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  1. LAL_Trinkof

    SLOW MOTION VOL.5 LAGG 23MM : IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad

    You just have the answer to your question ! This subject is a debate since day one of the game and several case (I won't do your job and find the necrology of the posts) have proven that the main problem with with disparity of ingame guns is mainly due to he ONLINE factor Try to reproduce the same thing in solo vs Ai and you'll see. Latency, sync problems favor a lot high muzzle velocity weapon and the 23mm even more, due to the conjonction of high velocity and High explosive ammo Problem never came from modelization but from server related problems. Main complaints about mg 151 vs Shvak or Yva can be dismissed once you try the guns in solo. Mg 151 is a devastating weapon, but having a lower velocity, it the most disadvantaged by ping issues. The more time the bullet take to reach target, especially at high speed or angle, the more, the few miliseconds of difference between players will matter. What your video shows is what Happened ON THE COMPUTER of the person recording … different thing that what happened on the other guy computer, different thing on server side. How many time have you seen in online game the "Puffs and explosion" of your shells without any significant impact on your target ? I guess a lot like many of us for the past 4 years. Do not blame BIAS or developing team. Server used by all of the "main stream" online campaign are just not enough, but no one can blame them for this regarding the costs of such hardware, not mentioning DSserver software issues. NOTE: you have the same kind of problems on most of FPS games, some of them solving the issue with "prediction algorithms", but like the first titanfall (I read an interesting article about this specific subject) the frequency of refreshment of servers is the major issue, and only Mainstream game like battlefield (and other famous licenses) with dedicated server supported by developer can have sufficient hardware to avoid that kind of problems, while not having to deal with the complex physic of a flight simulator. Keep faith, We can hope in the near future, with the expansion of the license and player base, Online Servers will improve. S!
  2. LAL_Trinkof

    PWCG Bug Reports

    Still having a blast in the campaign. Immersion is AWESOME. Any mission seems to be to the level of immersion of a handcrafter scripted one, I would really like to thank you Pat for the amazing work you did. I would never play standard career after experiencing PWCG . We also tried coop with my squad and it seems more than promising. Small Bug report : (I am playing Schg 1 ) Overall : Performance : you already know this I guess, By playing with advanced config (10 enemy plane, 8 allies, ground activity low, AA spacing 600m, and random ground unit to 1) I manage to have good performance with good amount of ground action [I7 4790k 4Gz, Gtx 970, 12Gb Ram, and SSD] Attack airfield : not much object on airfields, and AI teamates do not attack anything and just circle around Attack road facilities and transport : Never saw transport or facilities, and AI circle without doing anyhting Some objective like train station or airfield (with AA MG on airfield on 1 ) , seems very ligtly defended in ground attack mission. AA 10 time do not seem to increase heavy AA, I I feel heavy flak is a little bit missing, would love to see more Possible to have ground units firing color flare like in standard campaign for spoting and immersion reason ? Possible to add scramble mission to Jabo units (Schg 1 ?) Same question with recon mission ? Possible to add anti shipping mission on river on Stalingrad or Moscow (I guess this is hard to do regarding placement, but would be a plus !) More critical : Possible to make Mission flying path in black instead of white on the ingame campaign ? it is sometime hard to read the map Moscow: I did not played it much Moscow, P40 squad during autumn still have withe camo. Kuban : (Schg1 in A5) Artillery sometime spawn in the sea Ship lack AA, maybe mixing types for immersion ? Novorroski : some port structure are in the sea, and part of the docks seems missing I had in the north western field a lot of smoke column 500 or more meters above the ground (might have been fixed I did not explored this area again since 3.5 I will continue to post report if it helps, S!
  3. LAL_Trinkof

    Looking for a Lagg-3 ground attack career

    Or do a career with pat Wilson campaign , and you can modify the type of mission of your squadron ! S!
  4. LAL_Trinkof

    PWCG Bug Reports

    It happens in german campaign over kuban starting in may 1943. No problem with other setup. You can outurn the error by starting a campaign in April or march I do not remember, and ask for a leave after. It only allow to create the campaign. The same error come after when you try to generate a mission after the specific date ! I hope it helps ! S!
  5. LAL_Trinkof

    PWCG Bug Reports

    New bug report, I cannot create a career in 4.1 , message report "no plane found for in range archtype i16" + report log ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edit : smal non game breaking bug in the previous version some smoke column are not on the ground but pop in the air ! S! PWCGErrorLog.txt
  6. I also feel that AI is different in PW. Much better, not at flying, but the way it acts. I suspect AI fighter have a flight plan and are not triggered by the player. I have not been chased in PW by 5 enemies low, some of them damaged until my home airfield .... and that is very annoying and immersion breaking in standard career. S!
  7. LAL_Trinkof

    PWCG Bug Reports

    Hi ! Playing german in a FW A5 campaign over Kuban in Schg 1 , I struggle to apply the U17 mod to allie planes. Anytime I tick the box U17 (+ another bomb or not) , my flight appear with no bombs. Is there a combination that works ? Or is it a Bug ? Thank you for your work ! S!
  8. LAL_Trinkof

    Mission Accomplished: Captured?

    Happened to me also on a 20h + campaign... I bailed, mission failed, but no mention of capture in the report... I clicked exit, to learn my campaign was over, with no way of changing it.... so sad.... A fix would be welcome
  9. LAL_Trinkof

    Does anyone else now have extreme microstutter? (Solved)

    I found a solution, with nvidia cards : With 970 at least Disable in game vsync and use nvidia control panel vsync setting it on «fast» I lost 15 fps on my counter on kuban (I never had problems on other Maps).... but stutters disappeared completly , and it felt like I won tons of fps, WITHOUT LOWERING OVERHAUL QUALITY ! It works better than any other trick, after 6 hours of testing ! 😊 S!
  10. LAL_Trinkof

    Thank you Mr. Wilson for PWCG.

    you can also take the mission from the new career, and convert them for a coop play !
  11. LAL_Trinkof

    The New Career - Wow!

    Yeah, my 190 campaign is also ruined by the poor AI, my other one in yak is much better, AI handle the plane much better
  12. LAL_Trinkof

    Video and sound settings

    Brief description: A20 planes disappearing at some distance when zooming out (LOD problem ?) Detailed description, conditions: Campaign play, AI A20 disappearing from screen when in more than 1-2km distance. Still appearing when fully zoomed IN, occasionally disappearing on neutral zoom, disappearing a lot (but not all, some of them only) when zoomed OUT Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): 0 Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software) Win 1à 12 gig RAM, GTX 970, I7 4790K ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brief description: Ju87 AI in campaign not dropping bomb Detailed description, conditions: Campaign play, AI Ju87, player playing as an escort. Only the Ju87 flight leader is dropping bomb when reaching target, only one explosion on ground and the bomber flight come home Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): 0 Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software) Win 1à 12 gig RAM, GTX 970, I7 4790K
  13. LAL_Trinkof

    Dive Speeds

    Let's just remember, that in real life Soviet aircrafts were poorly built .... not poorly designed, with some production a.c. being 40km.h slower than the prototype.... with huge differences between aircrafts from the same factory sometime ! So I guess, IRL Soviets pilots were more cautious.... What we have in BOS are the ideal plane of each type, with optimal performance, regardless of quality of contruction, and they have very few in common with aircraft on the frontline. So you should stop comparing "IRL, real pilots said .... " it is a non sense. Real units Yaks probably risked to disintegrate over 650 km/h , I guess developer have data about prototypes or pre production plane showing they could dive better... and this is the planes modeled in game....
  14. LAL_Trinkof

    Bonne année 2018

    Bonne année à tous (et à toutes ) !
  15. LAL_Trinkof

    Merry Christmas Everyone and Happy New Year!

    Happy new year everyone ! S!