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  1. i mean... Gamescom is going on in Cologne for the rest of the week, so maybe this Friday we'll get a big announcement?
  2. i really hope we get Josephine, Joe is a great guy with some great stories. Pls @ICDP
  3. sure and all German planes get a 50% chance to spawn without fuel or ammo, right? let's crank up the fun real good!
  4. maybe but the Me 410 quite a lot of fans around here as well. myself included
  5. considering our newest installment of the series is BOBP i'd rather have a Ju-88S or preferably a Ju-188 (there were torpedo carrying versions)
  6. Me 410 B-1 pls the 13mm are so much better than 7,92mm , with a 2x Mk 103 mod it becomes a B-2, into that you can add either a twin MG 151/20 mod for the B-2/U2 or the U4 mod with a 50mm to get the B-2/U4 so potentially you can have a Me 410 carrying 1000 rnds of 13mm and 1400 rounds of 20mm 1000 rnds of 13mm and 700 rounds of 20mm + not sure how much 30mm they carried. no idea how much 50mm could be carried either
  7. i'd rather have a Me 410 than a 110 with radar or a new stuka with a StuVi (which could then be added to our 87 D-3 and Ju-88 A-4
  8. okay, you convinced me with your waterproof evidence!
  9. @Big_Al_the_Allo the Yak-1b and Ju-52 came after moscow, not Kuban
  10. I mean, who doesn't think we need more twin engine planes with 50ish mm cannons, right? ...right?
  11. Me 410 and Mossie, a dream pairing or B-25 and Ar 234, to make use of some of the work they already done for the 262 and AI B-25
  12. Payload? What do you mean, they are fighters they can’t carry a payload \s
  13. no idea where they are, lazy bastards
  14. Hs 129 is fantastic if you’re into ground attack. It’s a real treat
  15. just one detail Me/BV 155
  16. no, Pacific is too far away, we need one more Western front expansion to have a nice representative plane set
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