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  1. =362nd_FS=Hiromachi

    Myths of American Armor. TankFest Northwest 2015

    3rd Reich up until mid 1944 had at its disposal resources from almost an entire Europe. And its production capacity. Yeah, especially Britain and USSR ... desperately seeking U.S. help past 1942. Yes you can. For designing vehicles their country had no resources for and their industry had no means to produce in sufficient quantity.
  2. =362nd_FS=Hiromachi

    DCS news

  3. =362nd_FS=Hiromachi

    How is DCS WWII?

    There was that little "currently". And yes, it does. You have / will have pretty much the same fighters, just a bit different variants (P-47 D-28 vs D-38, P-51 D-25 vs D-15, 109 K-4 with 1.8 Ata vs 1.98 Ata, Spitfire IX vs Spitfire IX). DCS will also have another map. No, two new ww2 maps according to ED. Of course there's no telling when, but thats not far from "BoBp will have". And please dont tell me how this coherent map and aircraft stuff is so important since most people dont give a damn whether they fly on KoTA or WoL over Stalingrad with La-5FN or K-4 over Kuban. Sidenote: I'm not trying to slam the Il-2. If I didnt like it, Id not be investing in it over the years. I just dont see how BoBp is considered "combat sim" and DCS is not. Where is the hardline ? What makes one and other not. For me both give you all the combat experience average flight sim pilot looks for, especially since few sim pilots care about realistic flying, implementing ww2 tactics, formation flying and communication.
  4. =362nd_FS=Hiromachi

    How is DCS WWII?

    That reminds me of something ... oh wait, BoBP currently ? Bunch of fighter aircraft gathered seemingly at random for non-historical jousts over a bland russian steppe. And not even a flyable Mosquito in sight ... No, its just my experience so that I have something to say about comparing the two over extensive period. It's not supposed to impress anyone, especially you.
  5. =362nd_FS=Hiromachi

    How is DCS WWII?

    Utter rubbish. I've been flying both Il-2 and DCS for 4+ years now and I have as much air to air combat in first one as in latter one. Wouldnt say Il-2 is in any way superior in that combat aspect, save for damage models - which recently here were (are) going through uphills and downhills. Mind if I ask when was the last time you've tried Normandy ? It saw a major update in June 2018 which improved performance for me by 20-30 FPS in some cases. I can now run Normandy with 80 - 100 FPS in the air with high settings at 3440x1440p, only a bit less, than I get with Il-2. In my humble opinion 30 $ for a map and assets bundle is ok, map is fairly detailed and while it looks sometimes oversaturated, its very pleasent to fly over. Assets are frequently expanded with addition of some objects and vehicles, most recently they've shown Centaur IV. As for the aircraft, well, they all cost the same on a discount - 25 $. Personally Id go with P-51, but if you fancy Luftwaffe birds you can try D-9.
  6. =362nd_FS=Hiromachi

    Gib F4F please

    Cause its great.
  7. =362nd_FS=Hiromachi

    War Online:Pacific, new ww2 flight sim

    This in 2019 by HiTech ... this guy really should quit buisness for he seems not to understand that competition advanced some 15 years ago. I had some feeling towards Warbirds and AH, but those games were relevant many many years ago. To release this today, what seems to be just a copy of AH3, is just showing how out of date and touch he is.
  8. =362nd_FS=Hiromachi

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    That must mean quality!
  9. =362nd_FS=Hiromachi

    DCS news

    Meh, I dont care if FC aircraft or not. Bigger problem for me is bandwagon taking 10 SPAMRAAM missiles and 2 AIM-9X, when all I can take is 2 Magic's and 2 Super 530s. But once Viper rolls out, it will be a payback time.
  10. =362nd_FS=Hiromachi

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    I'd not say Solomon Islands have negligible distances. At least if one thinks of Guadalcanal Campaign in 1942. However 1943 campaign over New Georgia islands and Bougainville is doable. Another options - Burma 1941 - 1944, Philippines - 1944, New Guinea - 1942 - 1944 and China. But at this point Im not sure if PTO can even be recreated in a reasonable manner, seeing how engine crumbles under current changes.
  11. =362nd_FS=Hiromachi

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    We already have features to spawn closer to target and to increase rate at which time is passing. But it always dumbs down the experience. As for multiplayer. With the way engine currently works I dont see that. Besides, what you suggest is just a sort of portal to spawn you only near targets. Again, this dumbs down the exprience and misses the point. Pick more realistic ideas, there are plenty of campaigns and areas in the Pacific to choose, avoiding long travel over the ocean. U.S. did not test most of this aircraft the way you think. They were looking for interesting technologies they may incorporate into their own designs and to compare general characteristics of this warbirds. There are more detailed reports on Japanese radio guided air to surface bomb/missile, Ne-20 jet engine and stuff like that. There are some general tests of Ki-84, but nothing detailed.
  12. =362nd_FS=Hiromachi

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    Take a look at the map. Than take a look again. And maybe again. Than count nautical miles between Okinawa and Kyushu. Even if you would model Kyushu only with Kanoya Air Base it's still over 340 nm in a straight line. Map would be huge and mostly empty. Plenty of room for aircraft carriers ... save for the fact that Japan had no operational Air Groups capable of carrier operations and carriers were stuck in Kure and Sasebo. So our historical purists would not stand such possibility. Then you're left with U.S. Fleet than can do just fine (but not P-47N and B-25) and Japanese that EVERY time have to fly hundreds of miles. In reality Japanese fighters did not have range to conduct escort operations and combat past Amami-oshima. And not everyone fancies Drinkins style kamikaze flights. Okinawa is not a viable nor well thought option. As for documentation for Japanese aircraft. Its totally the oposite. The aircraft present during Midway are far better researched and documented than lets say ... N1K2-J, Ki-84 or Ki-100.
  13. =362nd_FS=Hiromachi

    DCS news

    X55 is really not a great stick. My brother used it for Huey flying so I;ve borrowed it a couple times. Not a pleasent experience for me. Try Phils curves, this should help quite a lot: I know Yo-yo explained somewhere on Ed forums why controls are so sensitive by default. I think he basically aimed to code control inputs as if you were using a stick of exact size as in specified aircraft. 1:1 copy sort of. And Spitfire in reality had a very sensitive elevator controls, with very short stick movement leading to stall. So coupled with joystick like X55, Cobra M5 or T16.000 it certainly must give a feeling of instability.
  14. =362nd_FS=Hiromachi

    DCS news

    Trim the Spit properly, predict its behavior and take-off is easy. P-51 for example is very easy to take-off. The hardest for me was D-9. I'm not a fan of concept of harder means more realisitc but I honestly dont feel DCS is that hard. It just requires you to feel and understand machine. Also, I dont have any wobble or pitch instability issues. Having a joystick instead of full length stick in the pit, there is a need to apply a fair amount of curvature and maybe a tiny bit of saturation. Once I've found a sweet spot, to me P-51 is a lot more stable any Il-2 fighter. As for comparison to reality ... in reality pilot has a lot more feedback since you actually sit in cockpit, not see the cockpit projected on your monitor. To be fair the only comparison that comes to my mind in this range of prices is P3D and FSX (with stuff produced by Milviz or A2A Simulations). Its still a 50 $ module, Im not sure what impression or speciality you are looking for. Real aircraft cost substantially more.
  15. =362nd_FS=Hiromachi

    DCS news

    A custom made trailer for DCS campaign. I wonder why campaign did not have official trailer like The Big Show Campaign had.