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  1. Yeah started making a skin today and stopped when I got to the Invasion stripes 🤣
  2. I don't care that i only have crappy mobile internet, i'm downloading that Josephine skin. Thanks a lot @Raptorattacker
  3. Thanks a lot! I‘ve been limited to surfing on my phone since the end of August. Makes browsing the forums a real pain.
  4. hey @ICDP if you ever have some spare time i would love to see a Josephine livery The plane was flown by Joe Peterburs, he`s a fantastic bloke and i will try to make the livery myself but i think you are much better suited to do her justice ;)
  5. Those clouds look fantastic and that is one sexy Cat if i ever saw one.
  6. You’re even more boring than I am
  7. Me410 would be a perfect collector plane, it‘s a supplement to the 110s of it‘s time but at the same time is super interesting and versatile.
  8. I moved to a new town and I was supposed to have internet from day one but the ISP [Edited] massively so i‘ve been living without internet since end of August, all I have is my phone
  9. No we‘re not xD but yes G-6 is totally worth it
  10. Complain to the allied bomber designers not the devs 🤣
  11. Can't wait to create some mediocre skins with that fantastic template
  12. The Me 410 never was the main Zerstörer, it always supplemented the fleet of Bf 110s, so it is perfect as a collector plane. It is very interesting and versatile but not the main airframe used.
  13. Okay, i think we collected enough votes for the Me 410 and Mossie. Let's make it official!
  14. PLEASE use the existing thread. Lock pls
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