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  1. Who says its not a regular consumer product ? It's offered to any consumer out there. I dont know about all enthusiasts, but I defnitely count myself as one and warranty is an important factor for me.
  2. The best part is this: "Unlike Intel's standard processors, the Core i9-9900KS only carries a one-year warranty, as opposed to the standard three-year warranty period we're accustomed to." https://www.tomshardware.com/news/intel-special-edition-core-i9-9900ks-dollar513-launch-october-30-price-specifications-performance It's pretty obvious that cpu cannot sustain this for extended periods and silicon will degrade faster than even any average 9900k, so they release it with limited to one year warranty. Nothing says it more when you lack confidence into your own products.
  3. Probably because Noctua high end coolers were often comparable to the medium grade AIOs and provided an alternative. One that did not introduce sound of water pump and did not create a risk of leakage. If Noctua cant handle that stock, than its something wrong with the chip, not the cooler.
  4. Yes, its quite surprising. I have abysmally slow download in Poland, far below the up limit of the bandwidth while all my buddies in US had no issues with it. I wonder how servers and routing is being handled.
  5. Yeah, I have the same. Drops to 20 kB/s, stays mostly around 200 - 300 kB/s instead of 1300 kB/s. It's just unable to fully saturate bandwidth and keep download speeds constant, instead constant drops prolong the process. Wish I could switch to steam. In the past updater was an advantage, now its just a ball and chain.
  6. CM. Thats an older model. I didnt bother with updating, this one is good enough for me.
  7. Upgraded 3440X1440p AOC AG352UCG to Philips Momentum 43" Qled panel with HDR1000 and Freesync. While still tweaking, I am amazed by the quality of this upgrade:
  8. Japan surrendered because Soviet Union rolled Japanese forces in Manchuria like a carpet, creating a threat to Hokkaido and because U.S. eventually agreed to preserve Imperial rule, though reduced to a symbolic as we know. It's clear from the existing records of events that happened during Cabinet meetings in August 1945, what influenced decisions and what did not. It's really hard to support such statement. By breaking someone's back one usually refers to a state where to opponent is unable to wage a war or continue. Japan's ability to conduct offensive operations was effectively shut down not because of Guadalcanal, Midway or anything else but a collective loss of aircraft, crews and aircraft carriers. Had Japan won Midway battle, Kido Butai would simply destroy any naval operation and attempt of landing on Guadalcanal. Instead loss of four aircraft carriers with significant portion of crew and decent amount of pilots evened to carrier vs carrier abilities of both powers. Then loss of some 525 aircraft (154 failing to return to base, 371 damaged) by 25th Air Flotilla over New Guinea and Guadalcanal from August to November with some of the best crews serving in those land based units created a gap impossible to fill. On top of that Japan lost furhter 90+ aircraft with majority of crews during Santa Cruz battle. All this had a collective impact on Imperial Japanese Navy ability to continue the war in Southern and South Western Pacific Area, leading to a formal request of IJN to IJA, to brign their aircraft. But I dont think a single event or campaign should be seen as turning point in a modern war of attrition.
  9. Yes, I know. I actually was mistaken. The museum is dedicated not to one but six pilots: Cant name all of them unfortunately.
  10. Ups, forgot about this one: And if there are any fans: \ Yamato FTW!
  11. So regarding seeing Japanese aircraft. During my trip to Japan in recent days, I've visited a couple museums, namely Yūshūkan Museum in Tokio, Aichi Museum of Flight in Nagoya, Kure Maritime Museum in Kure and Shiden Kai Museum in Ainan-no (Ehime). From those I think the best experience I;ve had in Kure Maritime and Shiden Kai Museums, while first one has incredible exposition including 1/10th scale IJN Yamato, the other is very quiet and located so far from civilization that rarely anybody visits it which makes it additional achievement. Shiden Kai museum is dedicated to killed in combat ace Kaneyoshi Muto, one can pick there a variety of souvenirs including locally brewed sake to commemorate fallen pilot.
  12. The SP may be lacking on default, but I cant say a bad word about Bluenosed Bastards campaign. Really enjoyed it. And with very open and easy to use even by inexperienced guys Mission Editor, you can create mission that will satisfy your immersion and realisim needs. This is exactly what my squadron did, we've created a 1944 Normandy mission that basically works as a CO-OP (due to lack of organized Luftwaffe squadrons, Ai tends to be more reliable in terms of presence). This mission is based on actual reports and front situation prior to June 1944, with the aim to create as realistic environment as possible, which is provided by presence of over 2.000 entities (originally at least, it turned out to be a little bit too much as you will see on the video below, now its been reduced a bit) on "German" side with indepth AA defense and targets up to 30-40 km inland, presence of radar observation from Britain and very basic GCI to check if skies are clear or not. Now, not everyone is interested spending half an hour or more on the way to France, than dance around AA and fly back but thats just another of trying to feel how it was when guys did similar missions 70+ years ago.
  13. Yeah, I do. Every week. Not a page goes by without you complaining. I get it. You got a lot to say about platform you dont even play.
  14. No resources are ever wasted if final product will make customers happy.
  15. It's 3rd party project, not EDs. Initially it was meant to be a mod, but eventually they went for full module. It was developed fairly quietly too, most didnt even know of its existance yesterday not to mention fact that it was meant to be released today. As long as it makes people who buy it happy, I'm all for it.
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