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  1. Hello Tankers! Is it me...or when you press <CTRL>+5 while in the Commander's position outside the turret nothing happens anymore?
  2. I've encountered this as well...is this a bug or an unknown "Cruise Control" feature?
  3. All works well now! Many Thanks Thad!!!
  4. Hello Sir, It seems since the new 4.501 Release...these do not work anymore. It just says 'Mission Description Loading' then when you press Accept...it just bounces you back to the Menu. Any Ideas/Fixes?
  5. Hello...Since the 4.501 update these don't seem to work anymore. You select a mission...then is says 'Description Loading' then hit 'Accept' then it goes back to the menu. Any Advice/Help??
  6. Same thing Boston USA...Loading screen some combat noises...loading bar...then the pinwheel freezes and DEAD.
  7. So I purchased today and it shows up on my module when I start the game...but zero content? No Maps/Aircrafts/Missions etc... Do I just have to wait now?
  8. Seems most dogfights devolve into basic turnfests...deflection shooting. Any way to improve?
  9. Had the Airbus controller for a few weeks. Works very well for Xplane and not too shabby for IL-2.
  10. OK...Thank You! I'm kinda a noob at TC so I'm learning as I go along.
  11. I tried the Mk5 Panther...The main gun reticle is yellow...is this correct?
  12. I"m not gonna go super huge on the resolution. Gonna stick with 1920x1080. OK...Sounds good i'm gonna go with this build/setup. Thanks and Cheers!
  13. Looking at a new PC build/rig. How will the game perform(looking at 60fps or better)... Stats: AMD Ryzen 7 3800x 3.9Ghz 8-Core Processor Asus TUF B450-Plus Gaming ATX AM4 Motherboard Kingston HyperX Fury RGP 16GB(2x8Gb) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory EVGA GeForce RTS 2060 6GB KO Ultra Gaming Video Card Would this give me the Performance/Quality I seek?
  14. Giving the Thrustmaster Airbus stick a serious look-see. Anybody have it yet?
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