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  1. How do you record your tracks with this "VR effect" and gunsight centered ?
  2. @ SDV_Fin*19_ can we move on another map ? something nicer like Veliky Summer map maybe
  3. Ok for introduction in May 1944 but it doesnt mean all the G6 had it for the Battle of Normandy. Does someone have an idea on how many % of them were retrofitted with MW50 system ?
  4. @Alonzo : i think Yak-1B is missing on the forward base on Crimean offensive 44 map (didn't check other bases near Anapa)
  5. Save ammo in flight on a damaged enemy aircraft Firing from long distance to help a friend being engaged. Just as usual
  6. Do we know the reason ? Some lack of spare parts or essential material for war effort ?
  7. Of course, G2 and G4 will be available as well in a 1943 scenario. I just mentionned the best version
  8. According this text shared here, it was possible to select firing with cannons and machine guns separetely. It isn't in game as of now...
  9. What i suggest is to keep this server western front only but not only 1944-45 because it is indeed repetitive. It will be definitely easier with Normandy map but maybe a try can be done until we get it With the Hurricane and the Spit V, it should be possible to make some 1940 or 41 scenario on the Bodenplatte map. Some 1943 scenario before Mustang made its appearance with P-47D22, P-38, SpitIX, 109G6 and 190A5 as main fighters would be fun too I also suggest to add the C47 dropping some paratroopers on the Bridge too far map
  10. THanks. How can we know if there is no date in the mission description if those G-suit are enabled ? For example, there is no date on Berloga server i think...
  11. 29. USAAF pilots wear G-suits only when piloting P-47D-22, P-51D-15 and P-38J-25 in September 1944 or later; This is just for the offline campaign right ? Those planes always have the G-suits if you take them in multiplayer right or date of the mission affect it too ?
  12. I made two NEW GUINEA campaign within the french community some time ago We even made skins for this Check here First one in 2018 : http://www.checksix-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=454&t=199396 Second one in 2019 : http://www.checksix-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=454&t=202960
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