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    X-Plane or P3D?

    So I've looked over a few videos but they're all about a year old compering the two sims. X-plane 11 has come some way since then I believe and I guess P3D has as well so I was wondering which would be best for a completely green user to both especially for simulating the regional jets? Any opinion would be appreciated.
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    DCS news

    New free map as well, really hope it's a Vietnam one or a good one for 3rd gen aircraft
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    What is your creative outlet?

    Art as well, although im only really good at birds for some reason
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    DCS news

    TBF they openly said the yak-52 was developed like the A-10 and KA-50 where it was done at the request of a 3rd party for actual simulator use and then ported to be an actual module (plus it allowed them to develop their modelling of props)
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    DCS news

    >DCS mossie [edited]
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    DCS news

    agrred, re-fueling the harrier is really weird, especially as you shouldn't even look at the probe however the built in mission helped more than any vid imo
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    DCS news

    on a side note, is the beta client constantly crashing for anyone else even after only ~5 mins of flying?
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    its (10/3)*3=10 or is there an infinetesimal left

    imaginary numbers do not concern multiplication by -1, they only cross in the fact sqrt(-1) = i. You can do a physical example of multiplication of -1 by vectors and scalars such as force, velocity and weight also imaginary numbers are not really "imaginary", but just another mathematical concept such as 0 and negitive numbers that are in a way just 90' to normal numbers as shown in argand diagrams. these are useful for may real problems such as AC electronics
  9. Guccigang_Zesphr

    its (10/3)*3=10 or is there an infinetesimal left

    for the first bit it obviously makes sense as it's the same as saying 10*(3/3) = 10*1 = 10. you get 3.33... in decimal but this is to infinity and just another way of representing the fraction. dividing by zero however is undefined and the example you give doesn't follow mathematical convention but it a weird mash of maths and logic. Dividing by zero is easily seen in y = 1/x where as x approaches 0, it tends to infinity meaning that you can't really get an answer unless some conditions are met like f(x)/g(x) = 0/0 where L'Hospitals rule can be applied
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    DCS news

    This wed i believe
  11. Guccigang_Zesphr

    DCS news

    Well it happens with every DCS module. The release will be this year unless something really [Edited] happens. They release it in to early in so many weeks from now usually giving it to some YT people in the mean time to give intro vids
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    3D Print a Warbird: why not?

    Yea 3D printing is becoming a lot more common in engineering in general. It allows for rapid prototyping, manufacture of complex parts that would be almost impossible by casting or milling and can be done in either polymer or metal. In the future it's ability is enormous, BAe has a mother ship concept that 3D prints specific drones for a given situation and is even now being used by NASA to allow people on the ISS to print tools instead of sending them up rockets but it is currently limited by speed and to one material AFAIK plus, as has been said, the quality of the material won't be as good at something milled or grown as a crystal
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    Developer Diary 204 - Discussion

    Take a shot for everytime the phrase more realistic is used Very nice eye candy as well
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    Tactical Air War

    Is it possible to swap sides before it starts?
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    Developer Diary 203 - Discussion

  16. Guccigang_Zesphr

    DCS news

    Ralfi did an interview with them and they mentioned the the A and B are both planned they didnt mention a separate release though so Id guess it'll come out at the same tome unless stated elsewhere
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    Cyberpunk 2077

    can't wait for it however between this, RDR2 and Metro, my degree and bank are gonna take a bit of a kicking
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    DCS news

    Took the word right out of my mouth
  19. Guccigang_Zesphr

    I need info re Brexit and gaming

    The age demographic of the UK is very much tilted to the older generations and with the most europhobic being around the age of 40-70 so leave had a boost from the start. This is because when they grew up they experienced it going from a "trading union" to the political state it is now which many felt was not what they wanted not to mention the whole immigration debate which is the kingpin of the leave vote as England has never been one for immigrants (bit more info in the spoiler) on top of the questionable quality of the EU. The younger generation, as is usually the case, are more liberal and have always been in the EU so a lot of us see it as normal and weird being outside it, not to mention there is a much more globalist view among this generation. Also academic wise there is more remain because there is a large amount of co-operation between countries in the STEM, economic, environmental and political fields and so it's more beneficial to remain unlike in the more blue-collar jobs. So yes it is true how ever the closer you get to the ww2 generation it started to go back to remain hopefully this clears up the why to difference in opinion with age. ALSO this is my view on it so take it with a good pinch of salt
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    I.A.R.-80 and 81c

    considering the eastern front is almost done for the time being in the air, there is little chance of it coming anytime soon especially when they have all the western planes to develop along with the tanks and WW1 as well. Although it did see combat in the west there are far more common aircraft that are of better choice especially with the lack of attackers currently in BoBP it really does not need another fighter
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    Can somebody please translate this!

    No, it's a mod with the Mig 23 frame and Mig 21 cockpit the official 23 is going to be done my RAZBAM
  22. Guccigang_Zesphr

    Model Pilot

    Damn, that F-100 tempering is insane
  23. Guccigang_Zesphr

    DCS news

    The ww2 stuff was needed on a business level due to their partnership with the flying heritage collection
  24. Guccigang_Zesphr

    C-47 & Li-2 (DC-3)

    The Li-2 is already being heavily considered/ being one by a third party I think
  25. Guccigang_Zesphr

    BOBP: Where are the bombers?

    It's not as easy as "just put plane "x" in". With the recent transfer of WWI aircraft, new code had to be added for the flight models flying and fighting at noticeably different conditions compared to the current WWII aircraft the same will be for jet and would be for heavy bombers. Not to mention the time: profit ratio is not as lucrative as the smaller tactical aircraft and with them already stretched for money there no economical insensitive which, as sad as it is, is the base line for any business