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  1. Mmh thank you anyways, I knew least B.A.T from my roving among forums, it's another thorough very well made "mod" (we should call overhaul), however it covers also jet era which I'd slight over WW2 planes, at least in IL2 Sturmovik (I know there still are early jets but those belong to the period), moreover I don't see a reason to choose this instead of others watched like VP Modpack or HSFX 7...has this better AI than VP or PatchPack300? If it doesn't have better AI then better fly over it. I don't like this hog, I prefer Vitamine. 🍊
  2. Sorry for the delay - sorted it out somehow! Thanks. After all I had to use a mod activator (Modact and JSGME), and I managed to run both native and modded versions in one folder. Isn't it the same either installing and making them which, in turn, are installed? As far as I know IL2 1946 is like many others of its time: it has its own closed structure (contents in archives with their specific extension) and you can overlap these with "external" folders as long as you hold on the same order(e.g. 3do/cockpit/plane/etc...), but the game won't read them overwriting alone: it needs some mod activator(right?)...this works well if you intend to install bulky mods or much content at once, but if you need just that little file in that folder without activators, how do you do? Would you need to extract the archives and delete them to force the game to read the folders along with custom files? Is it even possible to run it this way without third-party software? I'm sure there are hidden options or command parameters. I wonder what can be done about with Java JVM parameters on Selector and which is the auth.code for it (I already know the first one for memory...) Really...you won't find any, since 4.14 is...unofficial? I don't know enough how it be, plus it is mainly for dedicated servers... Besides, as soon as I installed Modact/JSGME in main folder, it changed icon to that of the exe (blue plane), and the desktop shortcut to a red star (like the Selector). Strangely unseen... jamais vu rien comme ça, on verra si l'on peut changer ce fichier, autrement on s'en fiche! Edit: Just to clarify I declare this topic closed, I shall hold with Modact now, however if anyone would help and knows some JVM scripts (so far I've only seen Java methods for memory allocation) or command parameters for the exe, we could extend this topic further. Cheers
  3. Hello everyone, I just started to use IL2-1946 (compilation) again and I would really like to know how to mod it...manually. So far I've been searching about and I found of course JSGME and Modact and also OvGME, but very little or nothing about manual modding. I'd need to add several custom cockpits, but I can't do it whatsoever, I tried first with Modact 6.0 and aforesaid JSGME, then eventually switched to actual manual method thus creating a MODS folder with the mod's name folder inside and thereupon: "MODS\modname\3DO\cockpit\planename", the game won't read the files. I tried putting 3do folder in main directory (as JGSME self does when installing) but nothing, at last I tried these command parameters for some found tweaked executables: "...\il2fb.exe" M:MODSmodname" but nothing happened. Is there a plain way to add few files "enabling" them or some further option, using the MODS directory or another folder path? Thank you
  4. Hello everyone! I'm new here, and I would start out right asking whether someone had a Baur KG 13 joystick or another off bf-109 to sell in good condition, if so please send me a PM. Thanks
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