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  1. =LG=Mad_Mikhael

    Airplane FM after being damaged.

    Just for laugh. MG 151/20 spits 11 rounds per second, so your 3 seconds burst is 33 rounds. It's close to those 45, just 1 second longer burst 😄 Being serious, II./JG77_motoadve is right.
  2. =LG=Mad_Mikhael

    Tactical Air War

    You detracked those PzIII in both videos, so the effect is basically the same. In addition, in 1st video, you are attacking in almost exactly 90 degrees, and in the 2nd video, you are attacking from 45 degrees which makes sloped armor. Besides..
  3. =LG=Mad_Mikhael

    Does il2 bos have THE best damage model?

    Question is, what is a single burst? MG 151/20 spits 11 rounds per second, so single burst may as well be 1 or 22 rounds or even more. Just a thought.
  4. =LG=Mad_Mikhael

    Tactical Air War

    No, still two more maps to fly.
  5. =LG=Mad_Mikhael

    Tactical Air War

    Planes carry over to new maps but in this situation, Kuban map didn't load properly and after fixing by Kathon, planes were reset.
  6. =LG=Mad_Mikhael

    Developer asking feedback on damage model on russian forum

    You can. Even to the point, where you barely control aircraft (your movements are slowed down) or can't control at all or even can't bail out.
  7. =LG=Mad_Mikhael

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    TAW action. He strafed Russian airfield, killing Yak pilot, doing that, he hit the ground with a propeller. After that, he went full kamikaze and crash into AA.
  8. =LG=Mad_Mikhael

    Russian Pilot rotation

    Rotation at Eastern Front last 6 years, from 1939 to 1945. More serious I think there was no rotation at all in all army branches, never read or heard about that at Eastern Front.
  9. =LG=Mad_Mikhael

    Tactical Air War

    I hate those skins, they are terrible 🤢 I just needed to say that.
  10. =LG=Mad_Mikhael

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Some TAW action. Notice a pilot near the tail on the first screenshot 😅
  11. =LG=Mad_Mikhael

    Tactical Air War

    He was destroyed by AA earlier - http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=65267&name=LLv24_Humu
  12. =LG=Mad_Mikhael

    Tactical Air War

    What? Did you come back with bombs from bombing mission?
  13. =LG=Mad_Mikhael

    Tactical Air War

    German bias 😄 Be aware of 109 disguised as Stuka.
  14. =LG=Mad_Mikhael

    I moved to Poland

    Not me, but I'm from a town called Jelenia Góra - Deer Mountain and that meme is great
  15. =LG=Mad_Mikhael

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here