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  1. @JimTM Suggestion for next year How about having the C-shaped aircraft pens be spawn sites for folks that want to do Event Recordings? This has some nice properties: e.g., (i) that the player external camera location is fixed at a good spot for viewing; (ii) that it's clear that an aircraft spawned in a pen is doing photography/videography and not part of any flight and (iii) that participants plane in a pen is not going to be in any flier's way. Just a thought from someone who hung around to spectate after flying.
  2. I just encountered a strange "teleporting" bug on playback of flight records following the 4.601 upgrade. I am reminded of Nightcrawler from X-Men 🙂 I am in player external camera view with the enemy padlocked. I've uploaded a short minute-long video that shows the problem at 32s, 38s, 50s and 53s. That short video may be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mPAYDalakJDz8rguyPIGDOVy-_BRBFaz/view?usp=sharing If devs need access to the track files, i can make them available too. My guess at what's happening is that, in game, at those times listed above, I am switching fro
  3. Fellow newcomer here. The only way i know to switch to the desktop is to start some other windows program (say, Firefox) *before* you start IL-2. After IL-2 is started, to get to the desktop I use Alt+Tab to switch to my first program and follow that with Windows+D to get to the desktop.
  4. I think I am able to reproduce the see-through effect i came across while just starting out in IL-2: with the camera in the player's cockpit (F1), switch to free camera view (F11). Works in all four planes I tried. In a Bf 109F-4 you can then turn the pilot head to look backwards and just see the tailwheel through the wheel well. Pretty cool feature! 🙂
  5. Think i have seen what you are describing on two or three occasions in the June time frame, but not recently. I was in a Fw 190A-8. My impression was the game had gotten into a bad state--i.e., it seemed to occur after having run a number of missions as opposed to having started the game fresh.
  6. Another novice gotcha is that you may need engine power. I was wondering why my adjustable stabilizer key bindings weren't working (looking back at them from the cockpit, on the ground) until i realized that my engine needed to be running. Doh!
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