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  1. Sorry, looks like something is wrong with sound on your video. Please check sound settings. Spitfire should sound like this:
  2. Yes, it is. You can only adjust the common level of all sounds ingame. Maybe one day we will add this feature to the options. As I see some ask us about it, and I know that Jason very like this solution. Although I personally prefer to keep the balance of sound the same for all players (continuing to work to improve). I think that any 'sliders' here will destroy the immersion and will lead to cheats. But maybe I'm wrong.
  3. Thanks, Billy! Unfortunately we don't have any difference of engine sound on the parking area with opened or closed cockpit in the sim, and we didn't have this difference before. I very hope we will improve this in the future. So, don't spend time to test it, this is known issue for us. As well as a wrong difference between outside and inside (with open cockpit) engine sound on the parking. It's hard to improve as far as I know. But we're keeping hope. Moreover, there are unique engine sounds for each aircraft / engine model, but for the wind there is only one (same) sound. This is anothe
  4. I hope you've got the point that I made this test at 250 kts = 460 kph? Most likely this is the maximum airspeed that you may experience in the US taking the ride. If you perform this test at usual airspeed which is about 150 kts, the balance of sounds will be on the engine side for sure (both in reality and in the game). UPD: Btw, Stampe biplane has only ~100 kts maximum speed, and usually flies at 70-80 kts in normal operations. It is about 1/3 of 250 kts, and only ~10% of its ram air power: (75/250)^2 = 0.09. If you find that wind noise inside the closed Mustang
  5. Well, please check with more attention the interval from 0:20 to 0:30 on your video. Unfortunately we can not see the airspeed indicator at that moment, but obviously the airspeed was increased and engine sound was like 'hideded' by air noise. But when the airspeed decreases the engine sounds louder again. This is exactly what we made, didn't we?
  6. Hi! Thank you for your feedback! I did not expect the airspeed more than 250 kts because of 14 CFR therefore I made a quick test at this speed (which is 460 km/h). Please watch this video and say what do you think. Thank you!
  7. A couple of questions: 1) Why do you think so? Do you have your own experience on those WW2 birds? 2) Did you try to switch off the engine in the game, to compare sound levels? If didn't - just try this. Any comments are appreciated.
  8. We try to make this sim as close to reality as we can. To give you a feeling of real flight and what the air war was. The sound environment is a big thing. It makes difference. These changes of sound were initiated by me almost accidentally. We didn't plan them. So you can blame me for this. But as a real pilot I would like to have the ram air noise informative. I would like to have the feeling of airspeed, and I would like to give this feeling to you. I personally would like to have this noise even more informative (which means louder at high speed), but we understand our limits and th
  9. Ok, got it. Maybe we will make this correction you're asking for. Right after we reduce a force of gravity, just because it pulls airplanes down too much and this is obviously very annoying. But no joke, wind has a huge power at high speed. And trust me, air is a REAL THING at speed any higher than 200 - 300 km/h, especially as much as 500 - 600 km/h. It produses a very, VERY loud sound. Much louder than we have in the game.
  10. Zhenya is my wife, she is a very experienced hang-glider top-pilot, a holder of PPL and CFI-S. You can read her blog here: https://zhenya.blog/search or follow her on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/zhenya.laritskaya/ Zaharych is our very good friend, he is also a Dragonfly pilot.
  11. Actually about 60k with engine in the US. However, as I noticed, the initial question: "why it is so expensive? This is only a few tubes and linen thing?" is switched after the first ride to other question: "where can I get money..." Maybe one day... who knows ))
  12. LOL guys, your comments make me smile! I'm glad you enjoy this video! By the way, I added subtitles there, so now you can read and understand (sorry i didn't expect this video to go any viral). Yeees, as Jason has said I really LOVE this airplane. I have flown 19 different makes and models of airplanes and definitely this is my favorite one (a hang glider is a different story of pure love). I know, this LSA looks a bit weird... but I assure you it's very strong and maneuverable! An open cockpit is so much fun when you fly around bushes, wearing flip-flops at hot s
  13. A pilot takes his hands off the controls when he gets LOC.
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