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  1. I have SRS radio and when i spawn an aircraft I never here any call outs or commands. What am I doing wrong?
  2. I’m new to Multiplayer after playing single mission stuff for a year. I’m completely addicted. I wanted to make sure I’m helping not hurting the team. Fantastic server, thanks for all you effort put in to it!
  3. I got a question. I played Tuesday night and went on bombing run near the front line. I was flying a 110 and as I approached the Soviet Tanks the Triple started to fire at me so I dropped my bombs and staffed the AAA and I got 3 “Fired on Friendly”warnings. I’m positive I was in the right place. My question is,is this a common glitch or was it something I did wrong on my end ?
  4. I just finished the campaign. i really enjoyed it! Thank you. The second to last mission is my favorite with the very low ceiling, I Disorientated a couple times diving through the clouds. It made adrenaline shoot way up!
  5. Taxing to the runway totally changes PWCG. Total Awesome!
  6. I have lots of your skins and I think you do great work but I disagree with you about Eduard. They are very accurate. They put in a lot of research to get it right.
  7. Can you start parked, engine off and taxi to the runway?
  8. It one of the best campaigns I’ve played. At the 2 minute warning I’m bailing!
  9. I’m having the same issue the game freezes at the 2 minute warning in the 4th mission dawn patrol.
  10. I bought FC on Saturday and installed PWCG. I hemmed and hawed about getting it for months. All I can say is it is totally worth it. I regret not buying it sooner. I hope the devs do more with it in the future. That being said this is my first post here, hello to everyone.
  11. Thanks for updating these as well as your campaigns! Much appreciated
  12. Hello everyone! I took advantage of the sales and got both Yak 9 and 9T. In career mode it’s a mixed squadron so you fly the Yak 7b, Yak 9& 9T. I was wondering if anyone had some skins for the 157TH IAP and any skins in general for the Yak7b would be appreciated.
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