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  1. And yesterday and today I have to update with no warning or news updates - is this common for this game? I just recently started and it seems like it updates every time I log in If its not normal could there be something wrong with my installation?
  2. Hi all, Been at flight sims since the arcade days of Red Baron, always been fascinated with flight. Aces of the Pacific was on my dads computer back in the day and I thought I died and went to heaven. Played that tar out of that one. Somewhere along the way a friend introduced me to Falcon 4.0 which was my first intro to realistic aviation. The first iteration of IL-2 would have been around what, 2002? I remember being such a dolt that the first thing I did after installing was going into 'Wonder Woman' mode because it just seemed logical at the time. And I hated it. Didn't
  3. Is BoS required for this? I have Bodenplatte and Kuban, and when i start the program there is nothing under "Select Game" or "Tag" and none of the fields are populated. Unless I am missing something?
  4. I'm trying to ignore the fact that, with my limited playing time, it seems whenever I *do* get to set aside some time to fly I have to wait for an update. The most recent news I see is this: 19.05.2020 Around a month has passed since the previous humongous update and we have another right here. Its changelist is not as so hideously long (it is still too long, however - more than 80 items), but some of them are quite important. This was on 5/19/20, I have been flying since then and today its 5/27/20 - I dont se
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