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  1. Pris le même jour sur la campagne SEOW Midway de Tabarnak :/
  2. Foxy, 99% of the peoples can't provide devs the requested documents by devs cos we are not all aeronautic enginners so we can only "complain'' on forums like we do. I hope and believe they will consider this when making the 190A5 or the 190FM debate will never end.
  3. The nearest islands with airfield of Midway are Wake and Pearl Harbour but very far away do you expect devs to make something not realistic and put those islands closer ?
  4. U have to make a choice : IJA or IJN as they don't fight together. Putting almost all the planes is not a choice... I'd like to see all of that but i think it will be IJN only
  5. This topic is funny : Midway occured in 1942, not 1943 Also you don't make a difference between IJN and IJA planes did you think about where Betty/Sally will take off from cos they don't take off from a carrier and there is no island with a strip around...
  6. There is something you don't understand spektre... There will be 4 japanese/us planes each +1 collector for each side (total 10), not seven and 5 collector just for american side, don't dream... Therefore allied planeset should be something like that : - Corsair - Hellcat - Helldiver - Avenger Collector : Mustang Don't forget that the US planes has to operate from carriers. That's why the Mustang is a collector plane.
  7. I didn't know about the wind tunnel at Meudon-Chalais but it doesn't change the outcome... (do u know what happened to it btw foxy ?) Devs relies only on this document for their last modifications and it doesn't feat all what former pilots / many tests says about it. Results using it in the sim as nothing to do with what we can expect of such a plane and it's not because we don't use it correctly. The 190 was never modelled correctly. For example, it was never really able to escape someone with a sudden direction change when diving. This is howewer maybe because VVS fighters dives very well.
  8. I know well this place of Meudon-Chalais as my parents lives just beside xD The place consists into a single hangar in the forest made for Airships / Zeppelin in late 19th century. There is no strip beside. Therefore, I'm really surprised to learn that some 190 tests were made there in Occupied France during the war... The 190 was a very secret plane until it reached the frontline in late 41. Teeth troubles were related with engines, not with stability and spin. Such serious tests should have been done in Germany which makes me think that this devs document is not enough to be sure... https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hangar_Y Today but under restauration as part of Le Bourget museum
  9. Operation Unthinkable is about the invasion of Modern Russia by NATO with american F-35 i guess ?
  10. hope i am in the first 5 :/ let's go for the yak then (same login name)
  11. Does the Yak 1b cockpit will be better done than the Yak-1 which we already have ?
  12. I noticed today that combat mode on the 110 is now 15mn instead of 30mn previously ?!?
  13. I'm afraid Ju-52 will represent 30% of the Yak-1b sales but let's hope it will be more for devs...
  14. Another 10 with 109 including 6 Pe-2 !!! (The last 2 shot down with machine guns only)
  15. A lot of work for almost nothing, sry, it's hard to understand something usefull :/
  16. je croyais que cette manip avait disparu avec un maj sniv ?!?
  17. ah je n'ai pas ré-essayé ice, je fais un petit break (les filles...) l'accélération n'est importante que si tu as tourné pour regagner de la vitesse Quand t'es lancé en permanence comme moi bof @ elanion : il n'y avait pas le A3 dans 1946. C'est un appareil modé et il était meilleur que le A4 du jeu de base Si les russes accrochent les 190, ce n'est pas parce qu'il sont meilleurs non, c'est parce que le 190 a tellement été degradé que là ou tu larguais les autres auparavant, tu es accroché désormais
  18. Le pb, c'est qu'il ne largue plus ses adversaires comme avant et je ne parle pas de larguer un La-5 mais d'un Yak ou d'un LaGG ce qui n'est pas normal. Après qu'ont-il changé, l'accélération, la rétention d'énergie, dur à dire, un peut tout certainement... Les tests que j'ai fait post patch ne montraient pas de grand changement en terme de vitesse de pointe mais quand tu as un ennemi au cul, ca n'a plus rien a voir avec avant. Tu es dans une sacré merde direct parce que tu ne peux voler que 4 mn a fond. D'autre part, il décroche bcp plus vite qu'avant. Moi ca ne me gene pas trop mais ceux qui sont plus brusques, c'est un calvaire (qui n'existait pas avant aussi)
  19. ben c'est sorti (enfin pas officiellement mais la map et tout les avions sont là)
  20. Well they started to work on a Korea add-on as well, i remember some pictures of MiG-15 in progress So if they follow the CoD team calendar, we should get the Korean add-on this time and this will please both americans (which gets their first planes in game) as well the russian devs
  21. Wow, i didn't know this point... Not even AI ?? It means no Battle over Germany and lot of other scenarios will be much less exciting Then B-29 can be replaced by F-84
  22. DCS has F-86 and MiG-15 true but without the dedicated map, it's not really a coverage... B-29 was never flyable modelled* in Il2 1946 just like Tu-2. It's time one day... * I don't speak about modded planes which doesnt have dedicated cockpit for most of them
  23. Hi all there, I'm pretty sure Devs already choosed their next theatre however if not, i would like to remind them that the announced next add-on of CoD was the Korean theatre but it never happen as everyone knows despite they started to work on it (few pictures released) This theatre was also forgot in the few different polls made on this forums... It combines jet and conventionnal planes and was never made in Il-2 Series. Only with Mods but it was never played on a big scale for the same reason unfortunately Here is a suggested planeset for this eventual add-on to please everyone (jets and piston engined lovers + bombers) This add-on can also introduce carriers with F4U Corsair and F9F Panther on it and this is long awaiten in this simulation despite carriers will not be on both sides. ______________________________ - Il-2 MiG Alley : MiG-15 bis Yak-9 Tu-2 Il-10 Premium : La-9 or La-11 ----------------------- F-86 Sabre A-26/B-26 if no B-29 F-51/P51 Mustang F4U1C Corsair Premium : F9F Panther ______________________________ With this planeset, 2 scenarios are possible : - Early War : Yak-9, Il-10 +Tu-2 vs F-51, F4U... - Jet War with all the planes It has also the great advantage to add Yak-9 and Tu-2 to the game without making a 1943 add-on on the eastern front and this is priceless !!! 2 Beauties ! Area of fighting in North Korea : Note : I will enjoy for sure every add-on but of course, i got some preferences and i'd like to see forgotten planes & theater in Il-2 1946
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