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  1. I suppose it's possible, although I'm not sure how to check if the skin folders are corrupted or missing.
  2. The Bf.110G-2 has two skins besides the default: nacht and wespe. Neither of them seem to load when applied. Does anyone else have a similar issue or know of a fix? Know of any other aircraft with similar issues?
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. Guadalcanal is good. The concrete runway has plenty of width so there's lots of space for rudder correction during takeoff. It is a little short, like you mentioned, so the aircraft really struggles to gain altitude. I cheated to get it into the air by using level stabilizer around 200 m until I got enough airspeed to ascend more. Not realistic but it works for the game. I read your post on SAS. I'm not exactly familiar with where to place the text files that you provided. Could you help me out there? Sorry I'm still very new to this game so I'm still figuring a lot of things out. I loaded up the Normandy2 map on V. 4.13. and there was a small island to the north called British Base. The runway is good but it's the same problem I mentioned above, where the aircraft really struggles to gain altitude. It is doable though. Thanks.
  4. Hello again, I was wondering if anyone could recommend maps that have the longest runways, so as to properly takeoff with some of the larger aircraft, particularly the well-developed B-24 😉 *edit In a previous thread someone recommended the Solomon Islands for the B-24. Do you guys know of any others?
  5. You hit it on the head. I made a noob mistake and modded my game while it was still in its Steam install location. It's my fault for not reading the instructions more carefully. I wound up uninstalling and re-installing Steam, and everything's good now.
  6. I want to remove some of the mods I've installed and revert back to the original game. I'm not sure how to go about this. I tried uninstalling and re-installing the game via Steam, but it doesn't seem to do anything. The mods are still there and the game will not launch via Steam. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  7. That video is incredible! Lots of information and very informative. I wonder if they would have had to skip certain steps when scrambling to get into the air in an emergency.
  8. Also a nice suggestion. I wound up flying Lvov during dusk in the rain, then I realized since the TB-3 has an open cockpit I probably shouldn't fly in the rain. So I switched from rain to poor visibility. It wad quite a challenge to find the airfields in poor visibility.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. And yes, I am flying without mods.
  10. So, just as the title says, I'm looking for the best maps to fly as far as gazing and viewing things. I have some full missions built on Hawaii, Soloman Islands, and Lvov. But, the game has so many maps to choose from. Since building a full mission takes time, I'd like to see what the community here recommends as far as new maps to choose from. I've been flying the TB-3 and the B-24, so longer runways would be useful. But any recommendations are welcome. Thanks.
  11. We would need to know more than that to help you. What errors? Are you able to open the installer at all? Did you get the gsme installed and try compatibility mode? Also, if you have the CD key you could redeem it on Steam for a copy of the game. If not, it's only $9.99 on GOG and Steam. That's an incredibly low price for an excellent game that comes with four games worth of DLC
  12. @buster_dee Wow I really appreciate the breakdown. I noticed that when I use the keyboard commands that are set to trimming it doesn't seem to do anything. Do I need to remap the controls? Other than that, that was a very helpful breakdown. I'm coming at this with no background in aviation, and I have no mechanical or engineering background of any kind. With that said, the whole reason I wanted to get into flight simming was to learn about aircraft and how they function. So I'm sure it'll take me a lot of practice and rereading before I get some of this stuff down. But thanks again. I also have been watching the Air Combat Tutorial Library channel on YouTube just as somebody recommended earlier.
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