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  1. Łap nas na TeamSpeak - Adres: taw-server.de:9988 Hasło: taw1942
  2. Exactly this, but I'm playing with almost max graphics settings.
  3. Sometimes I'm able to spot planes at the base but not recognize what kind of planes are they since they appear only as white small dots. And it's hard to tell which direction they are flying or which exactly sector it is.
  4. Aren't mods disabled on the server? Besides, I don't have Migoto mod or any other mods and sometimes I can see white dots 60km from me, but when they got closer they change to black dots and can't see them anymore. Generally speaking, it depends on the light.
  5. When you are banned, and 10 min after mission start, the opposite team has players number advantage, you can still fly. It's a kind of balance for known players number problem.
  6. I think Kathon didn't know what's up with ACG, I hope that ItsDrifter will be unbanned and ACG will be treated in a different way.
  7. I think it's obvious to at least write a time where a plane appears out from nowhere. And I'm sure my message with tracks was read by them since they answered back to me.
  8. It is the case. I've got it recorded and I've sent replays to devs. Quote from Jason's post. (...) but they are rarely sent to us and when they are, what and where we should look is also rarely explained (...) I'm disappointed. People are first to whine about bugs and throwing stones at devs, but when it comes to helping devs and basically every player, there is none to help.
  9. On the blog page, there isn't news about week 3, so I assume that it's underway. EDIT: Forgot to add, a discount is not working for me either.
  10. I've made a new video. I hope you enjoy it.
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