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  1. How is that different from 109s and 190s? LW has to work on timers and so will allied planes deal with it and stop crying, it’s the system we got now
  2. cause our G-2 was build for Kuban and the Rüstsätze you are listing are used in Reichsdefense?
  3. Thanks for the fantastic mission everyone! Especially Tip and the DBS crew. We had lots of fun and hopefully next time you bounce us on final i hope there will be some cover above 😄
  4. hmm, maybe it's time to pick up Flying Circus? 😅
  5. Asgar

    ME 262

    apparently some people here🤨
  6. guys, we all know when the Update will be released: Soon™
  7. 2 Me 262s for Memphis and myself pls, thank you very much! also, good to be back, nobody told us FNBF was back in business
  8. true, we all miss the times when there was no one on the forums complaining about not being able to see people in MP cause of bad VR resolution 😂
  9. wololo? https://vid.pr0gramm.com/2019/05/19/dcf68f1052bedee3.mp4
  10. good news! looking forward to all the additions and improvements.
  11. i see much mimimi and little knowlege how how calenders and seasons work 😄
  12. get the f**k out of here! we don' t need that kind of attitude here
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