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  1. Milopugdog - honestly it was brilliant. I was never much of an online flier but Tue activity, creativity, excitement, enthusiasm, and goodwill of most users (thinking mainly of the UbiZoo, M4T, and SimHQ) was awesome. I couldn't buy the game here in Japan so Cajun 76 bought it for me and sent it to me. A joystick, too. The kindness and trust that I'd repay him blew me away. There was always some new campaign being made, always some great screenshots like those posted above, people writing hilarious accounts of their misadventures, plus some incredible movies. Foolishly I thought that was how online game communities were. Nope. It was a special thing. But whining, oh yes, there was whining. Mods added so much to IL2 but also ended up taking away a lot, too, as they fragmented the community. I wouldn't fly it now without them though. That's fantastic, Arthur. Say hi to the other Dogz for me. They were a funny bunch (in the sense of amusing and also in the sense of being odd). This time we have a beautiful little boy. Perfect.
  2. Hey ho Two kids, now 10 and 8, plus a 4 month old baby. Need I say more? Also, I cycle 5-6,000km a year so that tends to be where my gaming time goes. Like others have mentioned already, flying the P39 in a demo I got with a PC magazine is what got me started. It is also the source of my nickname.
  3. Well done to Jason Williams, 1C, and Team Fusion! Hopefully the age of pointless interim warfare is over. I gave up simming a long time ago in favour of cycling (plus my wife bought a shitty Mac which essentially ruined gaming for me), but just yesterday, after reading some WW2 aviation books recently I was wondering what the state of play was in sim world when lo and behold, I happen across this news! So pleased that good sense has triumphed. Long may it reign, in the sim world if not the real one. If I get a better PC capable of VR I might be back, but until then, god bless a united IL2 world and all who fly her! Actually, a VR capable computer for me, or an easy to use Mission Builder. Then I'd be back in a Flash!
  4. There seems to be reasonable efforts to remain levelheaded and noninflammatory by MOST posters here. I don't know that there's much left to say on the topic, but if there is, please keep the comments in the spirit of the OP's post.
  5. I wish them all the best as a fan of flight sims, but Ido really struggle to understand the logic of their releases. I guess it'S just people doing what they want to do, but a little coordination or forward planning could reap so many benefits.
  6. That looks like great fun (regarding the T34 air field assault vid). I just wish my PC would run it. Scratch that - I wish I could get clearance from the FC to buy a better computer!
  7. Asgar - give it a rest. It won't affect you, with your HOTAS and whatever, play the game. That should be fairly clear from the DD, various replies, and, if you are really worried, check Rise of Flight. A similar (identical?) system has been in place for months.
  8. I'm reading Rudel's book right now and just don't get how he could have survived the war in a Stuka. He mentions having to force land something like 30 times, but I think he said only once was he shot down by fighters. He describes sometimes going out with fellow Stukas as escorts, in fact my impression is that they were frequently left to fend for themselves, and,in post-Stalingrad Eastern Front action, that sounds decidedly hairy.
  9. I've been playing around in modded Il2 '46 recently and have been driving a little Kubelwagen around Moscow. I've also driven it around some airfields I populated. Seeing things from ground level is cool (and that's in the old game with its fairly basic graphics). If we can blow things up as well, even better. I wouldn't be really into a serious tank simulator but just to charge around looking at things? Very keen.
  10. This is going nowhere good. Please comment specifically on FM issues in the appropriate place. It would help your case if you refrained from saying things like "stupidest FM ever".
  11. This thread made me go out and see what other aircraft could do. This giant Airbus' take off made me wince.
  12. Dots à la unreasonable sound good to me. Still no good without a computer that'll run the game properly. :-(
  13. The book is okay but nothing amazing. I'd be keen to see any adaptation of a WW2 what-if though. "Fatherland" years ago was okay but pretty low budget.
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