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  1. Quite funny to see that you can report what you do yourself teufelhunden... On Oct.6, you killed me on the ground after that i landed a heavily damaged 262 resulting in losing a precious aircraft Proof below http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/112286/?tour=14
  2. New video made by Pienoir about two victories i had on Combat Box server Thanks to him !
  3. i understand it was a bit hard with... bombs xD
  4. It will. Flying P-38 or P-47 is just crazy as of now with K4 1.98 ata around. I'm not very aware of 150 octane service use Did all the allied planes really had it from march 44 ?
  5. Combat Box is good server but may i suggest to make some Summer 44 scenario because with all Bodenplatte planes available, everyone takes K4, Mustang and Tempest with boost... It starts to be a bit redundant/repetitive. Suggested Summer 44 Fighters Planeset : - 190 A8 - 109 G14 - P-47 - P-38 - P-51 (without 150 octane fuel) - Spit IXe (without 150 octane fuel) - Tempest (without 11 lbs boost) Suggested 1945 Fighters Planeset : - Me 262 - 190 D9 + A8 - 109 K4 + G14 - P-47 - P-38 - P-51 (with 150 octane fuel) - Spit IXe (with 150 octane fuel) - Tempest (with 11 lbs boost)
  6. Speaking about clouds... Double layer clouds were added some time ago but they are available only with "Heavy" weather. 😕 It would be great to have them with every kind of weather...
  7. It was on Combat Box. The map is Battle for Eindhoven. WoL and Kota doesn't use yet the new map. Can't remember my trim setting
  8. I don't think so. Most of pilots cannot master this plane and will turn far too much in order to get a victory turning them into easy meat.
  9. The 262 has a weakness with tail. You can lose it without combat damage or G's I broke many of them and i never hear anything when it happens... I realize it only when looking behind. Here is an example how it can happen. Speed was fast but normal for the 262. Pilot and plane wasn't under high G's as everyone can see with pictures The track can be downloaded here. It happens at the very beginning after 20 seconds https://1fichier.com/?7ivlswkdhulp5szyo8sn 1- I get close of the P-51 but i cannot aim it properly 2- I overpass it on the right 3- Watching behind at him, we can see, i lost the tail 4- Half second before losing tail 5- The Tail has gone
  10. Indeed. You faced me in a 109K when you crashed this evening
  11. The 262 allows to dominate skies like never before therefore your title is quite wrong xD Good video howewer !
  12. Ivan Nikolaievitch Kodhezub shot down one. He is the only russian pilot who catched one flying La-7. There wasn't too many but they made few missions.
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