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  1. Please explain what "DED normal" is or means. Is it the name of a particular server? Also is there a way to tell if a server is setup with easy settings before actually connecting to it, e.g., SEM, icons on, etc., similar to how Hyperlobby does?
  2. RaymondSte


    Thanks. I figured it had to be something historical but I went to Wikipedia for the La-7 and it didn't say much beyond something about the Baltic front.
  3. RaymondSte


    I remember the La-7 in Il-2 Sturmovik 1946. It appeared to be an impressive aircraft but I don't see it in Il-2 Sturmovik Great Battles. Would somebody tell me why? Thanks.
  4. Can somebody please direct me to the link for the guide. The one posted above is dead. I can't find it. Or are the two images several posts above mine what I'm supposed to copy? Thanks.
  5. Thank you all for your replies.
  6. Why is gun convergence set at 600m in Il-2 Sturmovik? 2000' seems like a very long distance. Also what is the distance from the enemy aircraft indicated in the red letters of his icon, usually with a decimal point preceding the numbers? I'm playing single player quick missions.
  7. Thank you. DED_Normal? Is that the name of a server?
  8. Sounds like good advice. Thank you. I'm looking forward to some multiplayer donnybrooks. I'm just going to do a little more aircraft familiarization and practice for the time being. That and watch YouTube videos of experienced pilots sharing their experience and superior knowledge. There's knowledge to be gained there.
  9. I'm a little disappointed, at this point, on the AI performance set on ACE in one on one encounters. I strongly suspect that playing against an actual , high time human pilot will be an entirely different experience, if what I've seen on YouTube is any indication of skill and proficiency in flight maneuvers. I'm a little hesitant to try mulitplayer although I should just jump in and prepare to get beaten like a red-headed step child. The experience would be educational... and frustrating. What I'm afraid of, however, is inadvertently stealing somebody's kill or shooting a friendly because my aircraft identification is abysmal.
  10. I do a lot of running. I got that down pretty good. Thanks on the notifications clarification. I remember the Tempest from my Il-2 1946 days. Awesome firepower indeed. Yes, a rookie move indeed. He shot me down when I went vertical for the loop part. A barn door couldn't have made an easier target. Thank you. I bookmarked it.
  11. I've been doing that and holding my own except when I tried to get fancy and execute a maneuver I learned on YouTube, an Immelman.
  12. Thank you. Berloga sounds like the place to go to get my feet wet. Steep learning curve, though, this sim. Everytime I feel the urge to try my luck with human pilots I encounter something else that makes me hang back for some more practice.
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