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  1. So far, my favorite is Cyrk Skalskiego (English: Skalski's Circus) aka The Polish Fighting Team. PFT was a Polish unit that fought with the British Commonwealth Desert Air Force in the North African Campaign of World War II, in 1943. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish_Fighting_Team But I think there is no English translation What I've found is this - https://polska.pl/history/history-poland/biography-polish-fighter-ace-published-uk/ I recommend you to read about Stanisław Skalski on Wiki. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanisław_Skalski or here https://www.kenleyrevival.org/content/history/faces-of-kenley/stanislaw-skalski-best-polish-pilot-battle-britain I would love to get a Yak-1B or Ju-52 as a second choice. I will go with number #13.
  2. I'm just playing your stupid game. Of course, sometimes the server is empty or half full. I'm glad you saw how bad is your argument, too bad it happened when someone else uses it. The most important time zone for this server is the EU and RU. And in the EU/RU evening, the server is full.
  3. Mini Focke? You mean 109 with gunpods? That was beautiful and naked 109, no gunpods.
  4. That was a wild flight. I've spotted huge formation heading West from Kalinin, 5 Pe-2s and 1 MiG in cover, reported them for the rest of the team. While getting closer I've spotted more MiGs east from Pe-2s, but turning away, so I attacked one MiG over the bomber formation. Fighter went down quickly, so I dove to Peshkas, scoring very good hits in the first pass, sawing one Pe-2 in half. After that, I was looking for more fighter cover, but there wasn't any. So I started harassing the rest, to mark them with fuel, water or oil leaks. With success. Some of them dropped their bombs, and head back east with damage or very little damage. The last one was still very high and heading west. I've built my altitude again while chasing him. We've ended in the far north-west part of the map, close to the border. I've scored a few hits on him, he started a deep dive and I followed. Scoring few more hits, then everything went black. Scoring few more hits, then everything went black. I was wounded and passed out. After a few very long seconds I woke up, but my vision was blurry and red. I turned my head to check where is that Pe-2 and he was on my six firing at me. Fortunately, he didn't hit me, but I was so wounded that I barely can steer the aircraft. I've gained a distance between me and the bomber and started looking for landmarks so I can try to land. Wounded, leaking fuel and water I've found the airfield. A glance at speed, gear out, trim tail heavy, trying to land. Then I can see AA firing. No way, I will get killed while landing after all of that? Pe-2 dropped bombs on the airfield from a dive. Lucky me, he didn't spot me on his way out. I barely landed. A sigh of relief. Then, I can hear the growing sound of an engine from my right side. I've looked that way and I'm seeing a 109 going full throttle right at me. No fucking way.. after all of that, I will die on airfield from a crash accident? Quick, lights on, maybe flare in the air! That was my thought, but while doing that I looked again at him and I knew that's too late. No, no, no! ...and in the last second, he pulled his stick hard and he was in the air, passing me without touching my aircraft. 😂 That was a 90km chase and fight. Most important, they didn't drop the bombs on a depot. One MiG down, three Pe-2s down (I didn't get credit for one because of a bug), two Pe-2s damaged with their bombs dropped in forest (they landed safely on their airfields). Can I get a medal? And a good french barrel of wine for 109 pilot that avoid me. PS. To my "enemies" that were involved in this flight. I have respect for you. Today I was victorious, tomorrow you will be. We don't need anger and hate. Salute.
  5. When your life counter drops to 0 you will be banned from the server for 20 hours.
  6. Only new games? Meh. So we all voting on IL-2 for "Labor of Love" right?
  7. I love both, P-51 and P-47, but I'm worried about poor visibility in razorbacks versions. I hope we will get Malcolm Hood. EDIT: Oh, yes, I should add "Malcolm Hood as modification".
  8. You don't get my point. It's late and I don't want waste too much time for this, so no fancy sentences in proper english. In theory, yes. Practice? You are barely faster and in 5mins you are too late to attack Pe2 before bomb drop. Or after drop, you are chasing enemy deep in enemy territory. Or you have enemy fighters on you. If you put yourself ahead, attack from head on, gain again distance ahead of him, attack, repeat one more time, you are deep in enemy territory, over his strongpoint or airfield. I did a lot of head on passes in this campaing against Pe-2. It's not working that well. Closing speed is very high, litle window to aim and open fire and if you score hits it's often not enough. And of course sometimes after passing bomber on head-on with 600km/h, while he is doing around 400km/h, gunner scores a hit 🤨 My point is. Yes, in theory your advice is good, but in practice, right now on TAW, not really. Frontline targets and airfields are too close together. Often there is no time for patience. Following your advice is leading to not attacking bombers at all, since you have no speed and time to put yourself ahead and attack from bomber 1/11. But generaly I think people are getting to close to bombers. I've seen in my replays a lot of flying behind bomber and firing from 200m and closer. But again, easy to say, open fire from 500m and break off at 300m, harder to apply and scoring hits. But possible.
  9. Yes, in theory, properly attacking Pe-2 is easy, but in reality, it is more complicated. Patience means time, and in our virtual war scenario, you often don't have time to properly attack. It's even more difficult in the first maps since E-7 and F-2 are not much faster the Pe-2.
  10. In my opinion very accurate AI. I've seen the same maneuvers playing online with human pilots.
  11. I've tried a lot of things, nothing worked perfectly. What kinda works was setting Vsnc ON, closing FPS (matching my monitor Hz) and setting triple buffering in Nvida settings. It was better than before, but stutters still occurred. What fixed stutters for me was turning on SSAO 🤨
  12. Dell 21.5" 1920x1080, 60hz, graphics setting on Ultra, no problems with spotting.
  13. I had a similar error and a cause was audio software. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/42964-i-cant-play-anymore/?do=findComment&comment=819930
  14. Found the fix for my issue. I've got USB headphones, and they were using their audio software (and I was playing IL-2 using them for 1 year). When I changed them for headphones using different software, IL-2 is working again. 🙃 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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