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  1. He was not a RED BULL air race champion. He performed an aerobatic flight on that video, not a race. Please read the comments, not just watch the video.
  2. Thanks! I have re-read it again. My only question is: when Whinnery and Forster made this curve based on the Acceleration Onset Rate - what were highest Gs on the studied events of LOC? I'm asking because I can not imagine 9 seconds till G-LOC at 15G, 20G, 30G... Is this document in public somewhere?.. Thanks in advance! UPD Ops, now here is the third chart. Thanks again, I got the answer. UPD 2: The next question is: what points on this chart are with anti-g-suit, AGSM, and what are for relaxed individuals?
  3. One more good source is here: Any thoughts how this data corresponds to this chart?
  4. I guess you know that this group of Red Bull pilots is significantly more resistant to high Gs than average (even aerobatic) pilots? And by the way, they use anti-g suits.
  5. Yep, I have read about actually jerking. You can do this, lets say, just from -2G to +3G and in this case your eye and ear will be fine.
  6. They actually did (some users posted quotes from books to the forum). The real reason for me personally why I don't like to do this in RL - this is pretty unpleasant. Very unpleasant. But still possible. I guess if the choice is: to jerk or to die - I would prefer to jerk.
  7. Hi guys, many of you have mentioned that you want a pilot that is less resistant to negative Gs. This is how the current G-model works on your computers: My question is: are you really sure we need to reduce these numbers? Or maybe you want to get more noticeable pull-push effects? (like: quicker motion sickness and reduced G+ resistance after G-) Just quick answer, please: Yes, these numbers are too long / No, just work on push-pull issue.
  8. Maybe... We are talking about a well trained pilot, aren't we? )) Unfortunately I never found any researches about the dynamics of the motion sickness. Thus, in this matter I based on my own feeling and experience. Perhaps I have overestimated myself. Will check it again any soon. Hey, buddy, c'mon! Your words might cause a hurricane here... )) Please, not in this thread! )) Only a gun has been attached to the monitor can fix this issue. Therefore... yep, that's right, let's just play a game, guys
  9. You have posted a video that made an year before the G-model was changed, including the addition of the motion sickness effect. Make some new please.
  10. Agree. That's why I have been asked to read this thread before we will make any conclusion on subject. Don't worry.
  11. Not exactly. Yes, I based on the well known chart with 5.0-5.4 G as a midrange, but I have increased this limit up to 6.5 G in the game taking into account AGSM.
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