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  1. Wessex or H-34 depending on who's flying it
  2. Cheers for the night lads although flying into the entire vvs isn't too good for a pilots health it turns out
  3. Sounds fun if the 110 guy don't mind a clueless ape following them
  4. Isn't that Ace Rimmer not Flashheart? What a guy
  5. iirc there is a "captured" B-17 for the Japanese that can be bought. the skin can then be replaced on live.wathunder.com to grind it out in the tree it shouldn't take too long but will definitely get grindy. Also it should be noted unless there's been an update, bomber cockpits look worse than IL-2 -1946
  6. This is what saddens me the most about warthunder, it provided the perfect gateway into the community, from arcade to FRB and then onto IL-2 and DCS. It really could have boosted the community if nurtured right but sadly not
  7. Are you using DLC for landing? it helps reduce the lift and stops it from floating
  8. New free map as well, really hope it's a Vietnam one or a good one for 3rd gen aircraft
  9. Art as well, although im only really good at birds for some reason
  10. TBF they openly said the yak-52 was developed like the A-10 and KA-50 where it was done at the request of a 3rd party for actual simulator use and then ported to be an actual module (plus it allowed them to develop their modelling of props)
  11. agrred, re-fueling the harrier is really weird, especially as you shouldn't even look at the probe however the built in mission helped more than any vid imo
  12. on a side note, is the beta client constantly crashing for anyone else even after only ~5 mins of flying?
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