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  1. @kisschicken thanks for posting your settings, my Quest 2 is due to arrive this week and i'm gonna give those a try. o7
  2. i mean, ultimately the problem for the players is having to fire the 30mm gunpod in combination with the MGs. Putting the gunpod on fire group 3 does fix the problem for the player. it might not fix the coding that made it hard to get the perfect implementation of swappable MGs plus the gunpods on the 129, but it DOES fix the problem for the end user. Just my two cents as someone who likes tank busting ;)
  3. but for ingame purposes that would still be better than having to fire the fuselage MGs together with the gunpod.
  4. You know these picture are just staged, right? This would never really happen 😛😉
  5. It's too late guys, no DD today *laughs in 262*
  6. you're forgetting the .50 cal. which according to some P-51 pilots "jam if you squeeze the trimmer for more than 3 seconds at a time"
  7. First of all, happy birthday Jason! I was wondering if the team has already decided which version of the 410 will be added with BoN since it wasn't mentioned in the DD with all the beautiful pictures
  8. POV: you‘re Erich Hartmann who has been fighting on the eastern front for 2 years 🤣
  9. i mean, i can ask Jason if it's okay to post some pictures of it flying, for you? 😜
  10. considering that the US and UK used less jets than the German Me 410s while having many many times the aircraft in service... that seems totally fine to me. Neither of the Allies really had any jets in SIGNIFICANT air to air combat.
  11. But.... the British get the 57mm.... I want the 50mm 410 😢
  12. well, more than a third were B models... so i'd say, that's enough to justify it and again in '44 the B seems the better choice plus... there is the U4 mod.... and i want that 😄 If we have a Mosquito with a 57mm i kinda want the 410 with the 50mm
  13. well, BoN is '44 scenario so if you ask me the 410 B would make more sense
  14. I'm happy to see it too. I would just like to know which version of the 410 we're getting
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