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  1. I'm fairly certain that you need to use the FMB to build a mission with the B.A.T. modpack.
  2. A flyable C-47 or Li-2 would be incredible, or some other allied transport aircraft to balance out the JU-52. I am partial to the C-47, though 😉
  3. Sounds like the old replay bug. Check here and see if this fixes your problem: https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php?topic=63655.0
  4. So I have three AI aircraft in my squadron and I am the flight lead. I command them to start their engines and then I start mine. Once I taxi to the runway they don't follow me. They just remain still with their engines running. I've found that the only way to get them to taxi is to use "autopilot" so that my entire squadron follows the predetermined taxi way points. I would rather not use autopilot, because then I don't get the satisfaction of starting my own engines and taxiing the aircraft myself. Does anyone know if there is a fix for this? Or if perhaps I'm doing something wro
  5. Glad you got it working. For those questions I would point you in the direction of the SAS forums. Those are the modders who worked on the VP pack and they would be able to help you further. I suggest posting in the "New Member Safety Area" which is a dedicated forum for newbie questions and anything that will be free from harsh responses. https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php
  6. You're not imposing at all. I'm happy to help. I ran into issues modding my Steam version of the game, which is why I hope to prevent anyone from doing so. I made the foolish mistake of modding my Steam version, which the B.A.T. modders explicitly say not to do. You always want to have one clean version and one modded version of your game. That way if anything goes wrong, you can always delete the modded version and start over with the untouched version of the game. But, all you need to do is copy and paste the game contents into a new location, any location of your choice. I chose
  7. You can revert to the older version through Steam. In the Steam application, right click IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 from your Steam library, then click Properties > Betas > Select the beta you would like to opt into > 4.12 Also, if you follow the instructions from the makers of the mod, you're supposed to copy and paste your game file into a separate file location, and mod the copied version. I don't advise modding your Steam version as it will likely cause problems.
  8. I suppose it's possible, although I'm not sure how to check if the skin folders are corrupted or missing.
  9. The Bf.110G-2 has two skins besides the default: nacht and wespe. Neither of them seem to load when applied. Does anyone else have a similar issue or know of a fix? Know of any other aircraft with similar issues?
  10. Thanks for the suggestion. Guadalcanal is good. The concrete runway has plenty of width so there's lots of space for rudder correction during takeoff. It is a little short, like you mentioned, so the aircraft really struggles to gain altitude. I cheated to get it into the air by using level stabilizer around 200 m until I got enough airspeed to ascend more. Not realistic but it works for the game. I read your post on SAS. I'm not exactly familiar with where to place the text files that you provided. Could you help me out there? Sorry I'm still very new to this game so I'm still fig
  11. Hello again, I was wondering if anyone could recommend maps that have the longest runways, so as to properly takeoff with some of the larger aircraft, particularly the well-developed B-24 😉 *edit In a previous thread someone recommended the Solomon Islands for the B-24. Do you guys know of any others?
  12. You hit it on the head. I made a noob mistake and modded my game while it was still in its Steam install location. It's my fault for not reading the instructions more carefully. I wound up uninstalling and re-installing Steam, and everything's good now.
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