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  1. 1. Your videocard model. AMD Radeon (TM) R9 390 Series 2. Your driver version. Radeon Software Version 19.20 3. Have you artefacts like on attached screenshots or not (answer "No, I haven't these glitches" - is very important to know too!). Yes way worse, but skys look ok 4. Does FXAA to MSAA swithcing solving this issue for you completely? 90% better, but here. 5. Does driver settings reset to Factory settings with choosing default GAME profile after that helps? No, older driver, but waiting to update until you guys say change 6. If you're using some kind of graphics mods (migoto, re-shade or something) does turning them off helps you? No Mods NOTE= Flickering is MUCH worse on winter maps then summer maps.
  2. Bad flickering right after update. Graphics was great before. I've tried changing things randomly, not helping. Game unplayable now Any help would be appreciated! Thanks Exec01
  3. LOL not sure exactly which one, but the testing was taking so long at one item per day I had to put a few together: I opened the same ports in my Mcafee FW. Also made SIMPLE mission just a few tanks and saved for testing. then tested Online - worked My guess would go for the antivirus firewall. As for the second test today I did use an old mission, one I used before and they were able to connect this time, which had failed in the past. I hope that helps, thanks again very very much Jim Exec01
  4. I always hated posters that never come back and tell us how it went. if they got it fixed or not. So - Yes, that did it. It is fixed and working now! thanks very very much Jim and Neun. I appreciate the help very much! Now onto learning the M E Thanks again!
  5. ip was wrong, fixed that. .list paths looked ok Still getting #10019 error will try re-saving file and turning off McAfee anti virus and win10 Windows security And testing tomorrow. thanks Jim for hanging in there!
  6. OK, Still no go... no connect I did the static IP and port forwarding as noted above by Jim. Option - from internet - YES Checked just one address but added it to - Use IP After doing above I CREATED SERVER My friend tried to connect He got - Error Message: No status from server #30 (something like that) Note- He has not done port forwarding yet, but he should not need just to connect (I think) Note - We both and Join online Dogfight Servers ok I tried to connect to him (his server) and got #10019 error Anything else I might have missed? Is there a log file? Thanks
  7. Thanks Neun and Jim! The Mission Editor and MP manual looks great, looking forward to getting into it. Sorry if I was not clear... Jim, that info is perfect. I did the port forwarding several years ago, but till I read your post, I forgot a month or so back they upgraded my Internet speed by replacing my router. (guess what I forgot to do..) Thanks guys for the fast help! its appreciated very much.
  8. Hi All, Sorry if already asked or if wrong place to ask, been looking for 2+ days. A friend and I tried to create a Tank Crew Dogfight Server using the T.C. Create Server/Join Server. But we can not connect/join to each others server, but we can join other servers online. Can someone tell me what we are doing wrong or where to look for info on creating a T.C. dogfight server? Thanks Exec01
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