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  1. To add to JtD's response, a prop can be modelled in simplified way of a wing where the lift produced is the thrust. So if the lift equation is used: Lp = 1/2*air density*Velocity^2* Prop area * Lift co-eff. (Lp=.5*rho*Vp,avg^2*Sp*CL) Note the velocity is the average velocity of the prop. Then for thrust T = Power*prop-driven efficiency / Airspeed. (T=P*Eta,prop/V) and since Lp = T .5*rho*Vp,avg^2*Sp*CL = P*Eta,prop/V and rearange for our prop area, Sp, we get: Sp = (P*Eta,prop)/(.5*rho*Vp,avg^2*V*CL) Therefore, for an increase in power,P, a larger blade area is needed. Then, as JtD said, the limitations of the blade such as ground clearance, strength and the tips going trans and super sonic etc. So you need to add more blades to make up the area
  2. ahh crap, CP2077 and this now in my final semester of uni? it's not looking well also the ruse cruise missile is back
  3. The banana shape may also be a result of the "area rule" in which you want the cross sectional area to remain constant for the length of the fuselage. This helps at mach numbers around the trans-sonic and super sonic region
  4. Cheers for the night lads although flying into the entire vvs isn't too good for a pilots health it turns out
  5. Sounds fun if the 110 guy don't mind a clueless ape following them
  6. Isn't that Ace Rimmer not Flashheart? What a guy
  7. iirc there is a "captured" B-17 for the Japanese that can be bought. the skin can then be replaced on live.wathunder.com to grind it out in the tree it shouldn't take too long but will definitely get grindy. Also it should be noted unless there's been an update, bomber cockpits look worse than IL-2 -1946
  8. This is what saddens me the most about warthunder, it provided the perfect gateway into the community, from arcade to FRB and then onto IL-2 and DCS. It really could have boosted the community if nurtured right but sadly not
  9. Art as well, although im only really good at birds for some reason
  10. imaginary numbers do not concern multiplication by -1, they only cross in the fact sqrt(-1) = i. You can do a physical example of multiplication of -1 by vectors and scalars such as force, velocity and weight also imaginary numbers are not really "imaginary", but just another mathematical concept such as 0 and negitive numbers that are in a way just 90' to normal numbers as shown in argand diagrams. these are useful for may real problems such as AC electronics
  11. for the first bit it obviously makes sense as it's the same as saying 10*(3/3) = 10*1 = 10. you get 3.33... in decimal but this is to infinity and just another way of representing the fraction. dividing by zero however is undefined and the example you give doesn't follow mathematical convention but it a weird mash of maths and logic. Dividing by zero is easily seen in y = 1/x where as x approaches 0, it tends to infinity meaning that you can't really get an answer unless some conditions are met like f(x)/g(x) = 0/0 where L'Hospitals rule can be applied
  12. Yea 3D printing is becoming a lot more common in engineering in general. It allows for rapid prototyping, manufacture of complex parts that would be almost impossible by casting or milling and can be done in either polymer or metal. In the future it's ability is enormous, BAe has a mother ship concept that 3D prints specific drones for a given situation and is even now being used by NASA to allow people on the ISS to print tools instead of sending them up rockets but it is currently limited by speed and to one material AFAIK plus, as has been said, the quality of the material won't be as good at something milled or grown as a crystal
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