941 or 1942 without gunner but without shooting from right behind as you won't be able to do so when there will be a rear gunner
  19. I think something is wrong on D-Day map. Allies side cannot capture Bagerovo airfield. I played the map several times and only Zamorsk is captured...
  20. Great as usual ! Which month for the Bodenplatte map release ?
  21. This rocket was put on April 12th to remind Gagarin flight on April 12th of 1961, isn't it obvious ?
  22. This server fills a lack of overall late war scenario which is welcome howewer when i tried it last night, i found out sadly i got lower fps with 30 players on the server than on WoL or KOTA when full... There is too much AAA with tracers (which takes a lot of "power"). Too much little caliber which seriously affect flight pleasure near AF and objectives.
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