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  1. I'll play bf1 ... Alonzo chains the maps of Kuban? No more bridges!
  2. I'm sorry, but a map worse than another to fly, please review this, where is the maps of Kuban, is horrible especially that map of the bridge, huge I gave up. A Bridge Too Far one of the worst maps i ever saw in BOS
  3. the problem is not the fps, here hangs at 60, but still stutters, unfortunately ...
  4. FPS stays at 60, but micro freezes continue, not a hardware issue, my computer runs BF1 in ultra quality at 60 fps locked in full HD effortlessly.
  5. Well I think the developers must be hurting right now, trying a solution, the game is beautiful, but it has to be well optimized to not lose credibility.
  6. a good improvement with these settings on the nvidia panel why don't they test themselves?
  7. if it passes in front of me, bad luck dies!
  8. the developers have to solve it URGENT !! It's giving players a headache! please solve it !!
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