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  1. Sure Np give me some time to find it on my g drive ill send ya link
  2. Thanks,ill do some more posts when i have time been swamped with dev work on unreal 4 project...a tank warefare sim with emphasis on the destruction/combat side using Chaos destruction system setup ....cant get into more details ;) No vid card can be left as is..... Well clouds mod most likely is one line at bottom in all the pre-sets for cloud samples...if you have hi end system then preset 3 is what you use in game moddifying that section only..there default is 64 so if you raise it say 96 it will take more harder hit on hardware so you aware of thi
  3. So some thought on a better damage system i have to look how to get in touch with the devs this is a killer idea i have using the tank mesh vertices to create a hole litterly through the armour itself One thing i noticed the damage system looks really good with battle damage ect but no real holes in the tanks form the AP rounds going through them ...like they would in real life... So idea i have is for the devs to simply use the tank mesh vertices there called and as the tank round hits the tank itl deform the vertices in that specific area on mesh creating a roundish h
  4. Know the ones your gona be changing are ---------------------------------------------------------- Shadow_Quality Shadows_Dynamic -stock is 2 can be set to 3 possibly higher havent looked into it further yet but 3 looks great if it does go higher i wouldnt due to it being hardware hit its also higher number -higher resolution for shadow map why the performance hit Forest_Quality -Stock this is set at 1 can be set to 7 again quality of all forest materials and higher resolution of them better distance rendering as well with more LODS
  5. Hey everyone been busy like crazy all week wanted to get on here sooner but havent had the time ..... So im going to do couple write ups what can actually be messed with in Tank crew...first well start with basics and how to unpack the archives game has in GTP format There is a tool on the il 2 forums i found thatl unpack all of them into a (null) folder so you simply go in there will be sub folders in same files structure as ones in game directory you will also need JSGME mod loader to load the mod in that you are going to create...i do not recommend modding the g
  6. Another great vid showing snow simulation in Flight Sim world that also uses Tru Sky.....
  7. Hello everyone this is going to be a thread that i will post extensive modding stuff mainly for TC since im a tank guy but will cover other games as well I currently have TC,Stalingrad,Kuban and Moscow so modding will be for those games but anything talked about on here will work on the other games i dont have as well and moddifications can be loaded in using jsgme mod loader which im sure people are familar with This engine can be pushed alot more which ive begun doing in various aspects including redone textures using Quixel mega scanned stuff that i have a subscription
  8. Hey guys so yes the engine is older from 2009 form what ive read ive actually been tearing through alot of the game files ,unpacked all the game textures The engine has been updated to 64 bit and dx11 since those days there is alot that can be done tweak wise in perticular for example all the effect stuff...ive managed to improve all of it Im going to do a post on the forums here a thread for modding which will cover all of this in detail... On post above ive found stuff for grass rendering ect too so that could be pushed farther for the
  9. Hello everyone so being a game dev i decided to take a closer look into how the devs can massively improve the grass rendering in the game.. i will give examples below ideas for them to look into incorperating Im currently been working with unreal 4 for past couple years know on my own game project so ill use unreal 4 dev experience for examples here Devs should first looking into Speed Tree and most of the Speed Tree grass assets have multiple LODs for close,medium and long distance The problem with having detailed grass every were is size of each grass mesh
  10. Hey been absolutely loving this alot after picking up copy and supporting you guys...awesome work Can we please have a King Tiger added to game even if its paid dlc vehicle?it was the mightest of all german tanks saddly came to late in war to make a difference but would be awesome in this to make it more complete vehicle wise...you guys are missing a couple vehicles at only 10 should be more like 15 or so to make this a more complete ww2 tank war simulator The model quality is amazing be very impressed with this keep the awesome work up guys i also like to recomme
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