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  1. Yes we need airfields at Rotterdam, Den Haag or Vlissingen... It's so sad to have the map and cannot make scenarios along the coastline.
  2. First it takes far more than 30 seconds to get full speed for a 262... Second, the 262 is not concerned by the 30 seconds rule. It can be attacked even on the ground. The best way IRL to shoot them down was always after taking off and before landing. It is the same here but hunting a maximum of 2 jets taking off every hour is not the most exciting 40% of players thinks there is too much 262 ? Well, this is no surprise as 50% of players are reds (even slightly more). On the axis side, most of pilots doesn't fly the 262 so they don't care having more or not. A minority of blue pilots fly it online because it is available almost nowhere. This is a vicious circle. Germans has only different 3 fighters in this game (109 & 190 & 262) and players wants to almost delete one, amazing ! Honestly, what the axis has too much is not the 262 but K4 with DC engine and 30mm cannon on other planes... I suggested to have them as fighter-bomber only. Have a look talon but if i can select bombs and 2 canons in game, you can do it as well in Mission Editor. Another way could be to reduce fuel for them to 50% (war end shortages) so you won't see them near red airfields because it would be too far to then come back. I'm not sure however if this is possible while letting other planes choosing their amount of fuel 😕
  3. I don't suggest to increase their number per map but to have them on more maps with the current conditions... Unless of course if we can restrict them in fast bomber version only. Speed of a bomber version is reduced by 75 to 150 km/h and with 2 cannons (160 rounds instead of 360), it is much less scary
  4. i'm very surprised of this... I guess you've tried personally right ? Whatever, is it possible to see it on every rheinland map ?
  5. There is nothing shocking to see so many 110's which werent there because we would meet only 109/190's if not... We miss some LW twin engined planes and this plane adds a lot in terms of variety of planes encountered Speaking about that, i would like to see more 262 and i think there might be a way to see more Of course everyone knows, this is a very particular aircraft so here is what i suggest in exchange of having it on every Rheinland map. Restrict 262's to ground attack modification with Bombs locked and 2 cannons only. - Half Reduced Firepower gives a chance to any victim and is still very strong - Reduced Speed gives a chance to any red fighter to catch it As of now, getting a 262 on a full populated server is a nightmare as You don't have really time to select loadouts like gyro gunsight or remove headrest if you want to get the plane... As of now, they are unlocked by pair when there is more red flying and after some time in the mission but this is useless if we have only a fighter-bomber version so I suggest to make one available for each 10 LW aircraft which take off. There is no four-engined bombers flying high in our sim, the natural target of 262 so let's say Hitler did use them as he wanted : A Schnell bomber There was twice more 262 produced than Tempest in WW2. Of course, not all of them made it operationnal but they were used on a shorter timeframe (Autumn-44 till the end versus April-44 till the end for the Tempest).
  6. The kind of thing i could do in 2D. VR imply some flying restrictions also you need to see more than 90% of things first. Hard in VR as of now but i remember doing the same with Ki-43 I and optical gunsight back in Pacific Fighters against Spit IX or La-7
  7. I can remember this map but didn't like too much The fact there was some western and eastern red base created some boring zone with no one to meet. As a german pilot, you didn't know where to go to meet some enemy without checking where the reds are based The same map with AI Ju-88 level bombing and just one frontline could be great
  8. Sry but i don't feel they attack targets in a random The first target is always borken, the second one is Bochum and the last one, Arnhem. What about doing the same kind of map with axis bombers, here is what i suggest : June 1944, the Poltava/Mirgorod/Piryatin airbase attack in Ukraine by Ju-88 in level bombing at sunset (Operation Frantic-2) It would be quite fun and realistic if those 3 bases were the red spawning point because the americans had only them. You can use B-25 on the ground to depict B-17. You can put Russian planes on the same base as americans ones without being unhistorical Iin this version however, americans can take off and the raid is escorted by lutwaffe fighters https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Frantic Second Shuttle Mission (Eighth Air Force) After the first shuttle mission, the consensus was that operations had been highly successful, and a joint atmosphere of celebration and high spirits reigned at Poltava. The second shuttle raid assigned Eighth Air Force B-17s to attack synthetic oil facilities near Berlin on the way to the Ukraine.[9] 21 June 1944[12][12] 145 of 163 B-17s open shuttle bombing between the United Kingdom and the USSR. 72 P-38s, 38 P-47 Thunderbolts and 57 P-51s escort the B-17s to the target, a synthetic oil plant at Ruhland, Germany (51°29′00″N 013°53′36″E) 123 B-17s bomb the primary target, 21 bomb the marshaling yard at Elsterwerda (51°27′32″N 013°30′57″E) and a lone B-17 bombs the marshaling yard at Riesa (51°18′34″N 013°16′46″E) owing to a bomb rack malfunction. 65 4th Fighter Group P-51s relieve the first escort force and accompany the B-17s to the USSR. 20 to 30 Luftwaffe fighters attack the force; in the resulting battle a P-51B (43-6784, 4th FG, 335th FS) and six German fighters are destroyed; a B-17F (42-3490) of the 385th Bombardment Group, 549th Bomb Squadron piloted by Matthew Totter is damaged by flak and loses three engines. It flies to Sweden, is interned, and later converted to SE-BAN, a Swedish airliner. 144 B-17s land in the USSR; 73 at Poltava, and the rest at Mirgorod. The 64 remaining P-51s land at Piriatyn. What was unknown at the time is that after the raid on Ruhland, the attacking B-17s were being shadowed from a distance by a Luftwaffe Heinkel He 111 bomber, which identified the Ukrainian airfields where they landed.[9] Other sources indicate that the Germans were already aware of the locations and had assembled a strike force at Minsk in anticipation. On the night of 21 June, the Combat Wing of B-17s which earlier landed at Poltava sustained severe losses in a German air attack. Hungarian planes also participated in the attack. Personnel were alerted at approximately 2330 hours when it was announced that German bombers had crossed the front lines in the general direction of Poltava. At 0030 hours, Pathfinder aircraft released flares directly above the airfield and ten minutes later the first bombs were dropped. For almost two hours, an estimated 75 Luftwaffe bombers attacked the base, exhibiting a very high degree of accuracy. Nearly all bombs were dropped in the dispersal area of the landing ground where only B-17s were parked, indicating without question that the B-17s constituted the specific objective of the raiders. Of the 73 B-17s which had landed at Poltava, 47 were destroyed and most of the remainder severely damaged. One American B-17 copilot, Joseph Lukacek, was killed. His captain, Raymond Estele, was severely wounded and died later; several other men suffered minor injuries. The stores of fuel and ammunition brought so laboriously from the United States were also destroyed. Three days after the attack, only nine of the 73 aircraft at Poltava were operational. The truck-mounted 50-caliber machine guns that the Soviet high command insisted would be adequate had no effect on the Luftwaffe, as no aircraft were shot down or disabled. Also, Russian and American fighter aircraft were not allowed to take off (by Soviet high-command) to engage the Luftwaffe during this attack; the reason for this is unclear. American personnel losses were light due to adequate warning and the network of slit trenches distant from the aircraft parking area. Russian losses were much higher since work crews were ordered to fight fires and disable anti-personnel bombs while the raid was ongoing. Butterfly bombs continued to explode on the field for many weeks thereafter. Red Air Force losses included 15 Yak-9s, 6 Yak-7s, three trainers, a Hawker Hurricane, and a VIP DC-3. Soviet anti-aircraft fire was intense but random, and perversely served to outline the field for the German aircraft. There are conflicting reports about whether Soviet aircraft engaged the enemy, but since there was no radar intercept capability, even American fighters would have been ineffective. The well-planned German attack was led by Oberstleutnant Wilhelm Antrup of KG 55 and carried out by He 111Hs and Ju 88s of KG 4, KG 53, KG 55, and KG 27 operating from bases at Minsk. The operation was nicknamed Zaunkoenig. After the He 111s left, the Ju 88s strafed the field at low altitude. He 177s from Night Reconnaissance Squadrons performed target reconnaissance, pathfinder duties and bomb damage assessment. There were no German losses.
  9. Same. And many people doesnt know what is vulching... They call "vulching" to be shot down in the air near their airfield, then they claim it in the chat so many believe some vulching on the ground was really done
  10. @CIA_Luth, @666GIAP_Chimango Jealous red pilots... You can't say "Just do it with a Yak or a Lavochkin" because i can despite not flying them much. Being accused of big ego or cheating when you are over average is just so common (and very pathetic when it comes from other good pilots) therefore i'm used Btw, most of real aces had big ego so i don't see anything shocking with that even i was like that
  11. No worries, we all started like that The main issue to shoot down so many... is to find so many. It is impossible if the server is not almost full 10 with the Me-262. I could do even more with 62 Mk108 rounds remaining but had to RTB because of fuel.
  12. I don't think so because laptop RTX 2060 version is not same as normal RTX 2060... For information, mobile RTX 2080 is equivalent to normal GTX 1070 and the normal 1070 is the minimum to play VR with good condition on a normal computer Your mobile RTX 2060 is just slightly better than GTX 1060 6gb I'm ordering a laptop myself those days and i choosed a laptop with RTX 2080 because you can upgrade memory but not the graphic chip
  13. Indeed but war is about lot of mistakes done on both sides
  14. Is it possible to know jason which ships are you expecting to be done to simulate Normandy landings ? BoN is the fifth title of Il2 series but we have very little amount of ships as of now in the game...
  15. We need G6/AS to dont have the MG131 bulge as on 109 G14. This model reached front just before Normandy landings The Ace Walter Oesau was killed on a G6/AS on May 11th of 1944.
  16. 26 of november is the departing day of the japanese fleet for Pearl Harbor... and the first morse code sounded like "Climb the Mount Niitaka" code for Hawaï attack I really thought 😕
  17. McGuire didn't fail to jettison tanks, he just didn't. Who knows if he tried ? But jettisonning tanks meant to go back home earlier and less chance to engage more enemy and he was on a race with Bong so he ordered other pilots to don't do so without orders from him.
  18. Did i compare sim to real pilots ? What is true in WW2 remain somewhat true in our sim... Of course they can. When P-38 appearead in the Solomons in Feb 43, their pilots started to turn, losing few of them against Zeros before learning how to use better tactics... McGuire died because he tried to engage a lonely Ki-43 in a turnfight. Need more ?
  19. The P-38 allowed many aces to be born... in the Pacific and not in Europe and they didn't turn there for sure, using mostly their extra speed advantage over japanese fighters When McGuire (38 victories) and Rittmayer (12 v) met a plane as fast as them (the Ki-84), they died in the ensuing engagement. I think it was probably the first time they met the Ki-84 btw On the Western front, it was easy target with his size because he was not faster than german fighters and as a result was withdrawn of fighter role before the end of war because it could not compete with lastest german designs. In Europe, their most precious sucess was probably the death of german ace Walter Oesau in a 109 G6/AS on May 11th of 1944. He fought 4 Lightning for 10 mn alone from high to treetop before being killed. Otherwise P-38 pilots over ETO never had a bigger tally than P-47 and P-51 of course and was never much feared by LW pilots. In game the P-38J we have as nothing to do with the Il2 1946 surpringsly It turns in 20 seconds in BoS when it did in 26,01 sec for P-38J in 27,27 sec for P-38L in 25,75 sec for P-38 L late in 1946. (Il2 compare date for 4.11) Same with rate of climb with a maximum of 16,3 m/s in 1946 compared to the 20 m/s in BoS. All of this allows the current P-38 to outurn all era axis fighters which i found quite unrealistic. Seems it was more realistic in 1946 honestly 😕 Sure the P-38 was turning great but for a twin-engined fighter only and it should not be able to outurn a late 109 for very long time because it is more twice more heavier, simple as that.
  20. Only a VR one xD More seriously, if there is a increased rear view ability, this one is marginal
  21. Well, i never noticed a better visibility in any sim with the bubble canopy 😕
  22. Does the Bubble canopy brings more protection for the pilot ? I mean the headrest which is way much bigger than the one on Anton series which is thinner... Because the plane is 1 km/h faster with the default canopy Thanks
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