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  1. AnPetrovich

    Fokker D.VII bug (present in RoF, too)

    My 5 cents are here: ____________________ Yes, for sure, there is always a chance...
  2. AnPetrovich

    Fokker D.VII bug (present in RoF, too)

    Hi! there was the answer: S!
  3. AnPetrovich

    Developer Diary 217 - Discussion

    We know ) UPD: However I must say - please, don't expect from us a high-detailed level of fuel systems for all airplanes, like a "professional simulator of cockpit procedures". We are going to develop just some really important features, that could increase the interest in the gameplay, nothing more.
  4. AnPetrovich

    Developer Diary 217 - Discussion

    We have a plan to improve the fuel system for this year.
  5. AnPetrovich

    Developer Diary

    217 Salute, comrade pilots! For some time, we have not covered the work being done in our aviation workshop, giving the news platform to armored vehicle enthusiasts. But today it is time to return to the planes. And I will tell you what our engineering team is working on now. At this time our software engineers are simultaneously developing three legendary airplanes: the P-51D Mustang, the Fw-190 D-9 Dora and the Me-262 Schwalbe, which is the first jet airplane in the "IL-2: Great Battles" series. Undoubtedly, all these airplanes stand out from the rest of the plane-set in terms of their excellent speed characteristics. And as usual making a virtual copy of a new airplane to our stable brings new challenges and tasks we must perform. For example, the Me-262 is the first aircraft in our project with a swept wing. It would seem that the difference is not very big, but this circumstance required us to refine the aerodynamics calculation technology. The result of this work will be more accurate characteristics of the stability and controllability of the airplane in lateral movement, which sweep has a significant impact. Daniel has already mentioned about a turbojet engine in the previous diaries, and now work on the Jumo-004B model is in full swing. A dynamic model of the turbo-compressor was assembled, and now work is underway on the engine's thrust, heat and fuel-flow characteristics. Virtually each of the above airplanes required us to make improvements in the models of units and on-board equipment. For example, this is a powerful developed wing mechanization, including slats across the whole wingspan of the Schwalbe, a new gunsight that the Dora and the Schwalbe will receive - they will be the first German airplanes in our project with a gyro gunsight. There is also an automated control of radiators and superchargers on the Mustang. I should note that the P-51D and Me-262 have a sensitive center of gravity when heavily loaded with fuel and ordinance. For example, the Mustang had such a small reserve of longitudinal stability with full fuel tanks that the pilot flight manual instructed pilots to avoid aerobatics with full fuel tanks because of the risk of stall and spin. This quirk of the P-51D will be present in our simulator. In addition, two new biplanes for the Flying Circus project have entered the “factory testing” stage. These are the legendary Fokker D7 and Sopwith Dolphin, whose 3D models were revamped by our partner Ugra-Media. This stage involves a large number of in-game tests that we perform before giving the airplanes to beta testers. And for such tests, we use special developer tools that allow us to quickly check various animations, visualization of damage models, operation of instruments and visual effects, such as smoke, fires, dust from under the wheels and others. Today I would like to show you a short video with one of these tests. In this video you can see an in-game test (conducted at a special test base on a distant secret island) where the animation of the landing gear damage was checked. I recorded this video in the fall while working on the implementation of the Sopwith Camel to our project. Often, working on "serious games" we forget that our work is also fun. In this video I just wanted to have some fun with my colleagues, to cheer them up after a period of hard work. So today, my colleagues and I decided that maybe it is a good idea to share this video to you. If it evokes a smile on your face - well, then I recorded it not in vain. If you like it, it may possible that we will show you some more in-game tests that our very serious engineers do: And finally, since we have touched on our Flying Circus project, we would like to show you a series of screenshots from the Arras map which our partners at Ugra-Media are actively working on. In these screenshots you can see the step forward in visualization of the map compared to our previous Great War simulation. Plus, here are the first in-game screenshots of the re-furbished Sopwith Dolphin and Fokker D.VII cockpits which are coming soon: Fly for fun! You can discuss the news in this thread
  6. Full news - here is a full text and visual materials
  7. AnPetrovich

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!

    Merry Christmas! Fly safe, have fun!
  8. Actually not the first. Anyway have fun, fly safe!
  9. You forgot to draw balalaika and I don't see any bear in the forest... oh, may be it's in the 1st cockpit?
  10. You know, this guy is Russian... And Russians never smile! ))) hahaha
  11. I've posted the same poll here. Sorry guys, my Russian is numerous better than English, and it's a bit hard for me to keep the communication here at the same level.
  12. Hi guys! The question means exactly what it means: which DM do you like? This poll doesn't mean that we gonna tweak something in DM according to any reaction, but we just want to know, what our community thinks and what kind of gameplay you like more. Please, make your chose
  13. It's "automatic" and depends on oxygen availability.
  14. The key words here are: "when damaged". This point refers to "how fragile the wings are after they are already broken"
  15. Yes, and thank you for this! I'm sure that any correction of flight characteristics should be based on conscious actions, but not on bugs, shouldn’t it? I can't say right now from what source we got it. It was almost ten years ago, I just don't remember this, and besides, almost all the airplanes in RoF were adjusted not by me but by other engineers while I was working on FM technologies. These guys left the team a few years ago. Right now I don't have dedicated time in my schedule to make FM adjustments in FC, and the task did not include this purpose (as I already said). But personally I would like to refresh my memory of this subject and I will try to pay attention on the flight performances of FC airplanes. However I can do this only outside of my working hours. That's why I would like to make no promises here. I can only say that Flying Circus Vol.1 will not include it. Btw, I would like to give you some information for thoughts. I took data from this source: and I made a simple chart (you can do it yourself if you are really interested in the answers): You can also see here the Camel "before" and "after" the update 1.034 in RoF. The Camel in FC is the same as the Camel "before". So, what do you believe in? That's a good question! Any kind of performances trials or data are welcome!