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  1. @CIA_Luth, @666GIAP_Chimango Jealous red pilots... You can't say "Just do it with a Yak or a Lavochkin" because i can despite not flying them much. Being accused of big ego or cheating when you are over average is just so common (and very pathetic when it comes from other good pilots) therefore i'm used Btw, most of real aces had big ego so i don't see anything shocking with that even i was like that
  2. No worries, we all started like that The main issue to shoot down so many... is to find so many. It is impossible if the server is not almost full 10 with the Me-262. I could do even more with 62 Mk108 rounds remaining but had to RTB because of fuel.
  3. I don't think so because laptop RTX 2060 version is not same as normal RTX 2060... For information, mobile RTX 2080 is equivalent to normal GTX 1070 and the normal 1070 is the minimum to play VR with good condition on a normal computer Your mobile RTX 2060 is just slightly better than GTX 1060 6gb I'm ordering a laptop myself those days and i choosed a laptop with RTX 2080 because you can upgrade memory but not the graphic chip
  4. Indeed but war is about lot of mistakes done on both sides
  5. Is it possible to know jason which ships are you expecting to be done to simulate Normandy landings ? BoN is the fifth title of Il2 series but we have very little amount of ships as of now in the game...
  6. We need G6/AS to dont have the MG131 bulge as on 109 G14. This model reached front just before Normandy landings The Ace Walter Oesau was killed on a G6/AS on May 11th of 1944.
  7. 26 of november is the departing day of the japanese fleet for Pearl Harbor... and the first morse code sounded like "Climb the Mount Niitaka" code for Hawaï attack I really thought 😕
  8. McGuire didn't fail to jettison tanks, he just didn't. Who knows if he tried ? But jettisonning tanks meant to go back home earlier and less chance to engage more enemy and he was on a race with Bong so he ordered other pilots to don't do so without orders from him.
  9. Did i compare sim to real pilots ? What is true in WW2 remain somewhat true in our sim... Of course they can. When P-38 appearead in the Solomons in Feb 43, their pilots started to turn, losing few of them against Zeros before learning how to use better tactics... McGuire died because he tried to engage a lonely Ki-43 in a turnfight. Need more ?
  10. The P-38 allowed many aces to be born... in the Pacific and not in Europe and they didn't turn there for sure, using mostly their extra speed advantage over japanese fighters When McGuire (38 victories) and Rittmayer (12 v) met a plane as fast as them (the Ki-84), they died in the ensuing engagement. I think it was probably the first time they met the Ki-84 btw On the Western front, it was easy target with his size because he was not faster than german fighters and as a result was withdrawn of fighter role before the end of war because it could not compete with lastest german designs. In Europe, their most precious sucess was probably the death of german ace Walter Oesau in a 109 G6/AS on May 11th of 1944. He fought 4 Lightning for 10 mn alone from high to treetop before being killed. Otherwise P-38 pilots over ETO never had a bigger tally than P-47 and P-51 of course and was never much feared by LW pilots. In game the P-38J we have as nothing to do with the Il2 1946 surpringsly It turns in 20 seconds in BoS when it did in 26,01 sec for P-38J in 27,27 sec for P-38L in 25,75 sec for P-38 L late in 1946. (Il2 compare date for 4.11) Same with rate of climb with a maximum of 16,3 m/s in 1946 compared to the 20 m/s in BoS. All of this allows the current P-38 to outurn all era axis fighters which i found quite unrealistic. Seems it was more realistic in 1946 honestly 😕 Sure the P-38 was turning great but for a twin-engined fighter only and it should not be able to outurn a late 109 for very long time because it is more twice more heavier, simple as that.
  11. Only a VR one xD More seriously, if there is a increased rear view ability, this one is marginal
  12. Well, i never noticed a better visibility in any sim with the bubble canopy 😕
  13. Does the Bubble canopy brings more protection for the pilot ? I mean the headrest which is way much bigger than the one on Anton series which is thinner... Because the plane is 1 km/h faster with the default canopy Thanks
  14. You turn crazy when you see a 262 doing crazy things hoping you can give him a burst... Result : catched by a K4 Looks like there was 2 Me-262 according your track ?
  15. Marseille didn't need to say that lol He was the proud of his squadron and comrades were fine to let him shoot at any opponent because he had exceptionnal aim and used very few rounds to down an aicraft in any position and everyone knew it. Inflicting the first loss between two groups who meet in combat gives a big advantage for the final battle result.
  16. How can the pool author could forget Battle of Mariannas ?? The biggest carrier engagement ever (15 USN ones vs 9 IJN) with some ground based aircraft on japanese side as well
  17. Got this too since few minutes after using launcher to disable VR in order to read tracks in full screen. I deleted update folder but it doesn't help like usually. I got this as well on my beta-tester installation which is located on another disk. HELPPPPPPP....
  18. Quite funny to see that you can report what you do yourself teufelhunden... On Oct.6, you killed me on the ground after that i landed a heavily damaged 262 resulting in losing a precious aircraft Proof below http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/112286/?tour=14
  19. New video made by Pienoir about two victories i had on Combat Box server Thanks to him !
  20. It will. Flying P-38 or P-47 is just crazy as of now with K4 1.98 ata around. I'm not very aware of 150 octane service use Did all the allied planes really had it from march 44 ?
  21. Combat Box is good server but may i suggest to make some Summer 44 scenario because with all Bodenplatte planes available, everyone takes K4, Mustang and Tempest with boost... It starts to be a bit redundant/repetitive. Suggested Summer 44 Fighters Planeset : - 190 A8 - 109 G14 - P-47 - P-38 - P-51 (without 150 octane fuel) - Spit IXe (without 150 octane fuel) - Tempest (without 11 lbs boost) Suggested 1945 Fighters Planeset : - Me 262 - 190 D9 + A8 - 109 K4 + G14 - P-47 - P-38 - P-51 (with 150 octane fuel) - Spit IXe (with 150 octane fuel) - Tempest (with 11 lbs boost)
  22. Speaking about clouds... Double layer clouds were added some time ago but they are available only with "Heavy" weather. 😕 It would be great to have them with every kind of weather...
  23. It was on Combat Box. The map is Battle for Eindhoven. WoL and Kota doesn't use yet the new map. Can't remember my trim setting
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