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  1. Brief description: Irritating Sound when facing the engineDetailed description, conditions: Imagine a line going from the engine trough the pilot head towards the rudder/tail. Anytime your view (pilot head view) is aligned with this line (looking through front window or looking at tail), I hear a strange noise like a little extra engine running, but a lot less beefy and more like a sawing machine. If you turn your head 90° to any side (like looking over your wing) the irritating sound disappears. So far I think it is in a 45° cone from the aforementioned line between engine and tail. You turn more than 45° away from the engine, and the irritating sound is gone and you only hear the normal engine (as I was used to prior to the patch). You turn farther to look at your tail and the sound appears again. Please help, this makes playing single-engine planes almost impossible for me. A note: in the bf110E I do not have this phenomenon, maybe because it is a two engine plane. I have tested this with a couple of one-engine planes so far and will update my post, if I find a one-engine plane without this effect!
  2. Hello, one Ju-88 please for me! Looking forward to it! Cheers J.
  3. Greetings all, I enjoyed my first FNBF very much and want to give a big shoutout to BOO and Jarno for being very kind and displaying a great bunch of patience with me. A great mission and very nice company have made this a very memorable evening. I am very much looking forward to the next event. Best wishes J
  4. Hello, one Ju-88 please, if that is okey. Greetings J
  5. Hello folks, I have one question: are you happy with the current UI or are things that you'd like to be changed? For example, I would like to have only Techical Messages about anything I change, for example Radiator or Throttle. I would like them to be similar to RoF or Cliffs, where they represent little levers. I do not really like the notification "Engine damaged" or "Temperature too hot". They take away the need to actually check out what is happening with your plane and to discover certain hits on your plane yourself, like a blown off trim or such. Anyway, that was my input. What is yours? Cheers J
  6. While we are at it, where there any russian attempts in WW2 at a direct injection engine?
  7. War vor paar Wochen im Hangar10... sehr schön, sehr schön! Auf jeden Fall empfehlenswert!
  8. Jungs, warum funktionieren die belegten Tasten für Pilot Head left / right / up / down / etc nicht, wenn ich TrackIR 5 aktiviert, die Achsen dort jedoch ausgestellt habe und sie somit nicht über TiR bediene? Würde die Translationen gerne auf dem Warthog haben, 3 Freiheitsgrade reichen mir fürs erste... leider passiert dann aber nichts, wenn ich die Knöpfe drücke.
  9. I have only the community to thank for detailed guides and explanation on every plane. Given the rather small playerbase, this is outstanding. I am just bareley learning the ropes, throwing myself against the AI, but I get there and it is great. I was thinking of joining folks online, but maybe not quite yet, I still have lots to improve (aiming/landings). Anyway, I am enjoying this game a lot!
  10. I did not found such a option, but nevertheless thank you. I have reduced movement/inertia and stuff to 0 and the deadzone around my horizontal 0° is as good as gone. It is there if you look for it, but this will do!
  11. sorry for digging this up, but my looking around (either with mouse or track ir) has a kind of deadzone ALL THE WAY AROUND the horizontal 0° axis! It is sticky to the horizontal even if I am looking straight to the right, for example. It takes some serious headmovement to get it up from the middle, horizontal line and then it gets really responsive. I would like it to be that responsive (maybe a tad less around gun sight due to trackIR deadzone in trackIR software) everytime. Does anyone know, how this can be disabled? As I said, this happens no matter if trackIR or simply looking with the mouse (TIR disabled/turned off). You can imagine it as a sticky ring around you... left right is fine, just the vertikal is somewhat slowed down heavily for the first few degrees. Thanks for reading
  12. How dare you question glorious Stalinwood-plane!
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