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  1. Who is this team alonzo, i was flying red in april so i didn't notice Yes. Stats of Me-262 in February : 4 days and 23 hours of flight time https://combatbox.net/en/aircraft/1325/NO_FILTER/?tour=31
  2. Really ? According stats in Feb and January, this plane was flown not 14 or 18 hours but 4d, 23h and 4d, 12h... Precisely the opposite. I haven't read the whole 108 pages of this thread but it's hard to believe. Also, there is an option for 2 cannons reducing the amount of shells from 360 to 160...
  3. No one found you can guess. 😕 It is a very distinctive common point or "feature" if it can help...
  4. Hello all, I'm missing the Pacific so much so here is a little game to keep the faith on having japanese planes one day in this simulator... What is the common point of all those Ki-43 II/III Hayabusa (Peregrine Falcon) "Oscar" ? Good luck to find it
  5. oh i didn't realize that 😕 but i don't see the link with having jabos 262's. They are too slow to make vulching long time if allowed
  6. I shot down more than 300 hundred LW planes this month and i haven't see a single human 262... 😕 Really, there is not enough of them It is so sad to restrict them so much because of few complainers who should maybe fly in another era of WW2 if they don't want to meet some. There is plenty of servers with early and mid-war planeset but CB is the only one with late war planeset so the 262 should be more present especially if we consider that there was as many Tempests built as 262 which entered service. (about 800 which is also roughly the number of K4 and D9 built but we see muc
  7. Hi Jason. Happy birthday ! Can you communicate on number of sells since the game was released ? Budget it request to develop one add-on like Normandy or previous one ? Most of us have no idea including me and i think it can be interesting Thanks
  8. Maybe because update after update, the game turns slightly "heavier" and request slightly more power and considering Combat Box missions are already quite heavy, you should maybe lighten missions instead of adding more things Just my opinion about all this recent phenomena (i don't have all parameters) I'm in VR on a laptop and since i got it, i had to decrease shadows to high to make it playable on CB. Since few days, i had to decrease clouds as well from extreme to high because it starts to be hard to fly when there is a lot of clouds... Don't have Tacview. Wil
  9. I don't know what the changes consisted into but since few days, the overall performance and so fun has really decreased. On the map Standoff in the Lowlands, i experienced many slowdown for up to 10 seconds in the Kampfgruppe Chill area near Anvers. You can see it recorded in C6_Petio's stream at 6'25 mn It's not only over Antwerpen. I also experienced the same thing over Woensdrecht airfield 2 hours ago when there wasn't more than 25 players on the server 😕
  10. We call them "The Infernal Couple" in the C6 squadron. Say something to him : She will protect him Say something to her : He will protect her Shoot them down and they always have an excuse Beat them with teamplay and they call for 1 vs 1 dual xD They are litteraly spamming the chat bar. We see only them when they are together online, typing compulsively like FPS players and it's a hell to witness
  11. It wasn't a whine (not my kind) but more something to show your bad mentality Just like when u deliberately rammed Petio over his airfield to end his streak or use his Youtube stream to know where he is lol It wasn't illegal to attack people seconds after take off if i recall well. You may not like it but it's call a tactic
  12. This has nothing to do with kill stealing alonzo but mentality... Btw, there is no kill stealing since the system was done to avoid last one who hit to get the kill... The one who gets the victory is the one who has damaged the most the enemy plane (before it is considered destroyed of course) therefore there is no kill stealing, just bad aim from the one claiming being robbed lol
  13. Scharfi shooting at my parachute 5m high at Woensdrecht airfield Well done, very classy, very sportsmen, very needed (i wasn't killed however)
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