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  1. The bigger the better. If you can go afford to go 55+ and OLED 4K go for it you wont regret it. If you would use it mainly for sim you will need to check for the response time, so you minimize the motion blur, the lower the better (OLED is the best for that) No need to worries about the input lag unless you play competitive FPS (first person shooter) https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/best/by-usage/video-gaming
  2. Oh this is good stuff. Is there a special procedure or keys we need to have it done Bubi?
  3. That what I have and planes are dispearring also in 4K
  4. Congrat with your new cute little alarm
  5. Looking forward for some nice video on it N8
  6. this @ 3.4 Ghz the fps was dropping on the deck and with shutter. OC at 4.4 fixed it. I also have GTX 1080
  7. He does a series of excellent video. I just nuke myself some popcorn 😄
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