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  1. I just edit my OP. What I was trying to say was more body tolerance to G forces... Regarding the FM, at this point, I am unable to "feel" differences. One thing is certain... changes were made to the sound engine. Breathing oxygen sound changed and more important, I have lost the ability to hear an approaching/close aircraft. I always had a hearing glimpse of an engine sound from an aircraft nearby in the past (since I started the game in mid June 2020). ~S~ PS: definitely true about the buffeting at low speeds.
  2. Hi! With the new model, pilot body can tolerate more G loads therefore it doesn't affect your hearing as much... meaning you can hear the buffeting louder. The extra height is a placebo that comes from the louder buffeting sound. Can this be it? ~S~ PS: @Devs thanks for the update.
  3. It's odd the way both settings work to say the least... if you ask me, It would make more sense to swap both names regarding to what they are actual doing. I have tried extensively (with the simulator running) different settings with not much of a difference. The ones on the pics were the best I could find in terms of spotting results. Have tried that one even before the patch. With the new patch that effect become more pronounced (strength wise). No real gain (on my end) in terms of spotting... and the way you set it up can create a very grainy image. To be perfectly hon
  4. Thanks! I have tried with and without glasses but the problem lays how the image is being displayed on the screen and, as far as I can tell, not an eye/sight issue. I have never performed an eye laser surgery. I remember our comm chats about this. I definitely tested and use your recommendations unfortunately with no plausible improvement. Maybe your TV is just higher end (superior). Check pics for my TV options. At this point I have tried everything going from extreme to basic/simple actions (with everything in between) with only marginal results. The only th
  5. Thanks for the inputs! Regarding my NVCP Atialiasing - Gamma correction Off (contacts become less dim/blurred specially contrasting against the ground). Low Latency Mode Ultra (best overall GPU performance... otherwise game will occasionally stutter). Power management mode Prefer maximum performance (self explanatory). Texture filtering options are set to have the best image quality possible out of the GPU (I have tried them all with no avail in terms of real spotting benefits. Left them set accordingly to community guidelines and how NVIDIA describe how they wo
  6. Right now I have it like this (check pics) and it sucks! As any other gazillion other settings and tweaks I have already tried. 🤢🤮 ~S~ Here is an uncompressed screenshot using your mission: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NHXFXQxGJrozzxyqrBbFVEmvACS0GheA/view?usp=sharing ~S~
  7. I am dealing with massive frustration and been trying a ton of different things (settings, configs tweaks you name it) since the patch came out (including not using reshade). At this point and stage I guess I would have figured it out. Sometimes I can be tad slow... but by no means retarded. J/K 😄 Since the last patch I am being damaged way more without any air victories because people can see it better whereas I can't. I was gradually getting better (since I started multiplayer)... then came the patch and this is what I am having (check pic) lol. ~S~ PS: as
  8. Most probably the elephant in the room! ☝️ I have Game mode On (all processing is disabled by default) and have activated Input Signal Plus to get the most out of it. My system is old... 2013 build with an upgraded GPU (bought a 2070 last year). I will try to build a new system next year and I am willing to try VR for the first time. ~S~ PS: That PG43UQ is around 1600 EUR... unfortunately it's way out of my league. 😬
  9. Now I am double f. up! 😖... spotting not working for me and it will get even worse without reshade... But I do comprehend the decision and think it is for the better because there will be always those lacking ethics. IMHO a good measure in terms of fairness and transparency. ~S~
  10. On my end, all I can say is that on some maps/lighting/weather conditions, spotting is a tad better, were on other it's (practically) the way it was... I am blind as a bat. I wasn't able to find a coherent pattern to the problem (manifestation), culprit or even a "magic" setting(s)/tweak(s) to solve my spotting problems. @4K the game is visually beautiful and well optimized but unfortunately, and for some reason, the spotting continue to be a huge problem on my system. ~S~ PS: I have tried all settings imaginable (e.g. on, off, default, custom on both game
  11. Didn't even realized those 2 as one being able to edit. - land_anisotropy = 16 - land_tex_lods = 7 Will stop overlapping AF out of ignorance. Although I have better results @16x but in my cfg the number is at 2 (never messed with that particular setting). I will try AF @Application Controlled changing the cfg to 16, as per your suggestion. Thanks! I use HDR and Bloom (On) (it's helping the spotting and level of reflections on my end). Also putting gamma correction to OFF is making contacts (medium far) sightly less dim. Regarding AA, I am ha
  12. Hi! I7 4770K@4.2Ghz, 2xSamsung Evo Pro SSD@RAID 0, 16 GB RAM XMP profile, GTX 2070 GPU and a Samsung UE43RU7105kXXC 4K@60Hz + TIR5 Pro. Lack of consistency and coherence not as conditional factors comparable to what we get in real live but as getting different outcomes in same game conditions and/or being harder do spot in good weather/bright light Vs bad weather/poor light or substantial different results regarding the hardware/settings used. Check pics for settings. ~S~ PS: screen is gamma and color calibrated by professional hardwa
  13. It's great that many people (majority?) is happy with the patch. But the improvements I would like to have/see are related to consistence among people with issues (like myself) and different hardware and settings. By taking your words into account it seems pretty oblivious that your experience is different than mine (for the better). Because "the thing" is working on your side it doesn't translate that will work that well on other people machines and setups. Regarding people with similar issues, after the initial hype, it seems that the numbers somewhat rising. Cons I a
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