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  1. While I understand that some of you might not be absolutely happy with the P-47, you guys should really think about the way you are expressing your feelings. Things like "the P-47 is a joke. This is wrong, that's wrong. What the fuck are you doing devs?" are just stupid and it shows that you appreciate this sim not the slightest bit. Heck even at patchday, not even 3 hours after the update, the first people were going nuts. "1.98 ata unicorn crap", "the P-47 can't withstand 2639403726 30mm", "The P-47 can't dive as a pilot wrote in book xy". Guys, the devs can't make everything right the first time. If you really want to change something, do some tests, research real data and try to put it as objectively as possible. Give them some sources to work through and they will eventually change it. Look at what was done to the FW-190. And if any dev will read this: Thank you for this awesome sim and all your effort you put into it.
  2. You "the jugs fragility is a joke" guys should really consider that beside the fact that pilot accounts are subjective, the average shot/hit percentage is waaaaaaay higher in-game than it was irl. More shells hit and more shells hit weakspots. Oh and don't run around, discrediting other users while claiming your point is the only one acceptable. Not only is it lame, it also shows your inability to put effort in a discussion.
  3. I was referring to the "the metal skin will almost always detonate HE shells". Since you were arguing towards the sturdiness of the P-47 you are also referring to Minengeschosse, which almost always detonate after penetrating the hull. Your answer to my post ignores that absolutely. Also: Minengeschosse are firing with 9-13 round per minute. It's quite common that a round will enter an already blasted part of the wing.
  4. Yeah. They better give it a broken engine because of bad supply. So K4 can barely take off. And only one 13mm can fire, because the ammunition didn't arrive. Will that fit your needs?
  5. If you start the fight with a precooled engine you can close the cowl shutters to 25% easily.
  6. Oh there is one! And it puts that big clumsy plane into fighter mode for 10 minutes - which ends with many dead allies quite often.
  7. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuh yeah baby! Looking forward to it!
  8. free my Slot... my pc seems to be broken.
  9. 3 x 110 for zg26 please Asgar Kuppis Memphis Edit: because I think I know him good enough, please 1x 110 for griphos aswell.
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