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  1. To me A6 is superior to A5 Yes It is 1 km slower than the A5 with 2 cannons but A6 has 4 of the same type as everyone knows I really hated to fly A5 with 2 different cannons.
  2. @CountZero Something weird i noticed and i don't explain myself how you did get those values According il2 compare, 190A3 and A5 has a turn radius of 19.0 and 20.3 seconds... Game specs values are obviously more accurate with 23 and 23.5 sec
  3. +1 Yes and Berloga is crap. I thought it has G suit for ages and i found out it's not because of this AND the date !!! Berloga is set in 1942 LOL
  4. Of course, there is always a place they can serve with success. In case of A6, most of them in summer 44 were in detachment Kuhlmey in Finland (66 of them with II./JG54 in June) meaning the plane had almost completely disappear on the western front. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Detachment_Kuhlmey PatrickAWIson asked what time each model started to be withdraw but with your logic, they are never withdraw because you can always find few here or there...
  5. You could find every kind of 190A at the end of war... The main thing is each model started to be replace from the date i give. There was more than 200 A6 in service from Oct.43 to Feb44 but from May 44, there isn't more than 75 and the number decrease quickly
  6. In order to have an idea A2 (Sept 41 - Autumn 42) A3 (Spring 42- late 42) A4 (Autumn 42 to mid 43 A5 (January 43 - late 43 A6 (Summer 43 - Spring 44) A7 Dec 43 - Summer 44 A8 March 44 to Bodenplatte A9 Fall 44 to the end D9 September 44 to the end
  7. AI gunners are set to normal in this campaign. We usually speak about uber AI gunners when they are set to Ace.
  8. The only dropbox with list of countries i find is in the airfield advanced one...
  9. Do you mean the base airspawn logo must have american markings ? (I don't see how to set an american plane in the mission editor another way)
  10. @ SDV_Fin*19_ Can you change the following to enable G-suit with late american fighters ? 1- Date of mission should be after September 44. Currently is 1942.... 2- Base airspawn should be set to USA and not USSR
  11. Will there be new naval units ? I'm wondering how the D-Day will look like at sea...
  12. During the International campaign "Barbarossa" organized by ITALIANWING with C6, JG300, LAL, IRRE, NN, =VARP=, ITAF, =gRiJ= and 9./JG52 squadrons 109 F2 flown by me against Pe-2 of IRRE and NN squadrons without escort with french post-actions comments Icons enabled for the video. Enjoy !
  13. @DD_Arthur unfortunately i sold my Track IR long time ago and i guess without that, it won't work 😕
  14. How to re-center gunsight in a VR track when reading it in 2D and keep head movements ? Is it possible ? VR Cockpit tracks are also "shaky" compared to 2D ones... I make quite a lot of tracks but this two things makes VR tracks hardly useable Thanks
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