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  1. I had this same problem! I bought IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad deluxe edition today on Steam. It's the first game of the series I bought since 1946 series. I have an old IL-2 forum account, but none of the old games are linked to the account. So. IL-2 gave me the same error when I tried to link the IL-2 account. I fixed it by choosing create a new IL-2 account. After I chose that the game told me I need to first login to my Steam account in game and then create a new account to IL-2. I logged in to Steam within from the game and that's all I had to do. My old IL-2 account was added to the game. I was logged to my IL-2 account in Chrome all the time while creating the "new" account. Edit: Or did the game pick up my username from Steam, because I'm still not seeing the purchase on my IL-2 profile page? The game doesn't let me to sign in to anything any more, so hopefully it's all good.
  2. An update. I seriously consider returning the product. I have only one day time to decide. There has been new problems with the throttle unit. Toggle switches doesn't always register clicks when trying to use them. Then there are ghost button presses. When I'm playing War Thunder, map might flash quickly on the screen on its own, which I have mapped to one of the toggle switches. And couple of times War Thunder's view mode has changed on its own which i have mapped to one of the hats in the throttle unit. And the latest problem is in the throttle axis. It doesn't hold its position. When I put the throttle to, say 95 %, it slowly or more quickly rolls down to wep setting (all the way down). To avoid that, I have to tighten the axis to almost maximum. Should I buy Warthog instead?
  3. And now I got it! I have mode 2 selected in the throttle and all the functions I have put there went to the first mode. I automatically had thought that the software would edit the mode which is physically selected. After I switched to the view mode from the software, I saw it wasn't so. Everything seems to be working now.
  4. It does not work with the throttle. A moment ago I was fooling around in Arma 2 and after I closed the game and relaunched the programming software, the slider switch started to do its function, but then I couldn't change it. If I do, it still does the old function. I don't know exactly whed did that slider start to do something. Was it after closing the game or launching the programming software. I can disable and enable the slider, but haven't found a way to update its function. The program interface itself shows the new function which I have typed in, but when I try it in the test window nothing has changed. I have tried to reconnect the controllers, restart the programming software and profiles. Nothing has helped so far.
  5. Hello, I got my unit yesterday. Hardware seems to be working fine, but I have a problem with the programming software. After I installed the drivers while hotas system was plugged in powered up usb ports, the software started to recognize both controllers which it didn't before. Now when I push buttons the interface shows which buttons I'm pressing in both joystick and throttle unit, but none of the throttle buttons does anything when I program some function to them and try to use it in the test screen or elsewhere, like notepad. Any solutions for this? Joystick buttons works as they should if I program something to them.
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