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  1. Yep, especially 410 and Mossie for me. Those two will be fun!
  2. I wish you all the best and all the strength in the world!
  3. okay... honest question... are you mentally handicapped?? you finance shit, you buy stuff for yourself to enjoy, just like everybody else.
  4. you can fly ont he BoN map for free, like everyone else... play MP
  5. it splits the community, we are not a lot of people, why put more gates on servers? don't have a plane, no problem fly one of the many other ones. Don't have the map? well you can't play here
  6. you want the devs to implements horrible performance and technology that still doesn't work properly years after it's initial implementation? no thanks LATEST =/= Last
  7. Oh no...150 octane fuel on a griffon engine... oh no no no
  8. well, they have the very sane rule to create their planes via hard data. People bring forward anecdotal evidence left and right but the matter of fact is, often it can't be trusted and more often than not anectodal evidence from different source can be very contradicting, so sticking close to the available official data and manuals is a sensible thing to do anyways. P-47 looks sexy as hell, can't wait to handle both those heavy weights in the new update
  9. Well that’s one way to describe a mental illness 🤣😝
  10. Well, it is a Porsche after all
  11. This thing will be fun...derpy... but fun
  12. as a member of the tester team i can confirm that this is NOT a legitimate list. we are actually getting alcantara leather, not corinthian. Please stop spreading misinformation
  13. i tend to agree, unless said plane is the Me 410, nothing better than a good 410 😄
  14. hands down Me 410. lots of loadout options, unique cockpit and hopefully a StuVi that can be added to the Ju-87 and Ju-88
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