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  1. legendary machines, great news, we on the German side expect something too!
  2. You said the correct, I also think there is something wrong, but I believe it will be resolved, because this degrading, instead of getting more optimized, somehow got bad.
  3. let's not fight here guys let's look for solutions please
  4. something is wrong everyone felt this considerable drop in FPS, we have to ask the developers for urgent help instead of giving us a promising answer, they ignore us ...
  5. I already tried everything, I am installing the game again to see the results, 3 days to complete because it is only 200kb / s sad ...
  6. Hello Jason, thank you for your attention, unfortunately I have tried all the options, my computer is an i7 3370k, 16 ram and a GTX970, before this major update the game runs almost fully at full 60fps, now after the update I see no fall of frames, but very micro freezes especially when moving the head, this bothers a lot, and gets worse flying online hopefully the team will resolve as soon as possible. Salute from Brazil.
  7. very stutters after up date in MP.I already tried everything please devs work in this part, it's not just me that I'm reporting this
  8. Is it possible to merge my non steam account with the steam account? how I do?
  9. stuters !!! oh no to be continued I will reinstall the game to see ....
  10. How to check the game files is not being done by STEAM, but by the site?
  11. now it is playable for me, my pc i7 3770k 16ram and one gtx970 4gb
  12. SOLVED PROBLEM Hello friends, I managed to finish with the STUTTERS, lowering the graphics, I believe that after this new update something changed and the game became heavy.
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