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  1. ATAG_dB

    DCS news

    The Hornet systems aren't finish yet witch is a good thing to get it now. It make the learning curve not very deep and you learn the new system and weapon on each new update. Worth every penny
  2. Some French Canadian one's tabarnak
  3. ATAG_dB

    Access to Forum

    Same here but only with Chrome but works with Microsoft Edge
  4. Yes there is weather on this server
  5. @=KK=Des_ I know you need incentive but even if you don't have to warm up your engine. Please use the RWY Thank you
  6. ATAG_dB

    Gyro sight

    Of course I did, but within +/- 200 m that's acceptable behond that I don't I save my amo. Unless of course is a none moving or big one. Again on a Spit that is, I don't care about it on a 109 or YAk of LA5
  7. ATAG_dB

    DCS news

    I guess that will be my next step since the multiplayer is now broken since 2.5. Thanks Mardi
  8. ATAG_dB

    Gyro sight

    That is also true But personally I use a very close convergence 200m , I kinda suck at shooting lol so if my target is 500m I just wait
  9. ATAG_dB

    Gyro sight

    Well if you are not in range you just don't shoot. There is no use to shoot something at 600m if your convergence is at 200m, unless of course you want to waste amo
  10. ATAG_dB

    Bodenplatte Spitfire IX notes

    Yes once released it's spring back to normal (Auto)
  11. ATAG_dB

    Gyro sight

    LMao. Your still struggling with the way to pronounce pendulum or your good now?
  12. ATAG_dB

    Gyro sight

    LOL But she had a GREAT six. Did she told you about that I still mixup my left from my right.
  13. ATAG_dB

    Gyro sight

    Also true but the P51 had a shot gun .50 cal 1100 yards convergence pattern with a lethal cone of lead was a bit different then what we have on a spit. The other aircraft that had a similar system was in the 190 but again the cannon are in the nose so the convergence was more irrelevant. As for the MK IID I am convince that no one in the heat of the battle was fighting with the left hand on the gunsight to change the range while twisting and turning
  14. ATAG_dB

    Gyro sight

    LOL I am a quick learner BOO, second? Never gonna happen
  15. ATAG_dB

    Gyro sight

    Very true