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  1. Thank you for your continuing efforts Pat! Question: I just created a couple of missions (for GB's and FC) using the previous Revision. Will this create a problem if I fly them out and resolve using the new Revisions?
  2. Hello Elliot543...replaying your campaign. Currently on Mission #3. EXCELLENT...got my A-- handed to me...really fun and challenging...missions are LOOOOOONG. Love it!
  3. Thanks for all your hard work/efforts Patrick! Cheers!
  4. Hello Patrick, Saw an issue with 11.9.1 for FC: There were no buildings at all in major city(Lens). There were buildings in some other areas/villages.
  5. Yes that what I did alright...it was most unnerving to see Afrika Corps troops running around in Russia...LOL
  6. @Off_Winters I've noticed using this mod it turns ALL German troops/vehicles into Desert/Africa Corps colors. I was playing TC and in the Pokharovka map all the Germans were the wrong color scheme. How can one account for this? Does the new update address?
  7. That is awesome!!! Will certainly update the campaign tonight! Thanks for your hard work/efforts...
  8. Wow! That sounds great...looking forward to your future projects!
  9. Hello Elliot...just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I totally enjoyed your Campaign! Full of action/suspense and plenty of 'Oh $hit' moments. Have you created any more campaigns/missions? Again..thank you so much for the content!
  10. Thanks Very Much Rob! Have a Happy New Years!
  11. Hi Rob, Thank You very much for the information and the support. Do you happen to have the link handy so I can reinstall the current version? Cheers!
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