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  1. P-40 is amazing at first maps on TAW server. I strongly recommend trying it.
  2. 😆 So much drama for obvious bug 😂 https://www.myinstants.com/instant/daddy-chill-75822/
  3. Can't tell anything about it, since I was not involved at all with this. I will pass the question to the guys.
  4. Yeaah, with K-4 it's more complicated. DB and DC engine is the same engine. The difference is B4 fuel with MW-50 was designated DB and C-3 fuel with MW-50 was designated DC. And IIRC there is no proof that DC wasn't used, but there is no proof that it was used either. But, we know in what state Third Reich fuel economy was in the late war. So personally, I agree with you. At the same time, this is kinda reflected in TAW since DC engine is limited by depot damage. Maybe depot damage should be more impactful at this modification.
  5. IIRC 150-grade fuel for P-47 attacker is locked because it wasn't used by the 9th Air Force.
  6. I was into WWII since I've was able to read (I'm from Poland, my family from both sides was heavy.. "influenced" by WWII, so a lot of stories, a lot of books about it), but whole WWII, not just aviation. I tried model kits as a kid, but I hated it. My fascination with WWII aviation started in 2012 with my friends playing a new game (War Thunder). I was at first skeptical, but after a while, I give it a go, and I fell in love with flying. It was mad, I've stopped playing other games. I was only flying for a few years straight. After a while I tried the Cliffs of Dover and started flying there,
  7. 2. Spit wasn't hit anywhere for 7 seconds, and then he was hit in the left wingtip, and after that whole left-wing (which is fine for me) AND fuselage changed to "damaged" status (which is very odd since fuselage wasn't hit at all). Hits were from behind, so there is no way that this round could go through the wing to the fuselage. 3. Well, if it's typical online lag their net code sucks, since every tracer smoke from cannons, after a 2s leaves that strange smokie-sharp-degree-changes.
  8. I don't know.. I have negative feelings about this. WTF is that? Is he breaking a sound barrier? 😄 Spit is hit at the end of wing.. And 5 frames later damage occurs on a whole wing and.. fuselage!? And what's up with these tracers?
  9. The blue team just need more suiciders. And grow their streaks in being dead.
  10. Maybe someday you will understand that YOUR rules didn't mean that they are good rules. And yes, it's beyond me how you want this rule to be changed and doing the same thing. Besides, I'm just flying here, I'm not an admin, I'm not making rules. I'm suspicious that they even don't like me because I've never opened fire on a chute.😂
  11. My sincere condolences to his family. I'm still using his skins. May he rest in peace.
  12. Hmm..? Can I secretly switch side to fly Hurricane?
  13. Yes, I fully agree. I'm just pointing out where the number probably came from.
  14. Next TAW in Desert Wings Tobruk confirmed!?
  15. 57mm for Mossie?! 🤩 Next Great Battles module confirmed! Battle of the Atlantic 😄
  16. New link - https://we.tl/t-SZrxJ1ttid
  17. @=FB=VikS Any update on this problem? Are tracks still needed?
  18. I've heard once that if you like to want to make YT videos, you should make videos that you would like to watch. So I made it.
  19. Łap nas na TeamSpeak - Adres: taw-server.de:9988 Hasło: taw1942
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