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  1. Hi Pat, What is the setting in the CM so mission can start in-air rather than on the runway?
  2. Hi Patrick, Hate to pee in your pool...but are there going to be any medal descriptions(like in FC) to be added to the medal page? Medals look good...and so does the uniform...but there is nothing indicating what the medal/award is.
  3. The C-47 AI is all bollocks up. I didn't attack just flew by them a few times and its like they panic...2 collided and 2 more tried to pull high G turns and plowed into the forest.
  4. I've seen the phenomenon happen in both Quick Missions and in Campaign Generator Missions.
  5. Don't laugh...but I really like tooling around in the Ishak I-16. I find the low-altitude performance very good!
  6. Just curious...does anybody see odd things from time to time? This AM I saw a Me-110 at low altitude...nobody attacking it...pull up and hammerheaded straight down and plowed into the ground. Entertaining I must say!
  7. Will that is truly good news! A little eye-candy isn't a bad thing... I'll keep an eye on your page for new revisions to drop.
  8. The issue that you had was due to missing vehicle names in FC. The fix will be in the next release. Thanks Pat, So should I hold off on my Campaign until you drop a new update?
  9. Hello Pat, Here is the Error Report you requested. I THINK the issue was that I terminated in mid-mission BEFORE landing safely at my base. I'm not sure if that would be a criteria for the error...but it's your program and you're the expert! Let me know what the scoop is! Thank You so much for your help! I'm gonna send some $$$ your way for your fine work and assistance! Best. PWCGErrorLog.txt Sorry Pat... Here is the .zip file... Best. The Blue Max202011111011259.zip TheSNAFU's problems sound oddly like my issue.
  10. Does it make a difference if you start the game with the desktop shortcut or through the STEAM app?
  11. Hey Pat! I have an Error Log(unfortunately) to post...where do I post it? Gave me an error message when I tried to claim 3 Sopwiths I shot down. Pls Advise, Thanks!
  12. Thanks a lot Pat for all your hard work! I'm thankful for the backwards compatibility. I wouldn't want poor Bruno Stachel to have to start over again in his Blue Max Flying Circus campaign! Fly High and Straight and Land Soft!
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