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    [MOD] Icons

    Wow Ptk this is game changing. A huge improvement for immersion. I will spend more $$$ supporting our shared hobby thanks to you
  2. HH Pauk has a number of great videos on the channel DetCord linked. They wetted my appetite before buying Stalingrad back in the day. I'm with the OP. A contest to make an 'official' fan trailer, or one produced by the devs, would help reach a greater audience.
  3. Thanks for that link sevenless. Wasn't aware of that mod! Also with you Pat (but c'mon, 55 is the new 35 ). Further icons feature requests: - icons that are obscured by clouds and the players plane.
  4. Yeah I've taken to flying as wingman in Career. The AI behave correctly. More enjoyable.
  5. Thanks hound That's good advice. It's only recently that I've been flying with the HUD off. Before I never needed to look at the gauges! I was missing out. They are so beautifully modelled.
  6. Great guide! I've been using Open Track a while, and it was working well. Now I realise that you can calibrate with the inbuilt function, it works even better! One question: is it possible to do the following in IL2 with headtracking? Because my tracker goes gets obscured, it often difficult to read the lower instruments. I'd like to set some quick views that look at the lower instruments, and allow tracking to continue off the new 'centre' while my POV hat is engaged. Basically, my head would keep moving, but the POV hat would apply a modifier to the input.
  7. Brief description: Fullscreen rendering unusable Detailed description, conditions: When launching the game in full screen mode, monitor goes dark and message pops up. 'The current input timing is not supported by the monitor display. Please change your input timing to 1920x1200@60hz or any other monitor listen timing as per the monitor specifications'. In Nvida Control Panel, the correct resolutions and timings are already set. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Windows 10, GTX 970 driver 399.07, Dell U2412M.
  8. Great patch. Not having the smoke shaders over burning towns load in when you look their way is a huge immersion booster. Have now begun playing the game without HUD and navigation aids on. Didn't think I'd be able to cope with navigating. But now, I wouldn't go back. Trying to find your way to the target, or home after getting beaten up, is a huge thrill!
  9. Type of improvement: Object marker/icons options Explanation of proposals: Allow additional options related to icons; 1) disable arrows but retain the object markers 2) allow object markers to fade out when obscured by cockpit, fuselage or clouds. 3) allow friend/foe icons without aircraft type and distance data Benefits: Improved immersion and tactics without forcing players to disable icons. Some players (myself) find playing without icons too intimidating and don't have time to invest learning to identify types. When playing on a standard sized and resolution 2D monitor, some aids are necessary. However, I would enjoy icons that encourage me to play more realistically. 1) removing arrows encourages situational awareness and de-clutters screen 2) forces realistic positioning above or below cloud layer to spot enemies. Allows AI to break engagement by retreating into cloud. Prevents using icons to lead target obscured by nose. Forces flying patterns (banks and rolls) that allow pilot visibility of target. 3) Maintains some realistic uncertainty about enemy capabilities (eg; between FW190 A3 or A5) while stilling aiding identification as foe. My goal is to one day play without aids on a big, high rez monitor or a future VR set. In the meantime, improvements such as this would improve the experience
  10. I will buy every settlement you make Astounded that the map is this far along so soon after the Kuban release! Nor did I think it possible to make a map even prettier than Kuban, but you went and did it!
  11. Hi mate I appreciate the enormous effort you are making. Rest assured you are furthering enjoyment of our favourite hobby, and contributing to the success of the product. I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of my gaming rig to my new home. Can't wait to fly the A-20 and your missions when you're done.
  12. Disappointed that we aren't going to the Pacific yet, but also thrilled that BoX is doing well enough to enable the development of THREE new products Particularly I am looking forward to Flying Circus. RoF was before my time, and returning to it now that I'm accustomed to the standard of quality in BoX is difficult. Regards Albino
  13. I rarely jump into the dev-diary discussion anymore because there's little unique praise I can offer. However as of today, all the major items on my private wishlist of improvements has been addressed. What with the layered clouds, increased draw distance and new campaign system (not to mention all the other work done to date) all I wish for now is the continued success of the product. 1CGS/777 have steadily transformed their engine into a state of the art piece of technology. I hope that it forms the basis of many new IL-2 theatres, and perhaps some tank, jet or ROF2 products in future. Well done team. When the budget allows, IL-2 will be a major driver for me to upgrade my rig and adopt VR. Regards Albino
  14. I wonder if we can expect similar attention to the AI in CLOD following the 777/Team Fusion Partnership?
  15. unreasonable and Shamrock: funnily enough it didn't seem to be either of those! We were in formation cruising, and I noticed the instead of 3 blue arrows on the edge of my screen, there was only 1. I looked around in time to see my 109 wingman beneath and behind, but without a blue label, gliding seemingly uncontrolled into the ground. A little further back was the burning wreckage of the other, who seemed to have suffer the same fate. It was as if both pilots suddenly had heart attacks within 30 seconds of one another.
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