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  1. I just wanna say, when Luke tells you something about the history of planes/operational conditions/military units involvement in combat. It’s generally as good as getting it straight out of the Bundesarchiv or the the congressional library or something comparable. He knows what he’s talking about.
  2. This guy is entertaining... and for free too!
  3. well, if you want immersion, make the Axis command only recognise German 😄 "Möbelwagen in Sektor 1710" Luftwaffe "brevity code" of the time is quite funny actually, "Indianer am Gartenzaun" literally "Indians at the garden fence" means there are enemies aircraft at your home airfield
  4. I'm experimenting with joytokey now to see if i can get it working a bit better
  5. Have you found a good use for the encoders other than creating virtual axis from them? i tried encoder scroll and dial, buffered and unbuffered but it's super slow to change any kind of ingame axis with it like mixture or radiators. any way to speed it up?
  6. I actually don’t think you can, since on piston engines the prop also acts as the flywheel. Not aware of any that have a separate one
  7. We saw images of the Mossi and it’s not planned that much earlier
  8. Did anyone say images of the Me 410?
  9. Uuuh! So Tank Crew 2 is coming? Nice!
  10. Yep, especially 410 and Mossie for me. Those two will be fun!
  11. I wish you all the best and all the strength in the world!
  12. okay... honest question... are you mentally handicapped?? you finance shit, you buy stuff for yourself to enjoy, just like everybody else.
  13. you can fly ont he BoN map for free, like everyone else... play MP
  14. it splits the community, we are not a lot of people, why put more gates on servers? don't have a plane, no problem fly one of the many other ones. Don't have the map? well you can't play here
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