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  1. 741 EUROS. Nice try Facebook! Sadly Valve's - HTC Vive is more advanced in technology = even more expensive!
  2. The most waited update ever! For me at least. Downloading!!! Thank you!!!!
  3. Great news! Thanks for this update. Can't wait for the summer map
  4. Looking awesome, keep up the good work!
  5. Rocking!!! Keep up the good work guys!
  6. Just fantastic!!! Loving the upcoming updates for BoS! S!
  7. Thank YOU so much guys!!!! You're all awesome!!! S!!
  8. BoS Team Rocks!!!!!! Thank you! S!
  9. Amazing news!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work guys! S!
  10. I only hope that 1C will release the game without the always connected drm so I can finally play the game without internet connection..
  11. I moved to a new home but still with no internet service installed yet. So I didn't even had any chance to play the campaign mode yet because of the silly "always connected" drm.. grrrr. I hope this will be changed with the full release. Cheers
  12. I agree. That's not cool at all tbh. I don't like the idea of having SP & MP mixed. And... where's the co-op missions? No compaign mode to play with other friends?
  13. Waiting for the youtube video of the stream
  14. Actually I'm not happy at all about this but well..... nothing I can do sadly. I hope anyways that the modders will release soon more singleplayer missions.
  15. FW 190 for the LW and the Yak-1, La-5, Il-2 for the VVS are my favs! I'm loving the La-5 in this sim.
  16. Tatarenko's single player mission? Awwwwww great! Finally more singleplayer stuff! Thanks!
  17. I hate when people camp the airstrip preventing the enemy to at least taxi and take off. That's just silly and not fun at all. But well it's just my opinion.
  18. ROFL! I just can't wait for more mission oriented servers, co-op and the mighty campaign mode! Very nice thread btw!
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