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  1. The SP may be lacking on default, but I cant say a bad word about Bluenosed Bastards campaign. Really enjoyed it. And with very open and easy to use even by inexperienced guys Mission Editor, you can create mission that will satisfy your immersion and realisim needs. This is exactly what my squadron did, we've created a 1944 Normandy mission that basically works as a CO-OP (due to lack of organized Luftwaffe squadrons, Ai tends to be more reliable in terms of presence). This mission is based on actual reports and front situation prior to June 1944, with the aim to create as realistic environment as possible, which is provided by presence of over 2.000 entities (originally at least, it turned out to be a little bit too much as you will see on the video below, now its been reduced a bit) on "German" side with indepth AA defense and targets up to 30-40 km inland, presence of radar observation from Britain and very basic GCI to check if skies are clear or not. Now, not everyone is interested spending half an hour or more on the way to France, than dance around AA and fly back but thats just another of trying to feel how it was when guys did similar missions 70+ years ago.
  2. Yeah, I do. Every week. Not a page goes by without you complaining. I get it. You got a lot to say about platform you dont even play.
  3. No resources are ever wasted if final product will make customers happy.
  4. It's 3rd party project, not EDs. Initially it was meant to be a mod, but eventually they went for full module. It was developed fairly quietly too, most didnt even know of its existance yesterday not to mention fact that it was meant to be released today. As long as it makes people who buy it happy, I'm all for it.
  5. I think you missed the point Zach by dumbing down entire event into a LAN party, which was not the case. Back in the day Warbirds could run even on 56k dial-up bandwidth Modem (though broadband was preferable for obvious reasons) just fine despite a considerable number of people online (which is why people on Con flew with and against people not participating in the event in the same arena). Something no flight sim today can replicate. In this we went down from a flights of hundreds of people to dozens in old Il-2 and further to combat of a couple of guys in skirmishes which effectively is what you get in Il-2 GB. That is another thing that is missing. The huge number of participants made it possible to create such things as Historic S3 Events. Todays flying experience is of much lesser scale. So yes, I think it can serve as a legitimate comparison. And frankly, I'm still participating in such event every year, though in much much smaller scale and in Europe. But if anything, taking the effort of packing PC is easier than it ever was due to availability of gaming notebooks and small form factor pc's which can still deliver a considerable compute power. But that is only a part of entire experience, which also consisted of endless hours of dicussions, mugs of beer being poured, meetings with actual aces and museum tours.
  6. In a certain way it shrinked. I feel like community has changed as interests did. But you also have people less involved in getting and flying together, the squadrons also seem less organized. If there is something I can bring up that is indicative of late 90s Flight Sim community, it is the Warbirds Conventions organized by Interactive studios (or whatever were they called back then) in U.S. where you had not dozens but hundreds of people travelling from across the world (Australia, France, Canada, you name it) to meet up for a few days and fly together. People were taking computers with them, driving / flying across the country / world just to be there, be a part of the community. And you had everything a wannabe ace would ask for including a meeting with aces like Gabreski or Shaw. This later evolved into Aces High conventions but I dont think they ever reached out to what original Warbirds achieved in gathering and bringing people together. Graphics by today standards was piss poor, flight models as well. But the sense of being a part of a larger group, fly not with 2-3-5 buddies but 200 people right next to you and another 200+ connecting to arena was really something no game today can match. Especially none of the sims. It's certainly a part of whole experience which I wish still existed.
  7. Finally Pee Fiddy One. Now that's a nice DD.
  8. With F-14 trick is not about textures (which are great) but amount of triangles in the pit. Cockpit model is extremely detailed. As for the Il-2, its both models and textures that would need improvement. Plus, DCS adopted PBR textures, so I guess Il-2 would have to as well.
  9. Depends whether you count Earth days or Venus days Zach
  10. 3rd Reich up until mid 1944 had at its disposal resources from almost an entire Europe. And its production capacity. Yeah, especially Britain and USSR ... desperately seeking U.S. help past 1942. Yes you can. For designing vehicles their country had no resources for and their industry had no means to produce in sufficient quantity.
  11. There was that little "currently". And yes, it does. You have / will have pretty much the same fighters, just a bit different variants (P-47 D-28 vs D-38, P-51 D-25 vs D-15, 109 K-4 with 1.8 Ata vs 1.98 Ata, Spitfire IX vs Spitfire IX). DCS will also have another map. No, two new ww2 maps according to ED. Of course there's no telling when, but thats not far from "BoBp will have". And please dont tell me how this coherent map and aircraft stuff is so important since most people dont give a damn whether they fly on KoTA or WoL over Stalingrad with La-5FN or K-4 over Kuban. Sidenote: I'm not trying to slam the Il-2. If I didnt like it, Id not be investing in it over the years. I just dont see how BoBp is considered "combat sim" and DCS is not. Where is the hardline ? What makes one and other not. For me both give you all the combat experience average flight sim pilot looks for, especially since few sim pilots care about realistic flying, implementing ww2 tactics, formation flying and communication.
  12. That reminds me of something ... oh wait, BoBP currently ? Bunch of fighter aircraft gathered seemingly at random for non-historical jousts over a bland russian steppe. And not even a flyable Mosquito in sight ... No, its just my experience so that I have something to say about comparing the two over extensive period. It's not supposed to impress anyone, especially you.
  13. Utter rubbish. I've been flying both Il-2 and DCS for 4+ years now and I have as much air to air combat in first one as in latter one. Wouldnt say Il-2 is in any way superior in that combat aspect, save for damage models - which recently here were (are) going through uphills and downhills. Mind if I ask when was the last time you've tried Normandy ? It saw a major update in June 2018 which improved performance for me by 20-30 FPS in some cases. I can now run Normandy with 80 - 100 FPS in the air with high settings at 3440x1440p, only a bit less, than I get with Il-2. In my humble opinion 30 $ for a map and assets bundle is ok, map is fairly detailed and while it looks sometimes oversaturated, its very pleasent to fly over. Assets are frequently expanded with addition of some objects and vehicles, most recently they've shown Centaur IV. As for the aircraft, well, they all cost the same on a discount - 25 $. Personally Id go with P-51, but if you fancy Luftwaffe birds you can try D-9.
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