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  1. just sounds to me like you throttle down to quickly during your landing and stalled the engines
  2. wow... thanks @Gambit21 cause of you my screen is broken! ...Why you ask? Cause i threw my wallet into it, that's why
  3. Panther news sounds great. I'm really looking forward to it
  4. well, theoretically, you should have a revi and just point that at the enemy :D
  5. people said the same about the Bf 110 yet i never had too many issues to get my guns on target people tend to underestimate the German twin engines and that is what's getting them killed
  6. well, again, if they stop making APCR in '42, why did they develop APCR rounds for the long barrel 75 and 88 weapons that were only developed and entered service during and after that time. It's something i never heard about and it wouldn't really make sense.
  7. i'm gonna asume that you're talking about 50mm only here, since Tigers, Panthers and pretty much everything that was in service but the end of the war used APCR when they could get their hands on it
  8. nah, they wanted to make a new engine for the B but the development was cancelled in 44, all they did was adding a better super charger turning the DB 603 A into a DB 603 AA
  9. well the original gun design it was derived from was better (MG 213) so good in fact that every Allied nation copied it after the war :D Hello ADENs etc. same caliber actually, 50x419mmR so theoretically, if you're a Zerstörergeschwader and your airfield is threatened to be overrun by Allied ground forces just get some 50mm APCR and pop some Shermans :D
  10. 262 was never fitted with the gun, only projected with an MK 214A well, i don't know if it was used in the role, but there certainly is AP ammo for it and even HVAP, since the BK-5 is an adapted KwK 39 from the Panzer III, which was fitted with an pneumatic loader.
  11. Having the 410 without the 50mm would be a bit disappointing. I'm gonna keep hoping for the best
  12. only fieldtested, never flown operationally in that configuration and from what i read it never really worked, good enough for a certain F2P game but not IL-2 :D
  13. I'm okay with the 88C, it's a cool plane and useable on the Easter front as well. But for the '44 Western front stuff a Ju-88S would be even more interesting to me, simply to have that extra speed to get 1% more survivability in the BON and BOBP scenario. P.S. gib "painted nose" modification for the Ju-88C pls. (For those who don't know, some heavy fighter 88 Units painted the noses of the 88Cs to look like the glas nose of the bomber variants to bait allied fighters into attacking them head on) Why are we debating this? G-6 late is the standard plane, give it a engine modification making it a G-6/AS and be done with it. Extend it's usability to the full BOBP timeframe and give people (wether they already own the G-6 collector or BOBP) a plane that offers something new
  14. You're talking about the Bf 110, aren't you? I solved your puzzle!
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